Hennessy Privilege Collection KYRIOS Party @ The Butter Factory KL

So here we are again at the start of the string of many more Hennessy parties to come! The first is always a really big pressure if you ask me; expectations are soaring high to see what kind of bar they’ll be setting for the 2013 legs.

My verdict? It was, as expected, nothing short of amazing! Subsequent parties following in the trails of this one are gonna have a seriously hard time measuring up!

Held at the newly opened Butter Factory in KL, the night started out to a great beginning for me with incredibly smooth traffic. Heading there took us hardly 20 minutes from TTDI where we picked up Su Ting before gunning off to a night we were hoping would follow in the footsteps of its previous predecessors. Previous Hennessy nights have always been top-notch. Can’t wait to see what this round had in store for us!

I’ve never been to the Butter Factory before since its launch in October of last year. It’s the newest club to hit town, so for a time it was all everyone was talking about on Facebook. Now’s my chance to see for myself what the hype was all about!

As usual, the Ninja Rabbit was my plus one for the night. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought his coordinate for the party matched the colours of the new bottle incredibly well! Look! They might have pre-planned the colour schemes to their outfit prior, for all we know. Right, RIGHT??

Hello Yuki and Nathaniel! Yes, we hogged the photowall quite shamelessly for a bit haha!

Who can resist when they have hot models with even hotter bodies wearing nothing but a full-body paint suit so willingly posing next to us?! ;]

In accordance to the theme of the new Hennessy bottle that will be unveiled that night, the whole of Butter Factory was transformed into a dark, seductive playroom. Everything was coated in matte black like the bottle, interspersed only with the occasional flash of neon orange.

Me likey what I’m seeing! It gave everything a very vampish air, like at any moment, Ann Rice’s most famous vampire, Lestat, may come striding into the place xD

Even the DJ booth was given the same personal touch!

Are you ready for a night of Hennessy experience that’s unlike any other?

We were allocated a special table in a nice corner to have all to ourselves thanks to Manoah Consulting. Do you know how rowdy drunk people can get later in the night after a drink or two too many? It was a very big blessing, getting a nice cordoned-off area that’s exclusively Bloggers-Only!

I got to have first look, upclose and personal, at the new Hennessy KYRIOS while just milling around waiting for the others to arrive. The new design is sexy as hell — I’ve never seen anything so sultry and darkly enticing!

Did you know KYRIOS means “Lord” or “Master” in Greek? In Hennessy context, this new addition to the family is significant in that it is their new Guardian of the Codes, namely the principles you live by while you make your mark out there in the big, big world. It takes on a very alluring matte carbon gray mantle this time, the total opposite of its older siblings, the Helios and the NYX. Doing away with the shiny and reflective elements, it stands in its quiet way, a whispered understated elegance.

Again, it brings to mind all things Lestat, hehehe. I’m telling you, that favourite vampire of mine would’ve fitted right in at this party!

So how does this new cognac taste in comparison to their previous lines?

On the nose, the aromas of clove, vanilla and cinnamon are apparent, joined by delicate roasted notes of oak, result from the cognac maturation in oak barrels. The natural balance of strength and smoothness creates a harmonious blend that strikes with a persistent finish that can only be experienced with the best cognacs.

Have it on the rocks or mixed with your favourite juice. That night, we had the choices of Hennessy Apple, Berry, Ice-cream Soda, or, of course, the crowd favourite, Hennessy Gingerale. There was no sweeter way to enjoy this brandy that’s famous the world over as a symbol of class and sophistication.

Hennessy, baby! Drink up!  =D

Out of all the flavours, my favourite will always be Hennessy Apple. I remember my very first Hennessy party all the way back in 2009. That was the epic one with Boys Like Girls and Lenka on the line up of international acts for the night. I was already high way above the clouds in love (the Ninja Rabbit and I had just gotten together then and it was our first public debut as a couple at a social event) and nothing could’ve tasted any sweeter than the happiness in my heart and smile on my lips. But lo and behold, I was wrong.

I took a sip of the Hennessy Apple the Ninja Rabbit had brought me, and fell in love all over again. Brandy isn’t usually my cup of tea, but that night, I finished countless glasses while giggling away like the little girl in love that I was hahaha! Maybe that’s why Hennessy Apple has a special spot in my heart. Every sip of it brings back that one moment in 2009 when, like Cinderella, I danced the night away with the one boy I was sure I wanted to spend the rest of my life with ♥

You know how some couples have a “song”, or a “movie” that defines their relationship?

I think we know now what our “drink” is LOL.

Anyway, enough sentimental stuff, I apologize for getting distracted there for a bit.

You guys are here for the party photos! Let us proceed…

First things first, obligatory photo with the BFFs! A party isn’t a party without either of them! =D

Miss Ashley Ngu here and I probably have the most similar tastes in clothes and other things as two completely different persons go. We always end up buying the same pieces and if you’ll notice, we have a thing for sequins here in this shot haha! Spying something I actually own in my wardrobe while scrolling through her Instagram feed is my new latest hobby xD

It was the most pleasant surprise running into Beatrice and Brian!

Things slowly but surely got more interesting as the night wore on and more Hennessy made their way into everybody’s system hehehe. Halfway through the night, the models returned once again to premier the bottle we’ve been enjoying all night.

The Hennessy KYRIOS certainly knew how to make a debut. Decked out in nothing more than tights, a tube top and body paint, the models exhibiting the bottles were the KYRIOS personified! Geddit, geddit??

I really loved how the new bottle embraced the darker side of things as opposed to all their previous designs. It gave it an air that was almost dangerously titillating. On a side note, I wonder how does wearing a full suit of body paint feels, LOL.

Everybody, meet the Hennessy’s Guardians of the Codes, here to ensure one thing and one thing only. That we have only the best time Hennessy may offer that night ;]

Have the best time we did, can you tell? Tehehehehehe.

We even had our own in-house entertainment yo! The Ninja Rabbit surprised perform a signature trick of his after a group of people insisted he showed them something upon finding out he was a magician.

Ahhh the woes of dating a celebrity LOLOLOLOLOL.

You better believe your eyes! This was the one where he swallowed a piece of thread and then proceeded to pull the same thread out from his eye. The crowd went nuts!

1W2a4H on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Haha well, so did I when first saw him do it!

True to Hennessy’s promise, they delivered a star-studded night in which friendships were strengthened and new friendships (in Sam’s case, multiple new friendships lol) were born.

Shirts even began getting taken off somewhere in the middle of the night! HAHAHAHA

And guess what???

I even ran into my ex-colleagues from Catcha Media! Whee~ It’s been a while. Let’s see if Alif remembers taking this photo at all when this gets published lol. Hello Estee and Leonard! I’ve missed working with you guys! =D

I don’t know about you, but a Hennessy night has never disappointed me. I think they can safely tick this party off as another successful feather to add onto their already very colourful hat.

My Hennessy nights always end up with happy friends, happier spirits (pun totally intended haha) and tonnes of great stories to re-tell after. Lucky for you, you’ll get the chance to try out the new KYRIOS now as well.

The KYRIOS is out in all clubs and bars as we speak, so head on over to your nearest watering hole for first taste. It’s definitely something not to be missed!

Go quick and meet this newest maker of happy times hehehe.

Thank you Hennessy for yet another memorable night!

Hope your week ended on an equally high note. If not, maybe it’s time to to get acquainted with the KYRIOS, if you know what I mean… ahem, ahem ;]

Happy Saturday!

(Awkward smile — I’ve never really learned how to smile without showing my teeth — but lookie: pretty bottle!) =D

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