Hennessy NYX Privilege Collection Launch Party

First big party of the year, Hennessy has some serious bar-setting to do with this one!

It’s been a while since I made an appearance at one of these parties, with the last being the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge all the way back in April of last year. It’s not because of the lack of invitations either – quite the contrary, they’ve been pouring into my email inbox at quite a regular basis if you must know. I just haven’t been feeling up for going since most of the time we’re not with our usual gang of party-goers. This time however, Sue Ann managed to score the rest of the crew invites as well so I immediately RSVP-ed my attendance when my pair of invites came. I’m back in the Hennessy scene, alive and kicking!

Hennessy VSOP has something brand new and shiny to offer us in conjunction with a brand new year. Hint: It’s neon, limited edition, and it glows in the dark! This was something I had to see for myself.

Looks like I picked the right party to start off 2012 with!

As usual, the Ninja Rabbit was my date and photographer for the night – I can’t imagine a better partnership with anyone else ;]

The dresscode for the night was neon or white as we’ll be expecting lots of black and UV light to turn the entire club into one huge rave pen. My dress wasn’t white specifically, but it’ll have to do – it’s the only article of clothing that’s closest to white I have!

Behold the star of the night, the sexy bastard Hennessy NYX Privilege Collection cognac. It looks nothing like the usual bottle, taking on a very futuristic look with colours of platinum and and indigo. I’m totally digging the more feminine look!

How do you resist that?

Proper pre-party pic before things get rowdy, haha!

Where my party people at?

Like all other Hennessy events, we got free-flow whiskey all night long with a mixer of our choice. My personal favourite is the concoction of Hennessy with crisp apple juice, but you’re free to pick your own mixer ranging from ice cream soda and gingerale, to cranberry juice and the crowd favourite, tonic. If you’re like the Ninja Rabbit who likes his drinks strong and bold, take it on the rocks. However you choose to enjoy it, it’s up to you; it tastes great either way with its fruity hint and woody aftertaste.


When the black light came on, we were in for a surprise! I didn’t in a million years expect the bottle to light up!

It wasn’t just the bottle either. The entire club became a neon mass of party-goers, ready to rock the rest of the night away.

Hello, little blue boys lol!

I lost count of how many glasses I had no thanks to the apple juice, but who’s keeping score? If you’re not here to party and have a good time, then what are you here for?

We can all learn a thing or two from these people LOL. Ever been so drunk you thought your shoe was your phone? HAHAHA!

I so can’t wait to be housemates with this girl! It’s going to be awesome!

We so gangsta we be fly~

The Ninja Rabbit even ran into some of his other friends, who ended up joining us for the rest of the night. Again, the power of unity of alcohol lol.

Am I the only one who thinks I look better under the influence of alcohol? Heh. No, seriously.

B.Comm represent! LOL. Darryl, the Psychology Department has got nothing on us! =P

Can’t end a post without a picture of the two of us, so there you go =)

Wanna hazard a guess if we had a good time? Yea, we most definitely did. After all, from my many experience with Hennessy, they never fail to deliver.

2012 is off to a tremendously good start if I may say so. Classes start tomorrow, so off I go to get a good night’s sleep to take on them lectures and tutorials. Last three subjects after which is graduation!. Crunch time!

Happy start of the week everybody!


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  1. I love your dress! :) And it sure looked like an amazing night.

    Happy New Year to you too lovely! It’s awesome that you’re having such a great 2012 so far. It’s only about to get better. ;) All the best for your new semester! And thanks for being a sweet blessing and friend – you make a lovely blogging friend. ;)

    Have a great week ahead! xx

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