Gold and Silver Lined My Heart but Burned into My Brain All These Stolen Images

I write from my bedroom in Penang tonight. From my own table, on my own chair, with my own air-conditioner on to fight away the summer night’s heat. Nothing rented, nothing borrowed. I am happy. There’s just nothing like home.

May has always been greeted with just that little extra bit of cheer. And it’s not difficult to see why. With May comes Summer and with Summer comes holidays of the best kind. Exams are now out of the way so there’s nothing to hold us back from going all out with having all the fun we want. Can I get a “Hell Yeah”?

We’ve been spending a lot of time just catching up with friends. A couple of months may not sound like a really long time, but you’d be amazed at the number of things that could’ve gone on in a friend’s life unbeknownst to you.

We took the first opportunity we got to meet up with our favourite double-date couple, Vanitha and Wei Jin.

I love it how she’s always so super happy to see me =D

And we love it that both our boyfriends click so well. They just bonded without much prompting from us the moment they met, it’s brilliant. They always end up  in a world of their own which consists of very deep discussions of the latest games, music, and techy stuff that we’re left with hours to ourselves to simply catch up with gossip. Have we got the perfect set-up here, or what? You’d think they were long lost BFF’s themselves. When all else fail, bring out the game consoles. Nothing better to distract a boy than with video games! Although I must admit, Resident Evil on the Wii looks quite interesting even to me.

Other things that make Summer holidays so awesome include late night Martinis with girlfriends.

If you happen to be in Penang, you’d be interested to know that Healy Mac’s in Strait’s Quay is having this beer competition. 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes – do it and you walk away RM300 richer. The catch is that you’re not allowed to go to the toilet. Not so bad if you’ve got the bladder of a whale. My friend, Christ, did it not only once, but attempted it a second time one of the nights we got all dressed up for drinks.

Sister stood strong in the competition while male competitors were throwing up and giving up around her.

Maybe it’s cause she had our support backing her up, tehehehehehe.

Old habits die hard. The Ninja Rabbit ended up going around entertaining the rest of the boys instead of just sitting back and relaxing with a beer as was the original plan, LOL. We’re not complaining, it saved us girls the patronizing roll of eyes from the guys when we did what we did best – exchange life stories and take a thousand and one photos.

My favourite part about coming home to these girls, is how we always just pick up where we last left off as if we’ve not been apart at all. Conversations resume at the same speed and tone, jokes get repeated as if it being told the second time makes it funnier (it does) and stories get exchanged sprinkled with twice the essence of hyperbole of how it truly it happened because we all know life is too dull without a bit of drama to fall back on. There’s just no where like home =)

The following picture was specially taken because it suddenly dawned on the both of us that the last time we had a picture together just the two of us, was when we were 12. Yes we go that far back. We were 12 and she had invited another friend and I over to her place for spaghetti and a movie (we watched Sister Act 2). In that picture, I had blue teeth from too much Blue Monster candy and she was staring at me like I had gone completely crazy. Here’s a better version to make up for that, 10 years later.

We’ve substituted spaghetti and meatballs with a Lime Martini but the two main characters are still essentially the same. Happy ten years of friendship, Madeline! Can you believe it, our friendship is a whole decade old! =)

Family time also makes being back home one of the best things on the world. I love being with family and equally as much, I love eating. The other day, I got to do both things at once.

We decided to give this new Barbecue Steamboat place somewhere in town a try. All-you-can-eat, baby. Prepare your tummies!

The Ninja Rabbit often wondered where I got my insanely voracious appetite from. I get hungry every couple of hours and worse, at the most Godforsaken hour of the day. It’ll be 2am in the morning and I’ll want something like a pepperoni pizza. He now wonders no more eversince he’s been introduced to the rest of the family xD

I think it’s the Penangite in us lol. We just love our food.

A lot of my friends think I eat too much for a girl my size. They’ve not had the pleasure of meeting my sisters.

Then again, who could resist. Certainly not us that night! We had the widest array of seafood and marinated meats to choose from to put on our grill, on top of platters of tantalising streetfood that are ready to eat if you’re the impatient sort.

Hello happy boy =D

I myself didn’t quite know where to start. Do I want to load up on more seafood (which takes longer to cook) or just settle with juicy meats (which cook faster but fill you up too quickly to be worth your money at an all-you-can-eat buffet)? Dilemma, dilemma…

And then I came to the clearest conclusion: eat everything.

I’m going to have to up my mileage during my training runs!

When we finally eased into dessert, the funniest thing happened. May was settling in to get comfortable before she digs into her tower of Cookies n’ Cream ice-cream she had piled for herself, when her chair snapped loud and sharp under her weight.

Have you ever eaten so much you broke the chair you were sitting on HAHAHAHAHA!

Being back in Penang is awesome, have I said that? KL is great and all, but it hasn’t got all this. It hasn’t got the beach, it hasn’t got awesome food, it hasn’t got all my girlfriends at the press of the Call button. It hasn’t got my family. KL is great, but KL isn’t home.

We pack up to go back to reality in three days, so off I go to make the rest of whatever time I have left here. I’m going to watch some cartoon on TV, maybe make myself some instant noodles just for old times’ sake, and squeeze in a last 12km at the Botanical Gardens in the morning.

There’s just nothing and nowhere like home.

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