Dining under the stars at Stratosphere, The Roof


Having been together for close to 6 years now, the Ninja and I have pretty much done close to everything there is to do in this city. We’ve gone on an outdoorsy date to the bird park, we’ve delved into the depths of the ocean and marvelled at sharks at Aquaria KLCC, we’ve also gone to the extreme end and tried wake boarding.

One of the rare few things we’ve not done is — much to the surprise of even ourselves — go on a romantic candle-light dinner just the two of us.

I’m talking about one of those with the full works: rose petals leading us to the table, wine, candle-lit set course dinner over which you drown in each other eyes, soft jazz music playing in the background, all with a spectacular view making it a truly unforgettable evening.

Last Saturday, Stratosphere at The Roof, Kuala Lumpur’s first all-green rooftop lounge and bar gave us the chance to experience exactly that and more. It even threw in an open-air starry night sky to make the experience truly one of a kind.

IMG_0608 copy

Just like in the movies, we were ushered to our table on the rooftop of 1st Avenue by a trail of rose petals. If I wasn’t specifically invited to experience all these by the awesome peeps at The Roof, I swear I would have thought the Ninja was going to propose hahaha.

IMG_0609 copy

Behold the view from where we would be having dinner. The weather was so cooperative too, presenting us with the clearest sky I’ve seen in weeks complemented by a nice cool breeze that never stopped combing itself through our hair.


Up on the rooftop, the view was even more spectacular. It was befittingly dark but the soft, warm glow of candlelight strategically placed in hidden corners lit things up just enough so we didn’t go tripping over things. Crooning jazz music playing in the background sweetened the deal, turning the romance button all the way up.

IMG_0623 copy

We were ushered to our table which was set up just the way you see in movies — floaty balloons tied to the back of our chairs, personalised name cards allocating our seats and even a bottle of wine waiting to add more cheer to the evening.

IMG_0630 copy

We started with some wine, a medium-bodied Terrazas de los Andes Malbec. There is a selection of wines selling for 50% off with every purchase of the 4-course dinner set menu.

Easy to drink yet bold enough to go with our red meat main, the Malbec was a delightful wine from the South of France that opens with rich fruity notes of berries, plums and currant before tailing off with an almost smoky end.

Stratosphere also has a wine pairing option to go with its dinner if you’ll like to try different wines with your food, but we chose to go with a whole bottle instead because I’m not a fan of white wine and would rather have red all the way.

IMG_0624 copy

Our first course of four was a thick, creamy mushroom soup, in which we could spot ample morsels of chopped mushroom — just the way we like our cream of mushroom. Beautifully earthy with a muskiness that is cleverly lengthened by a tablespoon of truffle oil, it had the consistency of oatmeal (thumbs up!) with rich flavour that floods the tastebuds from start to finish. Cubes of toasted charcoal bread lend a nice crunch to contrast against the creaminess, saving things from getting too monotonous in texture.

IMG_0639 copy

A tuna sashimi salad followed next that presented a wholly opposite experience from the first course altogether — it is colourful where the soup was pale, crisp and crunchy where the soup was smooth and creamy, and sharp and exciting in flavour from its vinaigrette dressing. French peas, iceberg lettuce and cherry tomatoes provide refreshingly green flavours after the mushroom soup, pulling your tastebuds from one end of the taste spectrum to the other. Generous cubes of tuna sashimi tie it all together with a nice muted saltiness so it remains a grounded dish despite its many tastes and textures.

IMG_0643 copy

Both of us opted the Surf and Turf for our mains and did not regret our choices one bit. Other options include a chicken roulade and rack of lamb.

Being a red wine person, Im sure you can guess I’m also a red meat person. My medium-rare steak was done perfect to the marbly and bloodied-centre T. It boasted a surface that was caramelised with a sweet reduction sauce, which, as flavourful as it was, did not overpower the natural juices of the meat inside. First bite introduced smoky flavours from the perfect char on its surface before the full-bodied burst of red meat wrapped around our tongues and refused to let go.

The jumbo king prawn paled slightly in comparison in terms of flavour but its texture was nonetheless springy and burst with juiciness, a nod to its freshness.

IMG_0654 copy

For dessert, we were presented a trio of sweets so we could get a little bit of everything, much to our delight.

The first from the left is a sweet apple crumble which juicy poached apples married the crumbly pie crust in a harmonious mix of crunchy and chewy. The centre is a salted chocolate dessert that allowed us to explore the best of rich dark chocolate melding together with something like a salted caramel centre — it thick, incredibly rich and caps things off in a nice chocolatey end. Far right is my favourite of the lot — a milk pudding of sorts infused with ginger essence. The pudding is milky and soothing with a slight punch of spice from the ginger, bringing to mind a traditional Chinese dessert that never fails to warm one’s tummy on a rainy day. The peach that sits on top lift everything up in a sharp spike of sweet and sour flavours, one which effectively keeps things from becoming cloying.

It was certainly a romantic night like nothing we’ve experienced before, dining under the stars with the night view of the whole of PJ ours to savour.


This ‘Dine Under The Stars‘ 4-course dinner takes place intermittently on a monthly basis so do keep a lookout for the next session at Stratosphere’s official Facebook page here. It is priced at RM250++ per couple for food only and RM400++ per couple with wine pairing. Each couple also gets a special mystery door gift to take home.

For more information or for reservation enquiries, please call 03 – 7724 1672.

  1. I was excited when I saw the title as we have a Stratosphere here in Las Vegas and I thought, “Cool. They have dining up there now. Great idea.”
    Then I read your post and well, still excited as that looks like so much fun for you two. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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