ELEVATE KL @ Black Magic Club

Familiar title? Well, yes, that’s because you have indeed read a somewhat similar post just last month!

ELEVATE is back after a sold out show in Penang, this time, in glitzy downtown Kuala Lumpur. Choosing Black Magic Club as the venue this time round, its stellar line-up of DJ performers were equally as non-disappointing.

10 bloggers were sent to cover the event as opposed to 20 the previous time, and I was most privileged to be one of them. If the last one in Penang was anything to go by, this one in Kuala Lumpur should be even better yet!

I don’t think I’ve ever been seen at any public functions without my trusty plus one who also doubles as my personal photographer, hehehe.

Can’t wait to see what the night has in store!

All the usual familiar faces were there, as can only be expected on a night like this.

A party wouldn’t be half a party without these guys!

We waited hardly an hour before Kylie Chapman came on stage, reprising her role as the emcee for the night.

Decked out in brilliant blue to match the night’s theme, she introduced the first act of the night — a rap battle between DJ Vandal and MC Jin — to a highly excited crowd. I couldn’t wait to hear what they have saved to dish out to one another. Lyrical wordplay is one of the best entertainments out there, I swear. I’m a big sucker for words!

They really gave it to one another. They went at each other’s styles, each other’s music, even what the other had to wear. They give a whole new meaning to bitch-fighting LOL. When finally MC Jin could take no more from Vandal, he returned fire in Malay, to the loudest cheer from the local crowd.

They were so absolutely ruthless, they were brilliant. Everyone knows all that is said is in good stride, of course, but it still amazes me how they can come up with words on the spot like that. Not just any words either, mind you. Words that rhyme, carry meaning and underlying puns, and make sense while at it. I would have totally froze on stage hahaha. Can you imagine just how much in handy a skill like this would be in public speaking, or better yet, debates?

After that insane showdown, they had something else in store for us. They invited a special guest from the audience to accompany them on their lyrical battle by beatboxing their background track for them .

The dude was so good he literally silenced the entire crowd. Every pair of eyes were fixed on him as he progressed from the more common street-style beats to a full blown dubstep string, Skrillex style. I’m not even kidding. He got the drop pinned down so right I would have guessed he was lip-syncing if I hadn’t there to see it for myself in person.

Jaw officially dropped =O

They got the crowd well pumped up by the time they left the stage. If anyone was bored, they certainly weren’t anymore! Of course, free-flow Carlsberg never harmed anybody, hehehe.

Certainly helped a certain date of mine let completely loose LOL.

Whilst everyone was busy knocking back endless bottles of Carlsberg, Elecoldxhot did a sneak attack and started their surprise performance with no prior heads-up nor announcement, leaving everyone almost in shock at what was going on. They definitely needed no introduction.

They reenacted their gravity-defying moves even more fluently this time, with twice the amount of energy!

They finally finished with an even louder round of applause from the crowd than back in Penang! =D

By then, drinks had been flowing for more than 2 hours, a sure sign that some serious fun is underway.

Probably inspired by the Elecoldxhot boys, the Ninja Rabbit, Sam and Dante started to feel all groovy themselves hahaha. Of course it had to be the latest rage on the Internet that they’re inspired to do – Oppa Gangnam Style! I still can’t decide if it’s embarrassing or funny x)

It wasn’t just them, all that alcohol was quickly getting to the rest of us too!

Finally, when everyone was in the best state of mind to really take the party to a new level, DJ Mari Ferrari came on deck to take over.

Rumor has it that if we were a receptive enough crowd, she was willing to go topless like she has in many previous gigs. Hopes were soaring high that she liked us enough ;]

But topless or not, she was super damn hot even with her clothes on. She’s probably the prettiest DJ I’ve ever laid my eyes on! It’s true then what they say — Russia holds the stake of having the best looking people.

In the end, she didn’t take her top off, but I don’t think anybody was too thoroughly disappointed. She totally made up for it with her eclectic mix of mainstream R&B and old school house and trance. She proved that she wasn’t just a pretty face (and all about her rack, ahem). She could really spin!

ELEVATE KL — another good night spent with the best company.

After all, the photos never lie.

Thank you ELEVATE for another rocking Saturday night. It can’t get any better than internationally renown music, free flow beer and the best group of party-goers around town all put together and mashed up into a whole pot of awesomeness! ;]

Now don’t be too sad if you didn’t get to part of this! If you haven’t already heard, there’s another one coming soon in a neighboring state. Like really soon. Even better news? It’s not too far either!

I’ll give you a small hint — it’s the home of mouthwatering goodies like satay celup and chicken rice balls! Get it yet? Tehehehehe.

Have a great week everyone! My week’s all set after a weekend unlike any other!

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