Fitness 101

Honest to God, I’m not that big of a healthfreak as most people think I am.

In fact, dinner today was a bag of Cottage Fries potato chips (sour cream and onion flavoured, the best kind tehehehehe) and a packet of instant noodles. Now I can’t say I know for sure what is it that healthfreaks eat, but I’m pretty sure those fall in the list of things they’ve sworn off during whatever ceremony they have to go through before they become carrot stick-munching and celery juice-drinking people.

I just like running, that’s all there is to it. Is it so hard to believe that a girl chooses to run because she finds it enjoyable? I wouldn’t go to the extent of calling it fun, as there’s nothing remotely fun about having to cut short time that could be spent sleeping, or willingly choose to go brave the 4 o’clock sun when you can be comfortably lounging around in an air-conditioned room watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother.

But those are really very small sacrifices when you compare them to what you have to gain. I’m not gonna start on how it’s good for health and all that because that’s not why I run.

I run because it makes me feel in control. Everything from how long I run to how fast I run are decisions that I make. They’re my call, and no one else’s. And there’s just really no substitute for the sense of achievement you’ll feel after finishing 8km. Even the sweat trickling down your back takes on a whole new feel; they feel more like little hands patting you on the back as if saying well done.

Another thing I cannot stand is when I lament about how far I have to walk to the canteen or to the next block for class and people start teasing me about how I can run every evening yet find walking a distance that’s probably 1/10th of that which I run something to complain about.

If you really are that dense to not be able to figure it out on your own, when I run, I like the feeling of my heart going into overtime and the sweat soaking my shirt through. When I run, I want to sweat and and be left gasping for breath. In fact, the best bit about running is exactly that; when the wind hits your face in a cool draft as opposed to the fire burning below your skin.

Having said all that, my only question is: just why would I want to be all sweaty as described above and huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf right before I go for class?

Would you like to go to class dripping wet from head to toe just because you enjoy swimming?

I’d appreciate it if people gave that a little thought before using that comeback on me again.


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