I Will Sing No Regrets and No Emotional Debts

It all started with chips. Crispy, golden brown, fried to perfection and lightly salted to a tangy garlic and herbs flavoured potato chips. I’ve stayed away from those MSG-laden belt-snapping and heartstopping things for a good while now, but last Sunday, I just grabbed one off the shelf of one 7-Eleven and am so very glad I did. Who’d have known something as simple as potato chips could pile on the feel-good vibe so exponentially. And it seems that this streak of feel-good vibe is still releasing its feel-good hormones into my system.This weekend is going to be a mega awesome one, I just know it. Going back to Penang for the holidays is always awesome =)))

I made a new friend over the weekend while shopping at Ikea for some things for my new room. There was one sad little bear looking all lonely and forlorn sitting in the corner of the discounted basket. All around him, bigger, fluffier and more colourful friends of his were being grabbed and snatched up most heinously by screaming kids with sticky fingers and runny noses. So I couldn’t help but to take him for myself before any of those snotty-nosed brats lay a finger on the poor cutie. He is now called Peanut and he sleeps by my pillow. He smells of creme brulee =D

IMG_2642 IMG_2649


He is so cute I’m gonna die! Look at how he’s rocking it in his striped jumper suit! xD

I suppose I can’t credit all of this happiness to one measly bag of potato chips (although they were the best potato chips ever). Donning my leather jacket always makes me feel like a rockstar and that is part and parcel of this entire super week. The wonderful cold weather lately has allowed me to dress up and play pretend that I am a part of Bon Jovi’s, Nirvana’s and Blink 182’s high stage, screaming fans and blinding spotlights world – sometimes all three in a single night. Three cheers for chilly evenings and rainy nights!

IMG_2878 IMG_2628

And I’ve even got the laptop to go with my whole air-guitarist persona, tehehehehe.


And every rockstar has his or her little guilty pleasures that he or she indulges in everytime they’re not on stage rocking it out to a full house sold-out crowd or tuoring the greatest cities in the world in a mega awesome double decker bus. Mine’s simple. I love a perfect manicure. One where the lacquer’s all shiny and smooth on top and there is not a single uneven stroke or inconsistent texture. Just perfect glossy colour on polished, buffed and primed enamel. Im OCD like that, heh. And my favourite shade on the colour chart to play with this week? Fuschia. It’s as legally blond as blond’s gonna get! ;]

IMG_2904 IMG_2899


And I have indeed been happier and having more fun than any blond ever has. It’s not true by the way, what they say about blonds having more fun. I think redheads have just as much potential (not to mention the wits, only more of it *coughs) to outrace and outperform any blond in the fun department any day. In fact, I think anyone at all does; you just have to start living. Like the Ninja Rabbit’s always telling me, enjoy the little things. Laugh at the seemingly insignificant little occurences. And it’s true. You find that Life becomes just that little bit more colourful when you start noticing the tiny bits and pieces that you once deemed unimportant or unworthy of your time. Ubeknownst to you, things move on quite unadhered whether you notice them or not. It’s your loss for having not enjoyed them while they lasted.

2uptsoo IMG_2702

So take risks, dare to be different. Take that leap of faith. You’ll never know where it’s gonna lead you. The worst that could happen is that it’d shake you up a bit, leave you just a little breathless and disorientated. But hey, at least that tastes ten times more exciting than a boring ol’ routine that sounds very much like the beginning notes of stagnancy and going no where. Life is too short for that. Live. Love. Laugh. Take it from me. Those are three words that make up the best advice I’d ever taken. And that’s saying something because I’m usually as stubborn and arrogant as a mule to take any form of advice and even blinder to see that I need it.

I’m glad I did with this one =)

So which little thing am I all for appreciating this wonderful Thursday evening? Sunsets.


Yup, sunsets. And this one’s mine. All mine =P

Here’s to the wonderful picture that paints itself right before my eyes every evening and is all mine to drink in and get high from if I care only so little as to look out of my bedroom window of the 22nd floor. It is there every day, 7 days a week, 365 a year. It’s true – the best things in life are free. You just need to know where to look for it.

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