25 Things I Learnt Upon Turning 25


And just like that, my birthday month is almost over. We’re in the last 3 hours of August and though I’m a little melancholic to see it go, I also wave goodbye with a small happiness because it has been a good month.

I really can’t complain because Year 24 closed on a really good note — everyone I love and care for is healthy and happy, the job is going great, my hair is growing at just the perfect pace to be in the perfect length for the Tatler Ball and I’ve not put on weight ahaha!

I can’t wait to see what the coming months leading up to the next birthday have in store but here are 25 things I learnt just in time to turn 25:

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1. It’s okay to be uncertain. Just always dare ask those around you for a little guidance otherwise you’ll never be pointed in the right direction.

2. You always are capable of a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Just dare take the leap and always have an open heart and mind to learn along the way.

3. On days you’re feeling more than just a little scared, remind yourself the “what if?” will be far harder and painful to stomach in the years to come than “oh well”.

4.  Don’t be too hard on yourself. Mistakes suck and leave you feeling like shit, but mistakes are also committed by even the wisest of men before they found the best way to execute a plan. Always try to take a lesson out of each one to make it worth your while.

5. It’s also okay to not always be feeling 100% at something — just make up for it during times when you’re geared up for 120%.

6. Doing your best usually works — and if on a certain day your best encompasses only 70%, it’s still okay because at the end of the day, you can still say you gave it your all. Not all days are created the same and neither are you.

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7. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what people think about you. Often times, they’re too caught up with their own lives and problems to even think twice about you, or what you said at that party.

8. Much less what you were wearing or if you had lipstick on your teeth.

9. But always be mindful of how you make other people feel because first impressions last much longer than just the first few encounters.

10. Always look for the best in people — if they’re rude, maybe they had a bad day; if they seem unenthusiastic; maybe they have a lot on their mind.

11. At the end of the day, if they really are just nasty in nature, then their life probably sucks and it should not, by no means, affect yours.

12. Remember: Negativity can only seep into your life if you let it.

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13. Always look around and remind yourself how much you have going for you.

14. Never compare yourself to what others have or what they are doing — each person’s journey is different and takes equally different routes to get to their respective idea of success.

15. One small fumble does not mean you’re out of the game.

16. What matters is how fast you pick yourself up again and get back in the competition.

17. Practise does make perfect (as if your 5 years of basketball hasn’t taught you that!). Want that perfect 3-pointer? Train that wrist flick, straight-backed jump and elbow lock until you get it.

18. Even at things you may not be as natural at as the other person — there is no shame in putting more time and effort.

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19. Always be kind and tell loved ones how you really feel. Most people can’t read minds.

20. Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ and follow that up with a smile to everyone who comes your way, whether they be your superiors or the restaurant server.

21. Be nice, but assertive so people take you seriously.

22. Dare to stand up and ask for what is rightfully yours (with a smile).

23. Never let anyone make you feel you don’t deserve what you have.

24. Know you are doing great as you are (but still always be open to constructive criticism).

25. Above all, always remember that you are your own master to your happiness.

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