‘Cause I May Be Bad, but I’m Perfectly Good at It

Last weekend was perfect. Maybe it was my having handed in the last assignment for the semester and not having to worry about referencing and citations anymore for the next one month at least, or maybe it was the unprecedented beautiful weather the entire city suddenly saw. But last Saturday and Sunday was just that – perfect. Moods were at their best, spirits at their highest, and silly giggles over nothing were abound. It was the sort of weekend I would like more of, where you got to wake up way too late than is good for you, and still afford to curl and stretch in bed for as long as you wish.

It started off with hot chocolate on a drizzly morning, and you know anything predetermined by chocolate is going to be good.

It also had pretty pink nails boiling somewhere in its ingredients, which make me extremely happy just looking at them.

Last Saturday was the interview for the semi-finalists of the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful instant make up thing, so Juin and I made our way, with a little help in the navigation department from the Ninja Rabbit to Seventh Heaven in Pavillion for it. Eventhough my slot was scheduled for 3.30pm, we still became nearly late for it on account of the glorious morning which we refused to wake up from. Sloth alert! Haha. We stopped by McDonald’s drive-thru to grab a quick lunch before rushing over to the grand Platinum ballroom of the lifestyle and fashion complex.

Quick take-away lunch eaten in the car FTW! =D

Juin and I were thinking along the same lines that day – we were all for roses and pretty cream colours in our accessories! =D

The roses in her hair totally match the one on my ring xD

The place was exquisite, I swear. The moment I stepped through the automatic sliding glass doors, I felt miniscule, like I was being boxed in by the shimmery marble walls and stunning overhead lighting.

Too pretty!

Quite a number of the other contestants were already there, getting their hair and make up done. In waiting for my turn, Juin and I raided the pastry bar and stuffed ourselves rather unabashedly with their goodies sponsored by Coffee Bean, heh. It’s not my fault Coffee Bean’s chicken pie is so unworldly awesome!

We were totally underdressed for the event. Some came dressed to their nines complete with matching bags and jewellery. But ah well, the panel of judges will either like us, or they won’t. I’m not gonna bother going out of my way to impress them. Free food is so much more exciting! =P

After a while, the place began to really fill up as many more arrived for their appointed slots.

Many chicken pies and muffins later, it was finally my turn. They must think we’re such gluttons x)

Check out the cute cut-out at the back of my top =D Too bad it doesn’t get the attention it deserves due to my long hair.

They took another set of photos of us before we proceeded to the interview. Juin, the Ninja Rabbit and I were talking and laughing among ourselves so loudly before that that I’ll bet some of the people were beginning to wonder if we were really here for the interview. They probably think we had crashed the party or something, and came solely to help ourselves to all the free food since we seemed completely unconcerned about the proceedings xD

I think the photographer got rather annoyed at me at one point cause I kept making faces at Juin and the Ninja Rabbit who were watching from the sidelines, hahaha!

But you know what, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna have fun while doing it.

And I even made a new friend! =D

Spotted the most adorable little thing in the world too!!

So what do you think? Do we stand a chance at winning that trip to New York, or at least an iPad? OK, fine, what about just a nice consolation Bobbi Brown hamper then? =P

After all that excitement at being waited on and getting our hair and make up done just like the rockstars, it was dinnertime. The combination of chilly weather but thankfully clear skies got us to uninamously agree on exactly what to have, tehehehehehe. We drove all the way to SS14 from where we were in the heart of KL for some good ol’ Bak Kut Teh to warm our cold fingers and pale lips.

Pork simmered to tender perfection in a herbal aromatic soup to be had with fragrant yam rice and crispy vegetables; what’s there not to like??

Happy people at the dinner table! =D

Sunday we woke up even later than Saturday and just winged whatever we had left of the short evening before nighttime fell. We ate the unhealthiest things just because we were young and our arteries/liver/kidneys/heart could still take it, and roamed the entire mall just people watching. Again I’ll say it, it’s good to have work out of the way!

There was this one guy who came up to us and asked for a favour. He was getting married, but before his fiancee would say yes, he has to get 100 signatures form girls whose names start with either J, E, U or R. Unfortunately I couldn’t help him out, but I did think it was really sweet that he and his buds tried so super hard to fulfill that request by his beloved!

Since we couldn’t help, the Ninja Rabbit offered to show the poor dude and his buds a magic trick before sending them on their way.

They were super impressed and it was nice to see a smile finally scratch the face of the poor guy who only wants to be married. He looked so miserable having to go up to so many girls asking for autographs!

I gotta say, there exists not a single boring moment with my Ninja Rabbit. He’s goofy and silly and clumsy sometimes, but he is also smart, witty and full of more (sometimes useless) knowledge than anyone I know. He strives to make everyone else happy, sometimes even at his own expense. I don’t know anyone more selfless, determined and at the same time more generous than he. He makes me happy and I don’t know how true it may be, but he says I make him happy too. And that’s all that matters to me right now, that we be mutually happy in each other’s presence. Because when I’m with him and I feel the sort of happy I feel that only he can make me, I know everything – yes, everything – will be okay.

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