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Alright, boys, verdict’s in: I’m out for two weeks – maybe longer if the pain and internal inflammation of my knee don’t go away by the end of that fourteen days. Lady doctor who examined me actually looked me in the eye and said that means no running, no basketball, no badminton, no anything that involves running or strenuous leg movement. I have no idea what that’ll do to my stamina and speed time and I honestly do not wanna think about it, but hey, doctor’s orders. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so miserable at being told to just sit at home and do absolutely nothing. I can’t even stand for too long a period of time or walk around too much! Way to make a girl feel like a fucking invalid. Might as well just tie me to a chair and leave me shackled and bolted to a room!

On the plus side, the doctor gave me this really cool foam thingy to rub into my knee every four hours or so and I’m having the time of my life with it. Nyahahaha. The fluffiest puff of white cloud appears from the nozzle when you press on it and the sensation the foam leaves on my knee is simply awesome. It’s both cold and tingly, yet spreads a nice fuzzy warmth throughout the area of skin it comes into contact with upon application. It smells divine too – none of that sick sweetish medicine-y CounterPain stuff. The words on the can sound really cool as well: 1% cutaneous foam, whatever that means, hahaha.

The cause to my ordeal is apparently due to me overstriding when I run, a mistake most distance runners supposedly commit. Doctor says when one overstrides, they land on their heel instead of on the balls of their feet or the flat of their foot, and the tension that gets sent to the knees when that happens jarrs the patella out of position or something. To illustrate her point she pushed on my kneecap and I could actually feel it creak upwards by a few millimetres. Yes, it was very disturbing, and somewhat nauseating. My poor bones! She advised me to take smaller steps when I run to rectify the problem, to land my foot just below my hip where my centre of gravity is. Do these people at the KL Sports Medical Centre know their stuff or what. I’m so glad I didn’t settle with just going to a regular clinic. Bet they wouldn’t have known what was wrong and as the easy way out simply take to prescribing me with a jumble of painkillers.

But you wanna know what’s the best bit of news I’ve had all day? Cool foam thingy and rugged kneeguard to be worn daily for the next two weeks aside?

She also said that on top of everything else like running with the correct body posture and form, investing in a good pair shoes helps too. Now is that license for me to go shoe-shopping or what?? Tehehehe. I’m grinning to myself just thinking about a certain black pair of Adidas with blue piping that screamed my name when I happened to be browsing through the store while not looking for anything in particular.

Time to lock away my AND1s and bring them Adidas babes out to play x)

  1. well you could always do alternative forms of exercise to keep your stamina at level. Like crunches for example. If you’re a fan of washboard abs then here’s your chance. Although you will have to do way more than you already do if you actually currently do em.

    Why don’t you google exercises that require close to no joint impacts.

  2. oh noooo… Shoe shopping?! Tat is like d only thing i would love to shop. Not for heels n stuff like tat. But sport shoes. omg. another Kryptonite of mine. :D

  3. Seven: Haha I do sit-ups; do they count? Even so, I dont think crunches are considered cardio – which is what I need to make it to run a 15km marathon end of this year. I suppose rowing would help… tehehehe. Thanks nonetheless for the advice! =) For what it’s worth, the bicycle crunch looks mighty fun lol. Might just give that a shot XD

    Natalie: Let’s! After lunch this Friday =DDD I’m serious when I said I’m boycotting Nike for good.

  4. hahaha that Penang Bridge marathon thing you’re talking about isn’t really the same as getting a diploma now dear….Not running a marathon isn’t gonna get you kicked outta the house…hahaha

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