Breakfast by the Pool


Having never been a morning nor breakfast person, I thought it’s time to see what the fuss was about waking up early and treating oneself to a breakfast of champions, as they like to put it. The early bird catches the worm and all that right?

Maybe my mum was right — the morning air really is a different kind of crisp and starting the day at the actual start of the day and not in the middle of it was kind of nice. You get twice as much of your weekend to do whatever you like and really savour the free hours as opposed to sleeping half of it away. (I am trying very hard to silence the part of me that is insisting that sleep is equally as important.)

Of course I had wine and the most delicious avocado and sautéed mushroom toast as motivation this particular weekend. It’s way easier to wake up when you have something nice like that to look forward to. Hopefully I’ll make it to another early start next weekend and eventually make a habit out of it.

Morning people, teach me how you get yourself out of bed before 11! I am really liking this extra portion of the weekend it gives me — it’s just the initial climbing out of my warm, comfortable bed that makes it so hard.







IMG_8668 copy

  1. @ Michelle: And yours, too! Are you based in Paris now? I see a lot of posts from the City of Love.

  2. karmun dear…believe me, I love that I have more hours ahead of me when I am up early as one does achieve a lot more but here’s a piece of advice, enjoy your sleep, if you must wake, wake before 11am …otherwise enjoy that cozy comforter and bed before babies are introduced into your life. I am tired and tried sleeping in but just couldn’t cause husband is an early riser and my conscience is waking me every 30 minutes telling me I am wasting my day away *speaking from experience*

  3. @aisan: Yep, will definitely try making more of a habit out of it now! My weekends don’t fly by as fast anymore <3 Thanks for the tip!

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