Define Privilege Party @ Zebra Square, KL

Seems like it’s that time of the year again when all the best parties in town are vying for a spot in every reveller’s heart to be number one. Just a couple of weeks ago we had Henessy’s first leg kicking off almost back to back with the first of Johnnie Walker’s well-renowned Circuit Lounge. This weekend, it was Define’s turn to set the pace of the game. And they set quite a different ball game altogether.

Quite unlike all the other parties, they promise a night that’s going to redefine everything we know as fun and pleasure. That’s some pretty high call if you ask me. I like to think I know what I like and what I don’t pretty well. Can’t wait to see how well they’d deliver on that promise!

What do I think after seeing for myself what the night was like? They definitely kept to their word.

For a night, they transformed the whole of Zebra Square in downtown KL into a playground of pristine white. If you’ve been to the place before, you’d know it’s just a small hall with very basic white-wash walls and metal grills as hallway security. I don’t know why they kept things so simple and plain, but I suppose whoever the architect was, he must like the whole industrial rustic feel.

Pretty Registrars helped us sort through all the necessary paperwork so we can walk in almost effortlessly to experience a night unlike any other.

When I finally stepped into the place, I was most taken aback by the transformation. Lavish white carpets ran from wall to wall and plush white sofas flanked clean white tables in the VIP area where we’ve been assigned to spend the evening.

I would never have guessed this was Zebra Square at all!

The whole place brought to mind the infamous White Party from the movie White Chicks. You remember the fundraiser dinner-fashion show the Vandergelds threw towards the end of the movie? Yep, the whole atmosphere resembled exactly that! Everyone was dressed in their most fashionable white attires and everything at the place was of the same colour synonymous with mystery and purity.

Even all of us were instructed to come in white. I’m so glad everyone cooperated and played to the theme. This is so cool, I’m sorry I can’t seem to stop gushing haha. I just love it when people stick to the designated theme when it comes to parties! Malaysians just don’t do that enough!

Waitresses also decked out in the same white colour came by our tables with champagne and a variety of other cocktails without us even having to call for them. This is what I call efficiency. It annoys me a lot when at other events, the waiters and waitresses are almost always nowhere to be found and someone has to always end up going hunting for one. It really dampens the mood when it’s so difficult to just get a bit of ice for your drink, you know? This particular lady was so nice (I asked for a Cranberry Vodka that was more watered down and she immediately got it for me within the next few minutes) I had to take a picture of her. Organizers, if you’re reading this, she deserves a raise! =P

DJ Patricia K was working the decks when we finally found our tables and settled down with our respective drink in hand. You remember her from previous ELEVATE events? You can’t possibly not remember a face like that!  If not, she’s also Malaysia’s No.1 on FHM’s 100 Most Wanted Women in the World list, among many other things.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but she definitely got a lot better from the previous time I heard her spin. Her transitions are less choppy now and her choice of songs more upbeat, leaning more towards R&B this time round. She’s proved yet again that she’s not just another pretty face — she has some killer moves with the DJ deck!

A shot with my ladies to start off the night. The theme was White and Blue hence our very well coordinated outfits. We didn’t just happen to choose blue to accompany the white by accident! LOL. I think this is the first time we all look so synchronized at an event =D

Hello my favourite person in the world. I can’t possibly have too many photos with you.

After mingling about for a bit and saying a few rounds of hi to a few familiar faces,  I was most surprised when Patricia K suddenly took the stage and introduced the night to us as emcee and host. Wasn’t she just working her magic behind the DJ console a couple of minutes ago??

If I hadn’t known any better, I would have suspected she’s also a secret undercover Quick Change performer lol; how else could she have gone backstage and returned in a matter of minutes in a completely different outfit and hair??

Yep, they’re wondering the same thing as I. What else does the lovely Miss Patricia K have up her sleeve, aside from being hot female DJ extraordinaire and the face that has graced countless magazine covers the world over? O.o

Julie has the smallest waist to go with the flattest stomach on any person I’ve ever seen! =O Time to do some serious crunches and core strength workout the next time I hit the gym haha. And Yuki, as usual, is looking the complete picture of quiet elegance and sweet sophistication.

Eep, did you know Ashley has the dream body any girl who wants a bikini body would kill for? That girl has a solid six-pec along with the most toned arms I’ve ever spied. And hello, hello, I ran into Cheryl too! =D The last time I ran into her (which was only a couple of days ago actually) she was choosing steaks in the meat and poultry section of our neighbourhood supermarket lol. It was the funniest encounter.

All night, we got the yummist cocktails to sip on from this tall pretty glass bottle that made things feel very chilled out and laid back. What you’re looking at, my friends, is the single most delicious Lychee Martini I’ve ever tasted. I don’t know how they did it, but it was sweet and creamy without the slightest bitter taste of alcohol. It tasted so deceivingly harmless (surely something so sweet can’t have too high a content of alcohol in it) that by the time we realized it was still quite potent, it was too late. Regardless, I must get my hands on this for our next house party, whichever and whenever that will be!

Compulsary photo with the BFFs =D I hereby declare that we must always have a photo taken together at all events that all three of us are there. Imagine the collage we would be able to compile give it a year or two from now =D

Perhaps we ladies were taking too many photos and wasting precious time that could be spent on drinks, but the boys got their own party started while we weren’t looking haha.

Having trouble standing from all that champagne? No worries, our Friendly Neighbourhood SamInsanity is here to ensure you keep partying hard.

And best you don’t let us catch you without a drink in your hand! I hear the penalty to pay is quite a heavy one =/

Tara McDonald came on stage just at the right moment when we were all very nicely buzzed from a bottle or two of Lychee Martinis. Her outfit was the most adorable get-up I’ve seen on a performer yet. She must have a thing for all things Mickey, can you tell? ;]

Sister didn’t only sing — she danced, jumped and performed her heart out to her best collaboration with world-famous DJs the likes of David Guetta, Armand Van Helden, and even Axwell. She’s certainly no newbie in the dance club music arena. Just watching her left me breathless on her behalf but she seemed completely unperturbed by her own very elaborate dance moves.

I really like her style. She’s got some very powerful vocals backing up her equally powerful performance. I especially love it that everything about her screams fun and fearless. Totally my kind of girl, if I was into girls. Which I’m not. (Or am I? hehehe.)

Are you drunk yet? No? Then drink some more! LOL.

If you’re still unconvinced, I’ll let these two pretty ladies and their wide, wide smiles do the rest of the justifying =P

Hee, the sight of him all dressed up in a nice shirt like this still makes my heart skip a beat =3

I call this the ‘Before and After’ photos lol. Before Lychee Martini, and after Lychee Martini. Now you know what to get if you want your guests to really start having fun HAHAHA!

Showing our favourite Bride-to-be some luuuuuurve. We’re both gonna be Yuki’s bridesmaids on her big day =D

Some time through the night my camera got passed around result of some very drunken decision. The photos that came back were rather interesting, if I may say so xD

And my favourite shot of the night!

EEEK do you know that I love you two to death? I always have so much fun when you two are around ^_^

Gwiyomi has got nothing on us =P

DJ Emily Scott came out to play the finishing finale and completely stole my breath away while at it. I’m not even trying to sound corny here.

She’s so pretty, she reminds me of all the Australian surfer girls you see on ROXY and Quiksilver ads! Yes, she is from Australia (perhaps that’s what gave me that impression) but that’s beside the point. Her beach-wave tossed blond hair, tanned olive skin the colour of beach sand and her electrifying blue eyes — how is it possible for someone to look so absolutely perfect D= And quite unlike all the other DJs who look femininely sexy, she is quite the tomboy which only ups her appeal! I can totally see her roughing it out in the great outdoors or doing something equally gutsy. Yes, I’m head over heels in love with her.

I gotta say, this party is going down in my history of parties as the prettiest one yet. The whole white and blue theme just gives all the photos such a sweet composition.

In fact, this post wins first place as The Post With Most Pastel Coloured Photos in my entire archive lol. Be proud because it’s not everyday I have the hues and tones of my photos set to this sweet a level, whether by mere coincidence or not!

One last group photo for the road! Yuki brought up a very interesting point upon having this picture taken — it’s our first ever photo of all seven of us together =D

So how did the night end you might be wondering?

Erm yea…

Thank you Define for a night that was truly the first of its kind, and thank you Manoah for the exclusive invites.

I’d say it was the most fun I’ve had in a while but I realize I say that about almost every party I go to. But I can’t help it, can I, if each and every one seem to continuously try and one up the other. That, or maybe I just have awesome friends who know how to have an awesome time =P

Whatever it is, happy new week, everybody! Hopefully your weekend ended on equally a high note as mine. I’m recharged to take on Monday, Tuesday, and all the other days. Mm-hmm.

Do a little dance and make your week a great one =D

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