Hear The Dogs Howling Out of Key to a Hymn Called Faith and Misery

I like watching him sleep. Even in slumber he looks like he has the weight of the world riding on his shoulders; his eyebrows are always so tightly furrowed, and his eyes dart from left to right beneath his eyelids so rapidly you’d think he was planning a war strategy. His breaths come out short and shallow, sounding laboured even. If I’m not quiet enough, I risk waking him. Not that that is a bad thing – he always breaks into a smile when his eyes finally focus on me and register my presence. I just like watching him sleep better.

This morning, I saw a photo opportunity when he was sleeping so loggishly he didn’t even stir when I lifted his arm to snuggle Peanut up to him xD

Like I said, photo opportunity ;] I was teetered most precariously on the edge of the bed trying to balance myself as steady as possible without waking him or toppling over myself that these were the best shots I could muster. It was so very hard trying not to tremble when every muscle in your abdomen and legs were strained to beyond humanly possible levels. I hate shaky hands.

Yesterday was an experience. When it came to food, we have very different taste. I like the sweet and the sour whereas he is all for the savoury and the salty. But nothing in the world is anything like our disagreement on the supposed King of Fruits – the godawful Durian. He loves them so much that the idea of getting full on them is as common a thought as a grand dinner of steak and potatoes. I can’t even bring myself to touch them; the smell is going to stay for days! =S That thought alone is enough to make me steer clear and far, far away from the thorned devils and its putrid stench.

Unfortunately, everyone else seems to love them, too, and the moment the thorny smelly things were mentioned, everyone was all for driving 72836429352 Godforsaken miles to some farm to have a taste of what is supposed the best durian in all of Penang. It was a looooong drive to a part of Penang I didn’t even know existed.

Afer what felt like forever, we finally arrived at this man-made, rickety dock set by the side of the hill where all around it magnificent durian trees grew. You can only imagine my fear of one of those thorny things dropping and falling onto the crown of my head.

While everyone dug in, I did the only thing left for me to do to take my mind off the smell, the ringing song the crickets sang in the background, and the wretched mosquitoes which seem to be coming only for me. Everyone else was left well alone to keep their blood just fine. Pfft. Shooting away with your camera when everyone is busy stuffing their faces with durian has brought me to one conclusion – there is no way one can look remotely civilised while eating durians no matter how hard they try HAHAHA.

And then we were in for another surprise. Buying and eating durians were one thing, it is a completely different experience to pick your own durians. The Jailbirds were all up for it and trudged unwaveringly into the shrubbery with their eyes wide open, senses tuned to spot anything round and thorny.

Lo and behold, they actually found something!

They claim that these tasted so much better than the previous ones they had, but I think it’s simply so because they had to work for it xD Everything tastes better when it involves your own sweat and blood =P

And sweat and blood it did involve. The Ninja Rabbit nicked himself in two places when he attempted to shell the thorny things.

That is the cutest little durian I’ve ever seen yet! LOL.

It doesn’t look it, but hunting for durians took quite a lot out of us. The moment we reached home, showered and got food in tummies, one by one we crashed like we had each just run a marathon hahaha. Kinda goes to show how high up there our levels of fitness are, eh? xD

Right now, I’m off to wake the Ninja Rabbit up so we can go grab some lunch – I’m starving after my 12km this morning. Which reminds me, there’s no where safe for a girl to go run anymore! I nearly got speared by this old lady who was swinging her umbrella like it was a third leg or something =.= I don’t understand why they find the need to do that, I really honestly don’t. Pfft.

Well, Happy Monday! =)

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