I’m Cruising El Paseo In My Off-White Coup Back ’65

I take back all that I said about being excited about classes. It’s been only what – a week? – since my very first lesson and already I don’t have the time for anything else. Which explains my unfortunate but equally couldn’t-be-helped absence of five long days here. I’m sorry! I want my free time back! =(

But the wonder of a brutal week is that it makes weekends all the sweeter, and I do love my weekends. Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I’m not too picky – either way, they still present me the very scarce and way too hard to come by opportunity to sleep in. Is there anything else in the world more blissfully sinful than being able to snuggle in deeper into your sheets and hug your pillow tighter to yourself simply because you can afford it, and adamantly defying the sun which is trying its hardest to pull you from your slumber through cracks in the curtains which are already drawn so closely shut they might as well have been sewn together? I think not =P

There is nothing quite like sleeping the entire day away and waking up not to a breathtaking sunrise, but a epiphaneous sunset where everything gets painted in its orange rays an almost ethereal glow.

But what do you do with a sunset as pretty as that? Play shadow puppets with it of course! =D

Heh, it’s probably time for me to clean my mirror.

Weekends are also my favourite time of the week because it is the only time I get time off (at least until the assignments start pouring in, boo =.=). With Sunday being my free-est day, I grabbed it by its wretched neck and vowed like my life depended on it to suck the last drop of sorry vigour out of it. Which spells girly time with most likely my oldest friend ever =))) I’ve known Jenny since I was hardly seven years old (!) and we’ve stayed tight since that first day of school when we shyly said hi and struggled like it was the hardest thing in the world to do to remember each other names.

Ooo, while we’re at it, I LOVE MY DRESS!!! =D

Got it in Singapore for a mere $10. You gotta love shopping in Singapore. Best bit is, believe it or not, NOT the price. The damn thing is so comfy I felt like I was going about MidValley in nothing but my mangiest, most worn bathrobe! Such is how it felt like, no kidding! Tie-dyes aren’t usually my cup of tea, but this one caught my eye the moment I caught the smallest glimpse of it peeking out at me from among tonnes of other dresses. The rest, as they say, was history. It was one of those moments when you just know you have to have something or else your life wouldn’t ever be the same again xD

At night, it was another cause for celebration and I love any reason to bring out the champaigne and dig into the tub of icecream! The Ninja Rabbit had a class reunion for his Drama Club from high school and they were such a lovely bunch that my dinner went cold long before I was done laughing at their antics.

I will now forever cease to use FB as an acronym for Facebook; they both have the same number of syllables in them, what difference does FB make from just saying the full word, right? Think about it =P

Long story short, the above is the “biography” written by the character the Ninja Rabbit played during his stint as a short-lived actor. Least he has something to remember his 15 minutes of fame, me thinks, though not necessarily the most flattering LOL! xD

Dinner was indeed a splendid affair. The sight of the mountain of things to be devoured scared me quite a bit. Our table was literally creaking and groaning under the weight of all the food when our orders arrived!

My favouite part? The incessant photo-taking and non-stop camwhoring even in the midst of dinner. People were all leaving their seats and running all over the place to take pictures with friends. Definitely one of my favourite things to do; looks like I’m not alone in this tonight! ;]

Unbeknownst to half of us there, they had a little surprise lined up to commemerate the special day of one very special someone. It was the fitting end to another lovely night to see Victoria’s face light up first in pleasant shock and surprise before melding into a steady radiant glow that beamed from her smile and her eyes through the rest of the evening.

At the sight of that cake, though nothing but a measly slice which we let Victoria have to herself, I knew I had to have something for myself too, otherwise it’s gonna be a looooooong night of craving for something chocolatey, gooey and loaded with whipped cream. So there was nothing to do but to call for the single most orgasmic chocolate lava cake ever.

Yup, I’m all set!

Now I have about an hour to get ready and rush off to class so here’s my premature goodbye. Believe me, I’d much rather be doing nothing online and wasting my life away than attend class but alas, c’est la vie! Help pray for me that I don’t completely drown in this week like I did last again. Ta! =)

Happy Monday!

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