Happy Birthday, Ninja!

May is one crazy insane month I tell you! I’ve got so many things going on throughout this month that I don’t even know which to start blogging about first. But I guess it’s always safe to start chronologically so that shall be exactly how I’m gonna do this heh. Let’s just hope I can still remember the details of the past week. I’m so behind time now, I don’t even know how I got here =(

OK so let’s see… The Ninja Rabbit’s birthday!! This was something like almost a week ago now (my goodness!), I am such a horrible girlfriend. His birthday of all things gets shoved all the way to the back of the burner.

Happy (belated) Birthday, baby! 23 now but still as immature as ever =P

He asked specifically for as small a do as possible so I obliged by his wishes lol. I tricked him into believing we were only gonna go out for dinner just the two of us. What I didn’t tell him was that the rest of the gang will be meeting us there at the venue too HAHAHAHA. If you must know, I’m not very good at keeping a straight pokerface so the fact that I got him to believe something that simple is a big feat for me ok =P

Even then, because I’m Bad Luck Brianna or something, the surprise was given away merely 2 minutes before it was due. Upon arriving at Tao’s, the receptionist looked up, saw us and proclaimed, “Your friends are already here! Let me bring you to your table.” FML TTM LOL.

And everything was going so well!!

But ah well, can’t win them all I guess.

Luckily he was still very pleasantly surprised to see his friends at the table. Birthday dinner surprise attempt 80% successful =P

Tao’s is now having this special promotion for all May babies where if you’re born anytime in the month of May, you get to dine for 50% off! So that was how we settled on Japanese cuisine for his birthday noms. We didn’t regret the decision one bit! All you can eat sashimi and fresh oysters, yo. You can never have enough of sashimi and fresh oysters!

I had so many oysters that at the end of the night everytime I burped I tasted Tabasco sauce hahaha! The salmon and tuna sashimi slices came thick and chunky too, nothing like those pathetic tissue-thin wafers they serve you at Sakae or Sushi King. And yes, those are cheese-baked scallops you see in the lower right hand corner! *drools* I guess you can guess as much that we all overate that night ;]

Everyone was incredibly sweet too. I planned this dinner surprise thingy rather last minute (OK, like 2 hours before dinner time itself if you must know) yet everyone made it to show up prompt and on time. It’s times like these that makes me feel so incredibly blessed to have friends like them, who I know would drop everything they were doing and come to your aid when you need them to. Granted this was just dinner, but their mere presence made the Ninja Rabbit so extremely happy all the same.

Plus, everything, even something as simple as dinner, automatically becomes 10x funner too with them around. Fish, anyone? Hehehe.

Zana was incredibly bogged down with work that particular Monday I remember, yet she made it with her ever-ready smile reserved for everyone throughout the entire evening. Where else do you find people as awesome as this bunch these days?

Mitchy-matchy boys all dressed in white! Far left is Nelson’s cousin Bensen who was visiting from Holland. He’s the most fascinating character I’ve had the chance to meet this month. He’s a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, how cool is that? Like he gets in a ring and beat the shit out of someone else as a sport. Needless to say, the Ninja Rabbit was borderline smitten with him all evening LOL. The Ninja Rabbit has always wanted to pick up MMA himself but for some reason never got around to it (big part cuz I don’t like the idea of him getting bashed up in a cage haha).  Unfortunately, meeting Bensen has also revived his want to join a class again.

CHEESE-BAKED OYSTERS!!! This is what heaven tastes like!! I discovered them on the menu too late so I only had space for about three before I had to wave the white flag. But zomg I’d go back to Tao’s again if only for these!

Cute little smoked salmon ham thingy which I took simply because of how it looked haha. It didn’t taste all that great to be honest. Then again who can blame it when it has the likes of fresh seafood and other baked gourmet delicacy to compete against.

Their selection of dessert deserves a shout-out though. I loved their matcha green tea ice-cream, which you may choose to have topped with chocolate fondue or not. You could really taste the fragrance of the tea in it, complemented by the subtlest sweet taste of frozen cream. Of course it was one of the first to run out too so I couldn’t go back for second helpings even though I had wanted to =(

OH!! There was one last surprise that worked out, nyehehehehe!! I had snuck behind the Ninja Rabbit’s back and got our housemate to buy him a cake. He suspected nothing until late at night when, with candles on the cake lit and everything, all three of us brought it out and started singing him a mandatory birthday song xD

Emmy, quite by chance, chose his favourite cake too, the popular Red Velvet. Clever girl.

He was trying to act cool and all while we sang him his birthday song but I knew he was grinning like a 5-year-old on the inside. Say what he may, he’s nothing but an overgrown baby under all that macho front he tries to put up. Nothing excites him more than his birthday and Christmas. And the prospect of cake LOL.

Pretty, isn’t it!!! They used only the good stuff too because those giant strawberries? They were actually sweet! As were the blue and blackberries as well as the cherries. None of those for-decorative-purposes only nonsense.

House of Awesome group photo!! Hehehe yes we call our little apartment the House of Awesome because well… it’s rather self-explanatory, isn’t it? We be awesome!! =P

He got a second celebration from the rest of his family too, the day after his real birthday. I always found it to be extremely sweet how his whole entire extended family will come from as far as Malacca to celebrate his birthday. They do that with everyone’s birthday for that matter. I love this tradition of theirs; I don’t even know when some of my cousins’ birthdays are =(

Every time the month of May rolls around, these two will always celebrate their birthdays together. There’ll be two cakes (because otherwise they’d end up fighting over who gets to blow out the candles) and both their presents from everyone has to be identical (because otherwise they’d start fighting too over who got the better present hahaha!). It’s been that way since the both can hardly talk or walk according to Auntie Liz. I guess it’s true what they say — your cousins are your first best friends.

Yup, it’s been decided, when I grow up I’m gonna keep this tradition alive too. Where each and every birthday requires the entire family — nuclear and extended, thank you very much — to be present. They have this closeness among them that I’ve never really seen with my own family. Most vividly with things like how they’d tease, joke, and make fun of each other hahaha. They’re always such nice company to have.

Doing that would double the presents for the birthday kid too! ;]

Happy birthday again, you =)

It wasn’t much this time but I hope you enjoyed your birthday all the same. It’s our 4th year celebrating your birthday together! It is these little milestones that always bring me back to those days when we’ve just started going out and looking at how far we’ve come since then and how much joy being on this journey with you has brought me, I’d sign on for another year any day. I mean it ♥

You’re 23 now, time to start acting like it! =P

Happy New Week everybody! =)

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