Hello Again, Friend of a Friend, I Knew You When Our Common Goal Was Waiting for the World to End

Back again for round 3 of Singapore photos! Promise to make this the last one (I hope). Even I’m getting kinda tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tired of blogging per se. It just feels kinda weird to be posting up vacation photos when it’s happened so long ago and we’ve all kinda moved on to other things, namely present time, heh. Having to rake my head for details of events passed isn’t quite what I find fun; I only like blogging about stuff that’s still fresh in my mind’s eye – that’s when I get to relive the fun times. And that’s the ultimate purpose of this blog after all, for me to return and dive back into the good times I’ve had.


After making Ryan and Chantel spend almost everyday with us for close to a week, we decided on New Year’s Eve to let them have some alone time to themselves, just the two of them without us two pesky jailbirds hanging around. The Ninja Rabbit assured me that he’s got all the bus and MRT routes memorized down pat, so we decided to wing it for the day and go do our own thing. Nothing like exploring a foreign land armed with only pure basic instincts and a little good luck, right? We did it in Malacca, we’ll put our navigation skills to good use here, too! =)

We ended up all over the place even after painstakingly studying the train maps hahaha! And as luck would have it, the weather was pretty shitty too, one where it drizzled miserably in all its utmost dreariness when it wasn’t pouring a thunderstorm. So due to our lack of foresight in bringing at least a collapsable umbrella along, I pretty much went around and all over town looking all gangster in the Ninja Rabbit’s hoodie ;]

We tried not to take the trains too much because waiting for and travelling on it took up too much time that could be used for other better stuff, like sightseeing and maybe stumbling upon little gems that only traversing by feet can present.

So we walked.

And we walked.

And we walked the entire effing day.

Didn’t help at all that the weather wasn’t the most pleasant of the century.

But toughing it out had its own rewards. The Ninja Rabbit found some really good barbecued pork sausage that’s thicker than my own wrists.

So that made him a really happy boy for the rest of the afternoon. You should see the look on his face when he catches the slightest whiff of cooking bacon – he gets ecstatic at anything porky haha.

We ended up in Chinatown after wandering around a bit. We were lost but we refused to admit to it so we just put on smiling faces and tried our luck at every street we came across. And we got lucky.

I had only expected it to be a small street of vendors like the one we have in KL, but it stretches an entire jurisdiction, cutting across a few main roads!

We actually went all wide-eyed and open-mouthed when we stepped out of the train station and into this little microcosm so out of place in modern Singapore. It was like a totally different world altogether from the clean streets and safe-driving citizens of the rest of the country.

There was even an opera singer completing the picture of old time China, just strutting her stuff onstage to an audience of balding old men that made the most giggly sight!

This building so reminded me of the old Hong Kong movies my dad used to watch. The compact spaceing between units, the cramped, lined-up windows, everything.

Behold, the intricate maze of all things Oriental!

The Ninja Rabbit fitted right in with his bright red T-shirt!

We walked a little further up and ended back again in Clarke Quay. It really got us wondering how small exactly is this little island, heh. Since we were already in the area, we decided to have dinner at the notoriously infamous Hooters, if only for the experience. I mean, hot girls scantily clad in sheer white camisole tops and tight orange shorts serving you Buffalo Chicken Wings and Pork Ribs? What’s there not to like? =P

I was actually the more excited one to be dining there, haha! Although I’m not sure if that’s only because the Ninja Rabbit was simply putting on his pokerface to avoid getting into any trouble ;]

The food wasn’t anything to shout about, but you don’t go to a place like that for the food now, do you? ;] I do really like their super spicy chicken wings though, the sauce in which it is served is called 911 for its level of hotness. We called for the hottest they had and enjoyed every bit of it!

Silly boy totally ravishing his pork ribs.

Ryan made it to join us for a bit before rushing off to get Chantel so that we can all usher 2011 together.

Can you spot the little us reflected in the Christmas bauble? =D Our table was placed so strategically by where all the pretty shiny decos were!

I can’t believe I’ve come to the end of our trip! Or at least close to the end.

I’ll always remember the cool Turkish ice cream guy at Clarke Quay who made many a child squeal with his swift hands and topsy turvy ice cream show,

the quiet times we had by the river just sitting there talking about nothing and everything,

watching the boats moored to the paddock bump ever so slightly and gently against one another with every shallow wave,

little ones feeling on top of the world reminding us just how we used to feel not too long ago,

and of course, who can ever forget this – no woman can. The day I found shoes too big for me to ever fill =D

It was a good trip, one which I think we had needed if only to remind us how much wonder and loveliness can easily be found in the most unseeming of things. I thoroughly enjoyed all my 7 days there cept for a few hiccups like when the Ninja Rabbit fell sick and went on to pass it to me too. I’m still reeling from the consequences of that and am only recovering now, pfft.

In a nutshell, it was a lovely one week with Ryan, Chantel and Ryan’s entire family. His little brotheres are the awesomest! It’s so cute seeing the youngest one, Riley, try to be just like Ryan, already following in his footsteps of playing a mean guitar and grinding the rails on a skateboard like a total pro.

But it is also good to be home now, where everything isn’t 2.4 times the money we have, and where much more joy and laughter can be found among friends and little brothers who have been waiting for our return with bated breath, tehehehehe. The little darling together with Su Juin even came all the way to pick us up! =)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I believe I’m done! That’s seven days and 687 photos of the experience compressed and filtered so you get only the best concentrate of the whole trip!

I’m just happy that I don’t have to endure resizing them to fit the blog anymore, heh.

Off to my bed and book now =)

Happy 2011, if I haven’t already wished you!

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