Almost Famous

From this moment on, I’m boycotting Nike for good =.=

Running 8km yesterday with my Nike’s gave me a giant ass blister on the sole of my left foot. Another 5km today chaffed the skin completely off the spot right above my right heel. I looked absolutely ridiculous limping all the way back to my car with only one side of my shoes on. Pfft.

I knew I should’ve brought my AND1s back with me.

On a more cheery note… wait, there is none. Yea, you read right.

Penang is like a freaking oven this time of year!! I shower a freaking five times a day and I start sweating merely 10 minutes after I step out of the shower!

My Mum insists that it’s cuz I’ve become too used to all the AC in college (HELP preserves dead bodies somewhere, I just know it) but the heat here is insane! I left a bar of snickers in the car with every intention of eating it after my run, but by the time I got back to the car I might as well just drink it. You know, like one of those power protein shakes, heh. With peanut chunks.

Before I give you the wrong impression about how my hols have been though, everything else have been downright super.

Even as I sit here typing this, I’m nursing a severely bloated tummy, result of an eating spree earlier with Yuh Ting XD Each time I’m home, it’s as if weight-gain and this island I call home are synonymous.

We stopped at three different places just to have a bit of everything, and by the time we met up with Jo-Wyee at 10 we could hardly walk without waddling like penguins XD And then he brought up something we never thought we’d cringe to hear; “Let’s go grab supper”. LMAO. Tonight marks the first time ever that sees me just sitting and watching someone eat without so much as having a drink to sip.

As much as I love KFC’s cheesy wedges, I couldn’t bring myself to have even a single wedge of those heavenly potato drizzled in artificially flavoured cream cheese – that was how full I was. It’s times like these that make me wonder if Eno really does work XD

Oh and the inside Jo-Wyee’s car smells like my facial cleanser hahaha. That paired with the fact that the guy refers to his Sentra as his ‘baby’ is really disturbing XD All the while he was sending me home I can’t get out of my mind the time he told Yuh Ting he drives a Sentra Skyline and she actually fell for it ROFLMAO.

All in all, I’m enjoying myself thoroughly here. If not for the heat (and a certain pair of shoes that I’ve half the mind to just toss into the nearest garbage bin) things are as close to perfect as they’re gonna get. Good food, great company, and an endless supply of stupid things to do, tehehehe. YT, I honestly am ready to take Jack and Adrian’s bet on if it’s for a hundred EACH. *wiggles eyebrows*

And have I mentioned how freaking awesome the Internet connection here at home is, as compared to the sad excuse of a connection we have at the college hostel?? It’s so awesome I need only to wait 5 seconds at most for Facebook to load!!

Black Sabbath and The Who here I come =)

Till I overeat and/or am out of breath from laughing at one too many of Jack’s lame ass jokes again. Toorah.

  1. LOL. hot weather. I know. like oven hot no? KL here also! cant even sleep in my room without my aircon on for more then 4-5 hours!

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