I Need Somewhere to Hang My Head Without Your Noose

My current situation in life is what you’d call, in scientific terms, a dynamic equilibrium – a nice, wholesome balance of fast and slow, exciting and calm, exhilirating and laidback. Yes, all at the same time. I like how I’ve come to this stage of solid, sturdy stability. It’s become some sort of a routine yes, but it’s a comfortable sort of predictability, one where I know the boring of the week will always be balanced out by fun at the end of the week, and the exhaustion of Monday to Friday will soon be relieved in due time by the ever gratifying Saturday and Sunday. I am stable, but not completely stagnant. Satisfied, but not completely complaisant.

For the first time in years I find myself with no constant desire to be continually on my feet doing something. Maybe I’ve aged, and therefore with the wisdom of some years knocked into my temper and stubborn will, have found the beauty of just lying down and doing nothing yet achieving the biggest task one can hope to  attain – that of dreaming out the beginnings of one’s goals and aspirations. It has let me realised that good things indeed come to those who wait, and they will come at their own accord, at their own time, place and pace. Rushing it will only leave ourselves worn out, because no matter how hard we try to quicken its pace, it’s not moving any faster than the pace it has allowed itself. Everything has its own time and place. Our only involvement in its processes of being realised, our sole task, is to henceforth, merely go along with it and enjoy.

So like when I woke up Friday morning to Stephen King’s Fog outside the window, I willed myself to enjoy it, no matter what.

Sure it meant no running for the day, one 12km I had been particularly looking forward to,  and also a high probability of heavy rain for the rest of the afternon which we had had so much planned for, but hey it also meant running in the rain to the store to grab cereal and milk. Imagine two grown young adults and one DSLR camera squeezed under one flimsy umbrella that felt like it was going to snap and bend the other way at anytime, slipping and sliding over the wettest terrain while sheets of the heaviest rain pounded the pavement and any exposed bit of skin, dashing their way to the neighbourhood convenience store, all just to get cereal and milk. Because cereal and ice cold milk makes the best foggy morning breakfast, didn’t you know?

I love the crazy things my Ninja Rabbit and I find ourselves in. He had offered to go by himself while I stayed dry in the apartment. His argument was that it was redundant for the both of us to go at once in the rain, and the umbrella was hardly big enough to fully shade one person, what more the both of us, which made complete and total sense. But what’s the fun in that? If I had listened, I wouldn’t have frozen my toes half to death, and I wouldn’t have gotten sopping wet waist-down even before we spilled, all dripping pants, squelching flipflops and loud giggles, into the store much to the amusement of the storekeeper who clearly thought we were mad from the expression on his face. And it was the best cereal and milk breakfast ever eventhough technically, at 2pm, it wasn’t breakfast anymore, nor was it morning any longer. But I’ll have my cereal and milk anytime I like, and who are you to tell me I can’t? =P

That night, a dear friend also turned 20 and as has been practised for years, we tried our hardest to get  him drunk to commemorate his special day. It’s the funniest thing ever seeing drunk people trying to convince everybody else that they’re not, hahaha!

Part of the crowd who were there that night to celebrate Suraj Doshi’s once-in-a-lifetime night of turning two decades old. Care to guess which is the birthday boy? =D

Ta-daa! Our favourite Gujerati whom I also nicknamed Capsicum, tehehehehehe. Can you tell he’s already beyond gone at this stage? Hahaha!

Awww, it always brings tears to my eyes to see one brother showing another brother some good ol’ brotherly luuurrrveeee… ;]

Drinks were poured freely that night and downed even more without restrain. We take birthdays very seriously here in this part of town!

The bunch I like to call the Taman S.E.A Band of Brothers (missing Winston who was off God-knows-where).

Me likey how I look in this picture because I think (and the Ninja Rabbit agrees) that I look like my Mummy here =D I’ve grown up being told I look like my Daddy, whose  prominent features I suppose I inherited more, but it’s nice being told I look like my Mummy once in a while.

Crystal is sooooooooo pretty! =))) You haven’t seen porcelain smooth skin until you’ve seen hers.

This requires no caption, I think.

Jay, being uncooperative as usual about being in a photo =(

Yayyy, finally a nice picture of May, Crystal and I! =D

Happy Birthday you, Mr. Doshi, aka Capsicum, aka Person-who-speaks-more-fluent-Chinese-than-I!! Hahaha yes, believe it or not, the dude speaks fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, with a range of vocabulary in both dialects wider than if both the Ninja Rabbit and I combined. Don’t mess! Hope you had a blast!!

A final toast to you and your growing a year older! =)

Saturday had even more awesome stuff waiting for me as Mandy and I hit Midvalley for the launch of Playboy’s new line of perfumes and fragrance for women.

This girl is awesome on so many levels that I can’t begin to put into words.My afternoon with her was one of the funnest that I can remember in a while! =)

The brand which is synonymous with sex appeal and everything lovely, sexy and spicy finally came up with something for us ladies after having sold only a line of cologne for men for a good two years. You bet we were excited to be one of the first few to get our hands on their brand new perfume and EDT!

Nuffnang had organized a small competition for its bloggers tostand a chance to win a deliciously sexy and smouldering Burberry slingbag worth RM2,000. Even though I do not serve any advertisement agencies, I tagged along anyway and won myself some pretty cool goodies. Independent bloggers,  let me see ya put yo’ hands up! Let me hear you say yeaaaaaahhh!!

My date and I for the day x)

Hellooooooo, sexy!

Some of the hopeful contestants all there in high hopes  of winning that coveted Burberry.

Think we stand a chance at bringing home one of those gorgeous looking bottles of sweet smelling goodness?

Guess who we also ran into, not quite rocking the bunny ears, however? Haha! Mr. Leonard Chua, the single thorn among the mass of roses that day. Brilliant improvisation on the given bunny ears headband though. FYI, turn-ears-into-bowtie idea was courtesy of none other yours truly, thank you very much =P

While loitering around just minding our own business on account of being completely lost on what was going on, we somehow ended up hanging with fellow blogger Helenness and the one and only Fay Hokulani, the voice whomyou now hear discussing the hottest celebrity gossip with JJ & Ean on the Hitz.fm Morning Crew, replacing Richard Reed, albeit to none of our knowledge then. We didn’t know it was the Fay Hokulani we were so nonchalantly chatting up to and taking a bzillion and one pictures with, up until the very end when Facebook add requests were exchanged and she finally spilled the beans on her true identity. Totally down-to-Earth personality, a smoking hot and gorgeous one at that! The best sort among the rich, famous and glamorous, you gotta admit!

With Mandy, Leonard, Helen and Fay.

Pressies!! Whoever doesn’t like free stuff, you lie!

At the end of it all, guess who was the lucky girl to walk away and bring home the Burberry slingbag that was the hype of the entire afternoon’s event?

Haha yup, it was none other than Mandy, whom I think fully deserved it – she had wanted it so badly, she came complete with her own set of ears, gloves, bunny tail and bowtie if you haven’t noticed in the previous pictures! =) 10 points for effort, I say! And looked like the judges agreed too ;]

She was easily the happiest girl there that day, at seeing her hard work and effort pay off to sweet, sweet success. Congratulations, babe! You deserved it! =)

Like I said, my life right now is of just the perfect balance of highs and lows, and I won’t want to have it any other way. Sure the bad crosses my path every once in a while, but that is only expected, and it’s not like it’s a permanent fixture. Nothing a little ice cream, a massage from my Ninja Rabbit, and some good quality hang out time with a girl friend or two won’t fix. Do your hair up, put on some make up and pick out a cute dress to feel great in, and you’re good to go! Trust me, life is a lot sweeter to the tastebuds when you take everything in your stride and make it work for you, in your favour. The rest, they would just have wait.

Nut up, or shut up!

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