Belvedere Vodka Pool Party @ The Pool, Ampang

It would seem like it has been a while since I’ve had a party post, hasn’t it? Well I aim to please so here’s a nice long one for you!

Belvedere Vodka, the world’s first premium luxury vodka from Poland threw a nice poolside bash last Thursday at — yup, you’ve guessed it — The Pool Ampang. Where else better to host a poolside do than at a club that comes with a pool right? They kept it a small cozy gathering for only a bunch of exclusively invited guests only, so you bet the Ninja Rabbit and I were thrilled to be included on the guest list!

The Pool was transformed into an ethereal winter wonderland for the night. I almost didn’t recognize the place when I first walked in. There were icicles creeping up the sides of their glass walls, silver helium balloons dancing all over the place, and bubbles floating amongst the mass of party-goers.  They vamped up the place super pretty to fit the night theme.

Countless bottles of Belvedere lined the pool bar countertop to finish off the look. It was so tempting to just take one every time we ran out of ours xD

Maybe we were a little too excited, but the bottles were just so pretty we had to take a few photos with it! Lol.

The guys were less impressed with it, but what do they know, right? =P

Not only does the drink look super pretty, it comes in a range of exciting fruit flavours, too. Think Black Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Citrus and Orange — no other flavored vodka tastes like this. I don’t even really like vodka all that much, but this one tastes just sweet enough on the tongue for me to want another glass.

And another, and another, and another after that… if you know what I mean ;]

Fragrant with the taste of real fruit juice in every sip, it was too easy to lose track of just how many you’ve had!

Just ask Zana,  who was quickly turning red hardly one hour into our arrival hahaha. The napkins were her idea of looking discreetly not drunk in photos LOL.

The other usual suspects were there as well.

Sweet Shirnie and vivacious Samantha.

Michelle and her brother (I am so sorry, I really cannot recall what your name is for the life of me =( )

Yuki and Nathaniel

Don and Zana, who has temporarily turned into a little kitty by the looks of it from too much vodka x) Too cute!

Hello, handsome ♥

Music was taken well care of by DJ Gift from Thailand, who spun old school R&B all night long. Double yay because that’s exactly my favourite kind of club music!

She’s gorgeous as hell to boot!

We knocked back countless glasses of Belvedere that night. The thing was, it didn’t taste like just any regular vodka, so you really just go nuts with it. Mixed with the Pool’s signature cranberry juice mixer, it tastes just like any other fruit cordial you’ll come across. You won’t even suspect it’s alcohol you’re downing until your world is suddenly spinning from right beneath your feet, by when it’s too late.

Bottoms up!

Before I knew what was going on, things began to get real fuzzy. The lights were dancing all over the place, and the music was suddenly 100 times more contagious.

I simply love drunk photos hahaha. They say so much more than if everyone was sober and proper and posed all nicely for the camera.

Get what I mean?

Plus, if you’re drunk enough, you might just unlock secret powers within yourself that you never knew you had. Turned out Don could levitate things! :O

Try it out for yourself and you might just be in the next cast for the Avengers should they decide on a sequel! ;]

Other side effects might cause you to not want to share the good stuff…

Excessive happiness which leads to some pretty bad ass dance moves…

Maybe even acute shyness as in Michael’s case hahaha

But not to worry really. A big chunk of it involves having a good time, being fabulous, and looking the part all at once, nyehehehe.

Oh, I should also mention, in some really rare cases (really, really rare I must stress) it might awaken the kleptomaniac in you.

Especially when shiny pretty things like metallic helium are in presence, hehehe. (This is hilarious — full grown 20-somethings stealing balloons off the decor vine hahaha!)

Shiny floating stars!! I don’t know why but they made me so happy!!! LOL

These aren’t just any silly old balloons, yo.

These are shiny, floaty, star-shaped balloons, the coolest of all balloons in the balloon hierarchy.

They make awesome people more awesome than they already are, tehehehehehe.

Thank you Belvedere for the amazing night complemented by even tastier drinks and heart-pumping music!

Look at those smiles! You can tell from just one look that the night didn’t disappoint!

Now you know what to order on your next night out with your pals!

Trust your instincts and make it a Belvedere ;]

Happy Weekend all!

  1. The bottle designs are so gorgeous! Lovely the frosted glass designs. And a winter wonderland with shiny helium balloons? LOVE!

    Funtastic photos as usual, Karmun!

    Hope you’ve been doing well! But from the looks of all your party photos and posts, I trust you’ve been having a blast. :D And btw, both you and the ninja rabbit – too adorable! x

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