A Higher Power

You know how some people – especially the more pious ones – are of the belief that we’re all here on Earth for a reason? That God has this grand scheme of a masterplan all drawn up right up to the tiniest detail of who gets to be where when the grand finale’s curtains part, and we’re all part of it?

Well, what if that wasn’t true?

What if we’re all here simply by accident, the fruit of two completely unrelated and, more importantly, unplanned occurences?

People believe what they want to believe, so I expect to get gunned down by those who may disagree with me the next time I visit my page. But please, at least back up your arguments with just and valid reasons and don’t flame my page for the mere sake of flaming.

You know I’ll just take it as your own insecurities about whatever mighty God you’ve chosen to put your faith in.

Toorah. Have a nice day =)

  1. dunno and don’t wanna care… every morning i wake up just to fight. we control what happens around us… don’t we???

  2. I woke up one morning and look what I stumbled upon; Karmun talking about God and life.
    Haha. That caught my attention ! I shall ‘argue’ with you. But I just want to ask, is everything ok there km ? How have you been ?! Im not very surprise to read about what you wrote. I think at this stage, we are starting to question life A LOT. We even question what we do everyday. Where is this heading and all, such small things. I think its because we’ve finally stepped out of the sphere of ‘protection’. Back then when we were in high school, we didnt really think about all these because our ‘path’ and ‘purpose’ was sort of laid out. The only goal was finishing high school and SPM. That became sort of our ‘purpose’. There was a direction we could see and what’s more, all of our friends are going along the same direction as us. We dont question it, we just follow. But now, there is no ‘goal’ set for us and the goals must be set ourselves and all our friends have different goals. There’s no longer a foreseeable direction. Sometimes we’re not sure of what we want that’s why we start asking question about purpose and life. But that’s the beauty of growth, we start asking and thinking. You’re not as stagnant as you think you are KM. Your daily routine may seem meaningless but it certainly did get you thinking about life. That’s right, question it more and write it out, I’ll argue with you haha. For me, I do believe my life has a purpose and that God IS planning one for me. I don’t think he has already planned it to every detail. There’s no fun in that for me or for Him haha ! It should be unpredictable. The thing is, I believe our lives only has a purpose if WE ask for one, if we start looking for one. I had asked mine and now my life is completely in His hands. That’s not to say I shan’t care anymore and let Him do all the work. I’m going along the unpredictable direction in which I had asked for and along the way, He paves it for me, slowly and carefully. He sometimes paves it cacat on purpose, just to let me stumble and trip and get myself up again. But I’m aware of my whole journey, and I think you are too.
    God Bless you Karmun. Haha. ; )

  3. Oh by the way Warren, we dont control what happens around us but I’m not going to write another essay like I did here for Karmun. Unless you’re curious enough to the question haha.

    And Km, another food for thought for you. Out of the million and billions of sperms that were swimming in your mom’s womb, you were the chosen one. Quite an ‘accident’ don’t you think. A coincidence without a reason and a purpose?

  4. Like you, I believe in *not* preaching about the things we *don’t* know.

    So I’m not going to say that I know there’s a God, because I don’t. I’m not going to say that God has a plan for all of us, and that our lives are predestined, because I don’t think so.

    What I’ll say is it’s more important and productive to focus on the bigger questions that *will* make a difference in this life, like “Why are there still people starving in Africa?” rather than redundant questions we’ll never find answers for (until we die that is), like “Does God exist?”.

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