Adidas Bounce

Eversince a certain very unwelcomed kneeguard wrestled and squeezed its way into my life and around my left knee, my left leg feels like it’s made out of nothing more than mere toothpicks each time I take the kneeguard off. Maybe it’s purely my imagination, which I pray for the life of me it is, but my knee now feels all rickety without the extra support, as if at any moment it would give way and my leg would snap into two if I happen to put too much weight on it. I don’t even have the confidence to walk down a flight of stair sans kneeguard anymore these days, lest my knee starts hurting again which would mean yet another additional week to my torture stint.

I’m now one week into this entire recuperation period bullshit and am counting down the hours till my next week is over and done with. This has by far been the longest I’ve gone without proper exercise at one time eversince I started training again a year and a half ago. Seven whole days man. It’s bizarre. I’m this close to going crazy being couped up in my room in the past one week, leaving it only for meals and classes. And I have another week more of that to go =.=

Do you guys know that KL’s been free of rain for the past one week? Oh yes, I’ve been keeping track. As pathetic as it sounds, I’ve been diligently poking my head out of my room window every evening, praying for at least the most minute sign of rain so that at least I know I couldn’t have gone and run even if my knee was fine. For the past seven days, I’ve not been lucky. Honest to God, I will kill something or at the very least leave it looking horifically disfigured and in very much pain should it start pouring everyday the moment my two weeks is up. Do not mess with me, I swear; Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

On a much brighter note, I GOT MY FREE PASS TO WATCH THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS LIVE IN OCTOBER!!! Second time in two months yo!

Where’s yours?? =P


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