Heineken Red and Green Party @ Sky Bar

I have some good reasons to believe Christmas is probably everybody’s most favourite-st celebration of all. I don’t think any other special day has that many parties dedicated specially to itself in the few days leading up to it!

Heineken alone had 5 different installments of their own Red and Green parties to count down to the big day. Our very own Kuala Lumpur hosted five worldwide editions of free-flow bashes. From Rio de Janeiro, then Tokyo, followed by Amsterdam and New York, before coming to a close at Ibiza, they had very cleverly interspersed some serious partying Heineken-style to have a two-week long series up until Christmas!

We gave the Rio one a pass since the Ninja Rabbit was still having his exams, but the moment he was free of the grasp of academic responsibilities, we duly made our way to the first of the series we could catch — good day, Tokyo!

The second installment of the 5-part series took place at none other than the very gorgeous Sky Bar, one of our city’s most renowned bars knowned for its open rooftop concept overlooking the beautiful skyline of KL.

There was one major downside to the otherwise amazing location though. I was terribly afraid I would trip and fall into the pool should I accidentally drink too much! As you can see, the sidewalks and platforms around it are dangerously narrow. Imagine trying to walk across one when you’re tipsy while wearing 5.5-inch heels! =/

We were there earlier than we usually would’ve shown up at other parties so we took the extra time to our advantage. A slow and steady start always makes for a better experience than chugging everything down within minutes!

Lookie our outfits match! Tehehehehe. It’s rare because I make it a point to not walk out of the house in tacky matchy-matchy clothes. It annoys the hell out of me seeing couples who go the extra mile to wear couple outfits. Ugh! This time, however, with the theme being red and/or green, there was nothing much I could do =P

Joanna and James, our double date for the night!

They had this really cool photobooth at the reception where we could take instant mini photos. I think I went like three different times with a whole bunch of different people and printed to my heart’s content those cute little photobooth photos haha! Pretty sure I annoyed the girl in charge for a bit. Sue me, I go nuts whenever there’s a camera around!

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long before running into some familiar faces to hang with. It was getting rather awkward just being the four of us!

This makes me think of that nursery rhyme that had that one line, “Pretty maids sitting all in a row…”.

I suppose that makes the boys the “silver shells and cockle bells” then hehehe.

We had some yummy fingerfood to snack on in between bottles of free-flow Heineken. See that bruschetta in the background? I’d put them on the same level with Italiannies, not kidding!

Samuel made sure we never ran out of drinks all night along…

Eversince forever, Heineken has been the only beer I can make myself swallow. Carlsberg is wayyyyy too bitter, Tiger wayyyy too strong, let’s not even start talking about Asahi. Yes, I’m quite the lightweight when it comes to beer. For the first time in a while, however, I didn’t have to request for something else that night. Nyehehehe. Heineken FTW!

Plus it always leaves me feeling super happy, so it’s a win-win situation all around =P

The boyfriends agree! I can’t get over how cute their kitty faces are! HAHAHAHAHA.

Soon everyone slowly but surely began to loosen up, if you know what I mean ;]

We didn’t feel it hit us! Not the bloatedness in our stomachs synonymous with drinking beer, not the many bottle caps we kept throwing aside upon removal, not even the thick smooth foam we quickly licked off the tops of our bottles to get the ice-cold brew under it.

Pretty lights!

There was no way out but to drink!

Quite by coincidence, we realised only after enough beers that Samantha, Vivian and I were wearing the same colour scheme!

How awesome is that =D

I certainly couldn’t get enough of the lights that night. I am beginning to suspect their beauty is directly proportional to the amount of Heineken I drink hehehe. They just kept getting prettier and prettier the more bottles I finished!

*cue Ellie Goulding’s song “Lights”*

♫ You show the lights that stop me turn to stone, you shine it when I’m alone… ♫

Home, home, light, lights, lights, lights, light, lights, lights, lights

We couldn’t have asked for a more rocking party to usher in Christmas! We drank, we rested for a bit and ate a little when it was getting to our heads too fast, and then we drank some more. Can I hear a hohoho? =P

If you have nothing to do or nowhere to go this Christmas Eve, Heineken New York will be happening at Zouk Club KL. It’s gonna be a party twice the fun and size of this one if the venue (and occasion) is anything to go by! Now don’t say I didn’t give you a head’s up!

It’s two days to Christmas peeps! Hope you’ve got all your shopping and present-wrapping done!

Till then, try not to over-eat or over-drink!

Guess which star sits on top of our home’s make-shift Christmas tree now?? HAHAHAHA!


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