Carlsberg Where’s the Party? 2013 @ MAEPS, Serdang

Here we go again — another weekend, another epic party, another evening to really let loose and forget all your worries that might be on your mind, haha! Not that I’m extremely stressed out or anything but since starting work, I’m starting to appreciate these things more. They really help get things off your mind, you know? It’s just you, your best friends, everyone’s good pal Mr.Alcohol and some loud music to drum your brain into this numb state of mind where you won’t have to think. I have a nagging feeling I’m fast becoming an unintentional alcoholic hur hur hur T_T


What were we up to last weekend?

Carlsberg Where’s the Party? is back again for its fourth installment and this time we were lucky enough to score some invites thanks to Ryan and Yee Ing. They had a pair of media passes that allowed each of them an extra +1 and they so very kindly thought of the Ninja Rabbit and I. That’s so super sweet of them, isn’t it?

A super mega huge thank you again, guys! =D (Lookie my bikini totally matches Yee Ing’s neon orange top!)

Like every year, the location is yet again withheld from all party-goers until the very last minute. We’re to meet at a designated meet-up point from which we’ll be shuttled to the party by the organisers. It’s all very hush-hush and mystifying, probably to up the anticipation. I always appreciate a little mystery so I’m not complaining!

The mystery location turned out to be only a mere 5-minute drive away from the pick up point at the Malaysie Agro Exposition Park, Serdang, much to our delight! There’s nothing I dread more than long car rides. It would have sucked to be completely tired out from the ride and have no energy left for the party! Haha.

Games galore were going on when we finally made it to the place. This particular one looked all kinds of scary. I generally don’t like balloons very much because they make such a nasty scare when they pop out of the blue; imagine having to shove a giant balloon up your shirt and have air pumped into it everytime you land on a wrong square. You’ll never know when one is going to pop. Just watching them was enough to make me jump!

Spotted: Jessica Tan and Pamela Ooi at one of the other games getting all warmed up before the real party started! They were the most enthusiastic bunch, giving every game station a go. I passed most of them because some looked downright scary!

The games might not have appealed to us much, but there were plenty more other attractions around to keep us well-entertained. There were electronic darts iDart-style that was immensely popular with the majority of guests, foot massage stands complete with plush sofas and well-trained masseuse, and of course, free-flow Carlsberg all evening long.

Somebody said he was staying away from beer because he’s trying to get rid of his beer belly, but alas, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak haha! I don’t blame him. The day was bright and sunny accompanied by a nice breeze — basically the perfect setting for a can (or two!) of ice-cold Carlsberg. I suppose one can every once in a while wouldn’t hurt ;]

Whilst just taking a stroll and watching others endure some pretty scary shit with the games, we walked by Leonard quite at the wrong timing. He needed a girl partner for the next game and begged that I help him out. I thought why not, you know, it’s just a game and at the very least,  it thankfully does not involve balloons lol.

How do you like my new suit? And Leonard! I didn’t know you went and got a boob job over the weekend! HAHAHAHA.

For this game, our balancing and beer-serving skills were put to test. The first team to serve and collect 4 cups of beer put on tables of different height while balancing on a strip of cushioned walkway wins a mystery gift! Let’s see how well I can catwalk while serving beer haha!

Let’s just say I’m not very good at this catwalking  and beer-serving thing lol. All it proved was that catwalk modelling is completely out of the books for me. We didn’t win but hey, all in good fun! We did still win ourselves a consolation prize of a special limited edition Carlsberg pen! Something is better than nothing, right? ;]

I loved the whole carnival feel of the pre-party. I’m generally not a big fan of raves, but gimme something outdoorsy with lots of activities under the sun to do and I’m all in. I daresay I enjoyed the pre-party more than the party later at night haha! Nothing like the smell of sunshine in your hair and sunblock on your skin.

That, and is there anything cuter on a girl than festival clothes?? Colourful tops in all shades of colours and prints, and all the wrist-candy you can afford to pound on your wrists. Outdoorsy parties FTW!

Hello high school seniors!! Haha. Yes, I don’t know how many of you know this but Pamela, Jessica and I all share the same alma mater. We are all proud Convent girls from CGL in Penang. How small is this world right, that we should be hanging out after all these years and after all this distance away from home! Call me crazy but I suddenly have this urge to stand up and start singing our school song LOL.

We had quite some time on our hands to kill before the regular guests arrived in time for the party to start (we were there earlier because we were all members of the media) so we did what we were there to do. Enjoy the free beer! =D

Behold the damage done between the four of us at the table HAHAHAHA! Like I said, I think I enjoyed myself more at the pre-party outside than at the rave itself that night! This really broke some kind of personal record on my end, really. I’ve never had this much beer at one sitting before! ;]

On the bright side, by the time the doors to the convention hall opened and the DJs finally took the stage, we were all in the perfect mood to party, if you know what I mean, tehehehehehe.

One thing I always liked about raves, is how pretty the stage and entire set up always look! Haha sorry I’m not big into electronic music so I fascinate myself with all the other little stuff at these parties instead. They’d have all kinds of LED lights in all kinds of different colours going on and off at different intervals. Eeek! Too pretty!

My favourite part is how they make for really pretty photos! All that colourful translates to really colourful pics, common logic!

Pardon me, I was at something like my 8th can of beer =P

Don and Zana came a little later than the rest because Zana had to work before this but show up  they did nonetheless about 2 hours into the party! Complete with their ubiquitous party shades of course =D

Your guess is as good as mine what my silly boyfriend was up to hahahaha! I have completely no idea where he obtained those air marshall glowstick thingies. One moment he was empty-handed and the next he was dancing with a pair of them!

The night was definitely not short on entertainment. They didn’t just have DJs spinning. There were beatboxers and rappers as well, who did their thing fully impromptu. Impressive, I know!

At first glance I thought the bald guy in the middle in the red shirt was Harith Iskandar LOL. Then it occured to me Harith Iskandar was an actor and and stand-up comedian, not a rapper-beatboxer-singer. Unless he has a night job we don’t know of… xD

These guys were really super incredibly good. They rapped and beatboxed complete songs without any background beat. Everything they dished to the crowd was solely done with their mouths. I wouldn’t even have noticed that it wasn’t a playlist I was listening to had the Ninja Rabbit not pointed it out to me!

There was also a Korean girl group who got everyone to stop completely in their tracks upon appearing onstage.

I have no idea which one they are (Korea seems to be churning them out by the truckloads every year) or what they’re even called having missed the press conference earlier (my bad!), but they still made for some really pretty eye-candy!

To be completely honest, I was rather disappointed with their performance. They sang something like all of one song in Korean (even that I’m not sure if it’s their original song), and just played other English songs to which they did nothing but danced to for the rest of their set. It’s like their sole purpose of being here was to look pretty and gyrate a little on stage.

And the tabloids were right!! They all looked the same! Only with perhaps a few varying hairstyles 0.0

Meh, I thought the Ninja Rabbit and Zana dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies made for a more interesting sight!

Speaking of interesting sights…

How hardcore is this guy??!! LOL. You get all sorts at rave parties.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the Ninja Rabbit must have reaaaaaaally liked those glowsticks! He was at it with them almost half the night! They totally match his pants too, don’t they? ;]

Haha Ryan and his faces. He seems to be always coming up with a new one for every picture!

What did I tell you about colourful pics?? Man, I just love, love, LOVE how this set of photos turned out!! ♥♥♥

And that’s something I don’t usually say about club photography!

Does Kate look amazing with her new hair or what! She used to have waist-long hair for those of you who don’t know, and one day decided to just chop it all off and sport that chic bob. Yup, just like that. I wish I had her guts when it comes to anything to do with my hair!

Ah Bok calls this the KLCC Twin Towers shot. No prizes for guessing who make up the two towers and who completes the photo by being the connecting linkbridge =.= Woe be me.

Would you think there’s something wrong with me if I told you I go to raves more for the photo opportunities than the music? Haha. I don’t really like electronic music but I’d still go for the fun and of course, the alcohol =P

Plus, not go and miss out on freezing moments like this on camera forever?? NO WAY!

I live for pics like this hahaha. Imagine the kind of blackmail material I mean memories, they’d make in the future! =D 

I guess judging from the photos you can say we had fun, hehehe. It was just a shame that they stopped serving free-flow at 10. I sobered up pretty quickly after that, hur hur hur. It would have been nice to be able to continue partying cuz I heard it went on till almost 2am! We left by 10.30 because Zana had work the next day and we were all starving by then.

Thank you Carlsberg from the bottom of my heart for the epic fun time! I actually got tipsy on beer, which is the first time in a really long while!! LOL. I usually need a couple or two tequila shots to get there. You guys really brought the party home and made it your bitch! ;D

Lookie I got short hair!! HAHAHAHA I kid, I kid. But the Ninja Rabbit does look like he’s lifting me up by the collar of my shirt, doesn’t he LMAO!!!

OK signing off now before you guys think I’m lame. Plus the longer I spend on this post, the more I am tempted to head right out and get a Carlsberg six-pack. Gotta watch out or I’d get a beer belly for sure! D=

Have a great week ahead y’all! =D

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  1. It was fun teaming up with you! Thanks for being a good sport! As for the boob job? I’m not gonna comment about it :p

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