Celebrating 2 years at Malaysia Tatler: #MYTatlerBall2015

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Tatler Ball 2015

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My apologies for the hiatus but things have been really crazy at work and at life in general. But crazy in all the good ways of course and I wouldn’t have rather it any other way. A good friend of mine told me, in the midst of all the madness, that “it is better to thrive on madness than dullness” and I cannot agree more.

So for those of you not in the know, we just had our 26th Anniversary Malaysia Tatler Ball go by (ergo why I was so swamped with work! I can’t decide which was more hectic, preparing for it or doing the post-coverage!). It is only the biggest soiree to see and be seen in high society in the entire country.

Incidentally, every Tatler Ball also marks my anniversary of writing with the magazine because it so happened that I started immediately after the ball back in 2013. It’s convenient because every ball is now also part celebration for me in conjunction with every year I spend with the magazine — serendipitous or what! :D

Another year and what are my thoughts? It only gets better.

The fancy parties and glamorous events; fine food and expensive wine; posh people and star personalities aside, I really feel like I’ve grown. I’ve definitely matured — in my writing, my thinking, my work ethics and so much more — and it is exhilarating seeing how far I’ve come from just one year ago. I certainly have come out of my shell and am tonnes more comfortable with approaching and talking to people. Nothing makes my day more than hearing someone’s side of the story and putting it down in words into a story to be immortalised forever on the Internet.

So back to the ball — as you can see, we’ve had some changes in the team but I guess that’s all part and parcel of life. Change is the only thing that’s constant. You’ll also notice that there aren’t many photos because I actually only took those few (*gasp* I know! A post with only 3 photos??) because I was swamped. I was so tied up with so many different duties that I even skipped all my dinner and only had time for wine for dinner (I’m not complaining heh). But it was so nice meeting all the people whom I’ve once interviewed, spoken to, liased with or simply met by some sheer chance throughout the course of my career at the ball and catching up with them. This year’s ball is a lot more memorable simply for that reason.

Looking back at these photos brings back all the excitement, the exhilaration and adrenaline from that night and I know I probably will regret saying this come October next year when I’m neck deep in the madness that is the preparation again, but I actually can’t wait for next year’s to do it all again.

Here’s to jobs; jobs that let us grow and jobs that are everything we once dreamed of.

Here’s to colourful careers that let us do what we love.

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