Introducing The All-New SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II

So, after much hype and excitement, it has finally reached Malaysian shores, the very much anticipated little sister to the SAMSUNG Galaxy Note, the Note II. Actually, to call it the little sister wouldn’t be quite right, since it can do so much more than the first Note, which was already a technological wonder that took the world by storm when it first made its debut.

When SAMSUNG first released the first Note last year, it was the most powerful phone in the market — one that extended way beyond the boundaries of just a phone — but it was also criticized the world over for its unconventional size: it was too big to be a phone, and too small to be a tablet. Also, users complained that the stylus wasn’t the easiest to use, despite claiming to the replacement for your traditional pen or pencil.

Nonetheless, it went on to sell more than 10 million units since its premier. I guess all that says is that the world needed some time to warm up to something that lies completely out of their comfort zone.  I myself had my qualms about it. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, does it? But after spending a little bit more time with the Ninja Rabbit’s Note 1, my suspicions and doubt were soon banished as I began to discover a whole new world of unforeseen possibilities. It can do so much that soon I was pestering the Ninja Rabbit to use his for things like putting up a quick blogpost or editting minor snitch and glitches with my photos. I was just blown away.

Now, the predecessor to that is out and me, like the rest of the world, cannot wait to see what else SAMSUNG has in store to delight us with. The Note 1 was already everything I never could have imagined, now they’re promising us something even bigger and better?

SAMSUNG threw a lavish official launch of the device at Zebra Square KL to properly introduce to the world their latest (not so) little wonder of technology. Despite it being a working day, one that saw a terrible storm that clogged up the roads like nothing else to boot, close to 500 people showed up anyway, all eager to be the first few to see for themselves what the Note 2 has to offer.

The Ninja Rabbit and I arrived just in the nick of time. Miss Malaysia Universe Deborah Henry had just started the preliminary introductions and previews of SAMSUNG’s latest offering.

The Note II was designed specially to cater to the more creative consumers, the likes of musicians, artists, designers, and yay, writers. Hehe. The entire interface was redesigned to be easy to use especially when accessing files and notes so you can quickly find what you’re looking for on the go.

They had 4 different professionals from 4 different fields to try out the phone prior to this and tell us what their experiences with it were like. Ranging from completely different ends of the creativity scope, they told us their personal accounts of how the Note II has helped empower their lives and what they do for a living. Whether you were a businessman, a street artist, an engineer, the new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II will help spark your creative inspirations in ways you’ve never had before.

One of them who was a street artist, illustrated on the spot the many wonders of the new phone by drawing Deborah a portrait. With the improved S-pen, he sketched Deborah’s face with vivid likeness into the phone all in under 5 minutes! How about that for a pick up line?

The small hall was filled to the brim with people from the media and the press, all who watched with bated breaths and enchanted looks as the many capabilities of the new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II were unleashed on stage in front of them right before their very own eyes.

And it was seriously impressive. Focused in delivering enriched experiences, SAMSUNG has taken the necessary steps to enhance the Note II by making it a phone that will help you get to anything at all that you need stored in the phone in the quickest way possible. The phone can be summed up with one word: shortcuts. It does everything for you without you having to go through the usual steps of opening file after file just looking for one document. You can now access your email inbox, download photos, send videos and so much more just by hovering the S-pen over certain hotspots on your phone!

It basically does all the thinking for you, maybe even before you know what you want.

As a treat for being one of the first few in the nation to see what this amazing phone can do, they even gave out 2 brand new units of it to the crowd. But the offer came with a twist — we were gonna have win it ourselves. They released a whole lot of balloons from the ceiling at the end of the event, in which only 2 hold a slip of paper that says ‘Congratulations!’. Whoever finds the balloon with the slips will go home a happy new owner of a brand new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II. Are you ready?

It became a jungle in there HAHAHA! Everyone was clambering over one another trying to secure any one of those two balloons that will win them a very attractive prize. May the best balloon popper wins!

Jump high for your new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II!!! =D

I steered clear away from the havoc. I’m not the tallest person around so already my chances are diminished by probably half, FML.

After all that we finally got to try for ourselves how the new phone works. With the help of some really beautiful assistants, we got to explore and discover the true works of the Note II. Here goes!

My favourite-st thing about the sexy new baby is its humongous 5.5 inch screen. For an iPhone user, that’s like a lot of eye power saved. I have severe short-sightedness (my glasses’ power is -750 in both eyes, thank you very much) so I end up squinting a lot at the iPhone’s rather miniscule screen just trying to make out words. Sure you can always enlarge it, but when you do that you’ll end up having to scroll left and right all the time instead, which is honestly not worth the hassle. So in this case, big screens = good! Only a small 10% of the world have perfect eyesight, okay? =(

Second favourite bit? The S-pen. I have no idea what the rest of the world was complaining about. It writes so precisely and smoothly that Mandy and I went nuts just signing our names all over the place hahaha. A cool feature that’s new with the Note II is its ability to detect words that you’re writing and turn them into typed fonts. With the S-pen, the phone predicts the word you’re trying to spell out and helps finish it for you, saving both time and energy. No more having to slowly key in alphabets one by one (touch screen phone users will understand that agony of this) or have damned AutoCorrect misspell words for you that might sometimes end up being really embarrassing. Who is all for writing out notes the old school way, say aye! Because we all know writing is faster than typing, right guys?

Every photo enthusiast will appreciate this one feature. The new Note II can outline anything and everything out of a photo for you should you want to crop something or highlight it to bring more attention to it. Just hold the S-pen down on the photo, and like the magic wand tool in PhotoShop, it’ll outline it out perfectly for you to make for easier cropping or whatever it is you want to do with it! Seems like PhotoShop has met its competitor!

And then the Ninja Rabbit showed me something really cool. Did you know that this Godsent device can bring photos to life just by hovering the stylus over it?? A normal 2D photo can look rather boring sometimes, you must admit. By hovering the S-pen over any ordinary photo, you can watch as the Note II renders it 3D by injecting different layers and colour into the pixels. What you get at the end of the process, is an image that really pops and looks like it’s just sitting there on your phone all third dimensional. I didn’t even know such technology exists! Think about it, if you’re missing a special someone terribly or something, just hover the S-pen over his or her photo and suddenly they’ll look like they’re staring right back at you from in the phone hahaha. Cool or what?

Another feature that I think is really worth highlighting is its Air View technology. What it does it that by simply hovering the S-pen over any folder, you’ll get a small preview of what’s inside. A small screen will pop up showing you the folder’s contents, so you get to have a quick look without having to open the folder. This works for emails, S Note, S Planner, image in the galleries or even videos — the Note II will let you know what you have stored without you having to painstakingly click on many different folders to check!

There’s so much more to the new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II that the short one hour we had to play with it  didn’t come anywhere near sufficient to try everything out. All that I mentioned above were only the very few tip-of-the-iceberg features I got to properly check out. If the preview we got earlier during the introductory show is anything to go by, then a whole chest more awaits to be unlocked! The new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note II really brings full meaning to the term Smart Phone.

I was almost sad that I didn’t get to bring one home with me! Hahaha. Luckily a little cupcake decorating session helped make things easier.

In case you didn’t know, I love cupcakes.

But you know what’s one thing I love more than cupcakes? Eating cupcakes that I decorated with my own hands =P

Behold the look of intense focus and concentration on our faces as we pimped up our respective cupcakes hahaha.

Cupcake, anybody? =D

The Ninja Rabbit is probably the only person in the world who would eat something prepared by me ♥


Although it’s obvious the Ninja Rabbit is more excited about the chocolate syrup LOL

Cupcakes or not, I would still like to get my hands on the new Note II. Sponsorship, anybody? Hehehe.

I think my boyfriend would look pretty damn good on the new campaign poster, don’t you think? LOL.

No? Well I guess time to save up! ;]

In the meantine, go now and check the new Note II out!

Here’s the official video for your easy perusal to get you started!

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