I’m trying to burst a giant ass blister that’s developed on the sole of my left foot while waiting for some stupid pictures to upload. It’s really not as disgusting as some people make it out to be (bursting a blister, not uploading pictures). But hell it sure hurts like fuck.

On account of how much fun I had playing floorball earlier with Yuh Ting and the boys, there is now a slight change to my Christmas wish list tehhehehe. Instead of the Nike leather basketball I initially asked for that would sum my current collection up to four, I now want a floorball stick. Yes, you heard me right: a floorball stick.

It’s so freaking cool to look at and it sure as hell feels grand in your hand. All sleek and smooth to the touch. Plus there’s the fact that it’s a potential murder weapon just waiting to be abused of its power hehehe. Gives you the ability to whack an annoying little brother too whenever you feel like it. Let’s see mine try to make fun of me and my retainers again =D

I want a white one like Adrian’s. I disagree with Jack on his opinion of orange being a bold and solid colour. It reminds me too much of a certain someone whom I would pride myself in choking to death with my own bare hands. I wouldn’t exactly mind Daniel’s pink and purple one with a glittery pink rhinestone on the handle either, except that it’s too gay even for me. Heh.


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