ChivalryStyle: The Definitive Guide to Being a Gentleman Launch Party

You know how the age-old saying goes — work hard, play even harder.

Since starting at our jobs, the party invitations seem to come at double the pace. We used to hit the clubs only once a week, now we’re averaging about twice a week — three times on certain weeks! But who’s complaining? All those hours put into work need to be balanced out by at least equal parts fun right?

Last week, it was Chivalrystyle’s official launch party at which we chose to do some stress relieving hehehe.

What is ChivalryStyle you ask? Let me help enlighten you.

Chivalrystyle is the latest e-magazine for men, the one-stop online place for everything you need to know about how to be the ultimate gentleman. If you run on testosterone, then this place is the place you want to be to gear up on Chivalry 101. Head on right over to their site at for everything you ever wanted to find out about men’s fashion, style, sports, health, entertainment, technology, cars, relationship advice, what have you. You name it, they’ve got it. Now you don’t have an excuse for not being at your tip-top best anymore, not when everything is available to you at the click of a mouse!

In collaboration with the launch of their new online magazine, ChivalryStyle threw a fashion show cum party to celebrate all the little things that make being a man an honour one needs to uphold. Being called a gentleman is a big responsibility that takes a lot to live up to. Our very own Chief Fashion Stylist of the new men’s wear boutique gallery Elegantology, Zana Chin, will be the main mastermind behind the whole show so you bet we were there to shower her with every ounce of support we can muster!

We walked into the KL Life Centre main auditorium just as the introductory show was going on. Aerial trapeze artists suspended in midair by no more than thin strips of cloth greeted us and all the other 1000 specially invited guests.

We stopped in midtrack on our way upstairs to the VIP area because we were just mesmerized beyond words. Even their introductory performance spoke for itself — instead of your usual boring dance group or singer, they upped the ante by bringing in world-class contortionists who did their whole show up in the air without touching the ground!

They hung in mid-air by the mere means of some thin cloth and gymnast hula hoops. Can you imagine the kind of upper body strength required to stay up there for all the half an hour duration of the show?? And they did it all smiling and grinning away as if this was something everyone does on a daily basis, too. I was completely mindblown.

Dressed all in white, they made the most graceful sight as they spun and flipped along to the music all while they are suspended 10 good metres off the ground.

Following that was the official launch of the magazine  in the most stylish manner possible — lots of gold confetti, gold strips of ribbon and gold cheer from the crowd for a magazine that’s a class of gold of its own.

It made for the grandest sight possible!

We eventually found our way upstairs to our VIP seats despite all the many distractions hahaha! I’m such a sucker for all things colourful and shiny. The Ninja Rabbit had to practically drag me upstairs otherwise I would have spent the rest of the night in front of the stage taking non-stop photos of everything.

They had free-flow cocktail upstairs, which we took some very good advantage of, hehehe. Those lychee martinis we hold in our hands? Yummiest. Cocktail. Ever. EVER!! I had 3 glasses one after another the moment we found our table because they were just that good. Yuki, who downed them as if they were shots, began to get giggly hardly an hour into settling down HAHAHAHA. There was also some lemon cooler thing and an apple-infused whiskey drink, but let’s just say the lychee martinis alone kept us well entertained ;]

Not sure if it’s because the lychee martinis looked too girly being all pink and served in a tall martini glass and all, but the guys seem to like the other manlier options better. Oh well, their loss. More for us! ;]

We waited hardly 20 minutes before the fashion show started.

Showcasing the best in today’s men’s wear styles and trends, Elegantology once again took centrestage with their collection of designers, among them Beatrice Looi, Hayden Koh and Justin Yap.

But the best designs wouldn’t look their best without the deserved, proper styling, either. All the looks you see onstage were coordinated and put together by Zana. Impressive, isn’t it? As a fashion writer, I always have the hardest time discerning and describing men’s fashion. Putting together entire outfits should be even more difficult! She, however, managed to come up with almost 50 looks that all looked exemplary and refined with a niche of their own.

True to Zana’s own personal style, colour-blocking galore could be vividly seen on most of the coordinates. She has a knack for making the most unlikely colours work. You’d think purple and orange would totally clash but she proved that with the right pieces and material, any colour from whatever spectrum of the colour wheel can be made to complement one another.

Didn’t I tell you? Who ever would’ve thought green and yellow could work to give you a look as  dashing as this?

She cleverly paired contrasting prints and materials to resonate different looks for different occasions — relaxed and laidback, preppy and country club, even formal and more gala wear. Guys totally have all the license to play dress up too, if they’re willing to just put a little more effort into their routine!

I super loved the touch of suede on the sleeves of this particular sapphire green blazer. The different texture really made what is normally a very mundane shade of green pop. The mustard pants saved it from looking too humdrum-my, injecting just that little bit of fun into what would have been otherwise quite a dull-coloured assemble. The trick to mixing and matching all lies in the details.

Following her show was Private Structure’s naughtier set.

When these half naked guys came on stage with all their muscles bulging and wearing nothing more than what are essentially underwear, the whole club started cheering LOL.

They’ve somehow managed to make underwear fun. They paired their briefs and boxers with clever props and costumes to create different themes for the show’s sake. I don’t think any of the ladies present that night minded the slightest bit haha!

I thought it was genius how they dressed them up as men of different worktrades. There were your usual firemen and police officers, but there were also the less commonly seen coal-miner, horse-racer jockey, even a couple or two shackled prisoners as can be told apart by their black and white striped boxers hehehe.

Gives you a couple ideas on what to go as for Halloween, eh?

Watch out Victoria’s Secret Angels. The Private Structure boys are gonna give you a good run for your money!

The past whole month had been fashion shows galore on my end with KL Fashion Week and, following that, MODA happening back to back. This ChivalryStyle one, however, trumps them all and wins handsdown as most interesting one yet hahaha. No prizes for guessing why! ;]

It wasn’t just me who thoroughly enjoyed it ok. The guys looked like they had the time of their lives too! =P

It wasn’t until close to midnight that Zana finally finished all she needed to do and joined us. A round of applause for this super talented girl please! The party wouldn’t be half as fun if it weren’t for her!

Free-flow had ended by then but she snuck us an extra bottle of Chivas for our own little private after party, nyehehehehehe.

Let’s get the real party started!

I wouldn’t have believed it myself if I weren’t here to experience it, but the older you get, the more fun you have. I had thought growing up would suck — getting a job, taking on responsibilities, no more freedom to hang out till late night because you have to go to work the next day — I had thought that was the end of happy times for me. Little did I know that the good times, they grow increasingly in direct proportion to your age.

The older you get, the better you know yourself and who you want to keep around you. And if it’s one thing I learnt, it’s that we should keep only those who add to our happy meter. Anything and/or anyone who doesn’t contribute or worse, lessens the count on your happy meter, you need to get rid off ASAP. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Toxic people bring with them toxic influences that basically, given enough time, messes up your entire well-being.

So here’s to knowing who’s worth keeping around you and who’s not. Deciding isn’t really that difficult. It’s finding out who is and who isn’t that is the biggest headache.

ZOMG I didn’t even have that much to drink LMAO.

Thank you ChivalryStyle magazine for an amazing night that was truly unlike any other. I’ve never seen so many half naked buff men at a party before, nor have I knocked back so many lychee martinis in one night before hahaha!

If you really wanna know, I don’t even remember taking this particular photo of the three of us LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Finding it on my camera the next day made for the best surprise to start the new week lol.

If that’s not an indication that it was a good night, I don’t know what is.

It’s Friday guys! The weekend’s here! REJOICE!

  1. Love the read!! very descriptive and it almost felt like i was actually there during the event.. Well written you :)

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