John Gretsch

I have a friend who’s so weird on so many levels, that a new word alone should be conceived just so we can all have an adjective suitable enough to describe him by. I’m not kidding! And I don’t mean weird in a bad way, no. No no no. I mean weird in an endearing way, in the sense that he does and say the most bizarre things all the time, those of which will put a smile on anyone’s face without fail, no matter how rough a day one has had.

The most wonderful thing about him is that he doesn’t even try. He’s just silly without being annoying, goofy without coming across as retarded and the ideas he comes up with leave many wondering just what goes on exactly in his head.

He doesn’t use his real name on Facebook, but it’s not because he chooses to take on a wannabe I’m-trying-to-be-cool pseudonym. Wait till you hear his story on why he refuses to assume his real name. I swear I nearly fell off my chair listening to his tale. Oh, and Jolene, I think you”ll come to really like him – hell, maybe even just fall in love with him – if you had the chance to meet him. You guys really think along the same wavelength when it comes to matters of apocalypse. The reason to that shall be revealed soon enough once you hear his explanation. ROFLMAO. I’m laughing to myself just thinking about it XD XD

You know how in the Terminator trilogy, when the first robot dude (sorry, Terminator isn’t one of my faves =D) was sent back in time to kill that boy – John, was it? – and his mum (Sarah?)? And you know how he managed to find the boy by the lamest, albeit simplest, way ever conceived my mankind – by help of the freaking yellow pages?

Well, this friend of mine reckons that since, at this day and age, we hardly ever see phonebooks around anymore, what more use one to look someone up, we’re relatively safe.

That is, until it comes to Facebook.

As opposed to the close to obsolete phonebooks nowadays that list down not only one’s contact numbers but also one’s home address, everyone has Facebook. And by that I mean everyone. Even people or things that don’t exist like Little Lulu or Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. Seeing as how – if ever – a robot from the future would be sent back in time to hunt for him, the proprietors should know of the power of Facebook and as such utilize it to their advantage.

And that, boys and girls, is why Martin Rafael Arianda refuses to use his real name on his Facebook account – just so if ever some crazy psycho robot assassin from the future was sent back in time to kill him, whoever sent it would not be able to locate him LOL.

Ingenius to a certain extent, you gotta admit XD

I sure am doing him a huge favour by blogging about this LOL; now he’ll have less people – possibly by a whole half – asking him why he goes about adding people up under the disguise of John Gretsch XD

We’ll miss you loads when you return to the Philippines! =)

I’m going off to forcibly make myself go to sleep now, heh, even if it involves heavy objects and consequent concussions. I’m going to the zoo tomorrow! *throws confetti into the air* WHEE!! Need all the energy I can get =) There are gonna be tigers and lions and bears and hotdogs and cotton candy and bears and happy people with happy smiles and happy music and BEARS!!

Goodnight all!


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