Colour Me Shiny

Good evening! I’m all kinds of happy right now. You’ll see why in a moment.

Many would agree that there’s nothing better to make you feel alive than a close brush with death. And since I’m not going to be signing up to fight for our country anytime soon, Paintball would be as close as it’s gonna get for me to experience this battle that determines (figuratively speaking) who lives and who doesn’t.

Oh yes, popping my paintball cherry today was the bomb. Believe it or not, this afternoon was my first time ever giving the much raved about game a go. For those who’ve never tried it, GO TOMORROW!!! Or whenever’s the soonest you can!!! It’s that awesome! =DDD


I gotta admit, I was nervous as hell upon having the marker shoved into my hands. What with all the safety measures we have to take, it was beginning to sound like something horrendously fatal. The guy was going on about how eyeballs have been shot right out of their sockets by stray pellets and he even hinted at the possibility of permanent facial disfigurement! You can only imagine the things that were running through my head all while trying hard to remember the 1001 things to make sure of when in the field. Between safety clips and barrel socks, it was at one point getting hard for me to simply remember to breathe!


My boyfriend, Darth Vader. HAHAHA!


Even with Paintball he insists on going part-Ninja hence the sweatband x)


What’s faster than a Ninja?? ;]



It didn’t help either that I was the only first-timer there. Everyone else seemed to know exactly what to expect. Nick plays state level paintball or something along those lines. Just seeing him assemble his gear was intimidating, I swear! Everything looked so highly professional you daren’t even go near lest you accidentally break something. Least that was how I felt hahaha.


Sneaky Nicky x)


If this were mine, I’d name her Natasya.
Yes, Natasya with the Y to give her the Russian air.


Because she’s all red and shiny and sexayyyy…




All I remember thinking when in the midst of all the insane flying pellets that literally zipped past hardly an inch away from my ears was to not get hit. My only objective was to make it out of the field bruise-free. Everyone says it’d hurt like mad and I am no fan of pain. Question of pain aside, I didn’t particularly fancy the idea of staining my clothes either. So I pretty much curled myself into the smallest possible ball and hid from anything and everything LOL.




But then it got boring and I found myself thinking, “What the hell. I did not pay RM60 to sit in the dark and be sucked dry by mosquitoes.” Plus, I was shot in the head in my first round, spot on right in the middle of my mask, which ticked me off like anything. I gotta get back at whoever dared aim at my head of all places!

We played four good rounds in the two hours we were there. I got Dulcie in the third round, which felt really good and which also gave me the confidence to be bolder with my advances and shots. Of course, I was at an advantage because I was on Nick and the Ninja Rabbit’s team. They’ve got a few years’ experience in them at the very least and did most of the work =D In the fourth round, I not only got this other guy in the back, I shot another in the nipple, muahahaha. You can bet it was fun. Pure, unadulterated, even verging on maniacally evil fun. Nyahahahaha >=)



I knew there was a reason why I love men in uniforms <3

IMG_7887Rekka looking all bad ass xD


I counted out in the last round when someone hit me square in the back. The pain was unlike anything I’ve ever or can imagine. I kinda went into shock for while before my brain registered the dull throbbing which soon gave way to a warm stinging sensation that took ages to ebb away. That’ll teach me to not check both my left and right sides, heh.

Despite not having run a lot, my heart was left racing at the end of every round as if I had just finished my routine 15km. The feeling of awesomeness is nothing I can adequately describe with words! I can hear my pounding heartbeat ringing in my ears, and although I was sweating so much I soaked my shirt right through, my fingers were cold as ice, and putting the barrel sock back on proved difficult as hell on account of how badly my hands were shaking. It was cool though, the way your vision just tunnels out everything else when you have someone in sight and shoot at him. Oh, but the best bit ever would be when you’re shot at, and you see the pellet flying at you lightning speed, you actually can dodge it much like how it is in the movies if you so much as just swerve your head a tiny bit out of the line of shot! The feeling is honestly quite surreal. You kinda feel all Matrix for a while when you see the little blue ball rushing at you and instinctively, you move to get out of its way, only to hear the silent, muted zip as it misses you by mere centimetres. Ohmigawd.


Bear with me; our unavoidable, mandatory couple shot =D


Because I’m a camwhore like that =P



Pain, bruises, smelly vegetable-oil-based paint stains and uncountable bites from mosquitoes from hell aside, I definitely can’t wait till we go again! =D

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