Got No Business Climbing Back Through Broken Windows

Remember the awesome as awesome’s gonna get, epically great blast of a week I was having that I was just telling you guys about? Totally spoke too soon. Things took a turn for the worse the moment I logged out of WordPress faster than the Roadrunner could yet again outrun Wile. E. Coyote.

You’d think a quiet night in with our butts parked at Hartamas Square to watch the Orlando Magics trash the Boston Celtics over chocolate hazelnut waffles with vanilla icecream should keep us square out of trouble. Come on, we’re totally geeking out over NBA Play-Offs Reruns here when the rest of the college were overheard and over read via Facebook to be partying their brains out at Zouk’s, what could possibly happen to us? We’re staying steer clear away from alcohol and all sorts of bodily intoxications! Surely, fortune favours the good?


Bad luck recognizes neither good nor bad and it was stupid of us to even think remotely otherwise. Guess what happened to my car when we were doing nothing but innocently satisfying our Nutella craving and cheering the Celtics on eventhough it looked like a hopeless case from the very start?


Yup, that’s the back window of my MyVi completely smashed in. Pfft.
Poor little Sage =(
Totally violated when we had our backs turned with no one to hear her pleas and cries for help.




Whatever miserable bits that are left of what used to be her window. Le sigh.

The mess inside serves the bigger headache to be honest. How in the world am I gonna get rid of all those bits and pieces of shattered glass??? Not to mention how much it’s gonna cost me to get this fixed, and how my Dad’s gonna react upon finding out when I give him a call first thing tomorrow morning =/ Gulps.






To answer the question that must be dripping off all your tongues right now; No, nothing was taken, THANK GOD. Funny story, my laptop was in fact in the car (which must be why they chose my little unassuming white baby to smash the windows in from all the other wayyyyy more expensive looking cars around). Whichever heartless cruel soul who did it even went to the extent of pulling my backseats down to search the boot, but somehow missed my lappie which was hidden under the Ninja Rabbit’s jacket and placed right on the back seat. Not the most difficult place to figure out honestly, but the Ninja Rabbit says that’s exactly why it was missed. It was hidden, paradoxically, in plain sight, so the thief must’ve overlooked it on account of it being right under his or her nose. HAH! Sucks to be you. You fail even as a useless and ineffectual thieving scum! I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, but I’ll take my glass half full, thank you very much.

You have no idea the intensity of the relief that washed over me when the Ninja Rabbit announced that my lappie was safe. At the sight of the shattered window, tears were already swelling monstrously in my eyes, straining against this invisible dam I had forced myself to conjure up at the starkest moment, fuelled by the fact that I had so stupidly left my laptop in there. My laptop for goodness’ sake, which not only contained all my photos and files from eons ago, but my assignments and other very important documents. Someone kick me at the back of my head for fishing for trouble in such a brainless manner. Recalling all that now, I actually feel more than just tiny bit guilty for not feeling more remorseful about all that happened. All I could think of at the moment was how I still had my laptop with me and thus it is not the end of the world. Everything else just washed by me, even the Ninja Rabbit’s bleeding thumb from when he got it cut when going through everything in a frenzied rush for a rough evaluation. I am such a conceited bitch sometimes =(



My poor stuffies. Even Rukawa wasn’t spared. They’re now coated with shards of monoscopic but equally lethal bits of broken glass – I’ll have to figure out a way to have them cleaned =/


What a downright mess.
How can I be so stupid???

Lesson learnt. I’m NEVER leaving stuff, even if hidden from view, in the car again. Not even so small as an effing worthless thumbdrive with a measly 512MB storage capacity.

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  1. The first thought that came to my mind: “lucky” it wasn’t the driver’s window that was smashed.
    Glad that nothing was stolen though – the laptop especially. And good luck cleaning up all that glass..

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