Frogs, Snails and Puppydogs’ Tails

What’s small, furry and are probably one of the cutest things ever to be conceived in this world?



I know right they’re so absolutely adorable I wanted to just tote them home with me. Woe is this afternoon when I went over to my Grandma’s place. Now I can’t stop thinking about them cuties above!! x)


Clearly, somebody else was even more excited about them than I was, heh. The Ninja Rabbit couldn’t stop chasing the little things around trying to get them to stay still enough so we could blind them with my very powerful Canon camera flash hahaha!


I am head over heels in love with this little white one. It’s fat, clumsy, and would make even the coldest fish laugh out loud at the funny way it waddles around the place on its short stumpy little legs! Think penguin, only easily 100x cuter, fuzzy and furry.


He, however, likes this brown mischievious one better – how very typical of a boy. Granted, it still is nevertheless really cute in its own way. Quite the contrary from the white one, Rusty here (yes, Aris has gone to the extent of naming it LOL) is less afraid of strangers and warmed easier to us. It danced around us without a moment’s hesitation and its cheekiness irked my German Shepherd, Elsa to no end. It’s hilarious watching Elsa trying to go around the little fellow who wouldn’t leave her alone.


“Ooo, what’s that?”


“Can I have some?”


“Please? Please please please, pretty please?”




“Awww…” ='(


“Now I is sad…” =(


“Ooo – PEANUT!!”



The star of the short comic strip above…. Rusty!! LOL!


May too is especially taken by Rusty over his snowy friend. Oh well, all the more that I can have her all to myself =)))


“C’mere you.”


“Guess what’s for lunch???”

I don’t remember the last time we were all so silly, chasing after the little fellows as little children would, but spend a good hour or more doing exactly that was precisely what we did.

It’s the huge puppydog eyes that did it, I swear! ;]

  1. me thinks little white puppy steals my idea .. either that or aris the schemer planned it since he misses me so ~ .. hahaha

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