Dancin’ in My Underwear

The effects of an entire week of guiltless gluttony is beginning to show itself. My running shorts feels tighter, my tank tops fit me now and I no longer need a belt for certain pairs of jeans. Complain I may about the weightgain, albeit not a lot, I actually quite like the fact that I’ve filled out a little. I guess I’m just lucky that all of the 2kgs have gone to the right places =DDD

My computer died on me on the second day I got back to KL. For some odd reason it wouldn’t go online and try as anyone may, no one seems to be able to rectify the problem. Ben figured reformatting it would help so that ‘s exactly what we did. Now this baby’s running on Windows 7 yo, and I’ve never seen this machine work any faster. Remember how it used to hang on me at least 7 times a day – and that’s on days when it’s feeling less of a bitch? It’s not hung even once since it came back from the miracle hands of Ben, which was only about 3 hours ago. Uh-HUH. It even loads Funny Junk in 15 different tabs now (not that I go there a lot, but fact to consider is that it can)! Whose computer is the awesomest??? Muahahahaha.

The start of the second half of this semester has been good thus far, even if it’s still too early to safely assume thus yet. Given how laidback and absolutely lazy Penang was, it feels unbelievably good to return to some sense of routine and orderliness. I was beginning to lose track of what day of the week it was, with seven o’clock cartoons and calls for dinner being my clock as to what hour of the day it is. Considering how lackadaisical a person I am, too much free time with absolutely nothing to so is never a good thing, heh.There’s just something about that little island that lulls the senses into believing that time is of plenty and to haste is to waste.












This would be the first time ever that I’m grateful to be returning to the weather of KL over Penang’s. Every tree and car and blade of grass was being cooked in Penang and in the ten days that I was back, it didn’t rain once. At least here, a shower washes over once every two days or so, so I don’t feel baked. What a relief it was to be running in humane weather again, where the sun doesn’t feel like it’s searing your skin of your flesh in crisp strips!

STPM results were out today as well and I haven’t got the full lowdown on how everyone who had the guts to take on Form Six did yet, but I do know of someone whom I think did excellent. Keeping in mind that STPM is currently ranked the third hardest exam in the world – yes, the world – here’s my humongous congrats to Miss Tan Yuh Ting for acing her papers. Your efforts clearly paid off with your exemplary distinctions and for some weird reason, I’m feeling super proud of you x) And that cert with the string of A’s isn’t even mine! LOL. Can’t wait to see you soon when you get that call that I know is due to come when you get into Monash!

The Ninja Rabbit told me today that I should start appreciating more the little things in life instead of overlooking them all the time in my haste to go after the bigger, more “important”  things. After reading all that I’ve just typed out, I’ve come to realise just how many of the things that make my day are indeed the smaller, seemingly insignificant elements. For the first time in years, I see how I don’t need the fanciest clothes, the most extravagant meals at the hippest restaurants or a limitless platinum card to be content. In the case of our most recent STPM scorer, the fortune hasn’t even got to befall upon me to plaster a smile on my face. Being able to find peace of mind borne from peace of heart from the joy of others has always been something I’ve never been able to fully comprehend. I am glad that today, between an afternoon snack of apples while watching videos streamed off YouTube of golden-era boybands of the 90’s, I finally found the true meaning of happiness.

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