K-Palette One Day Tattoo Eyeliner + A Giveaway!

Long gone are the days when diamonds used to be a girl’s best friend. In recent years, I have good reason to believe make up has efficiently replaced the coveted spot in a girl’s daily wardrobe! I myself cannot leave the house without slapping on at least some BB cream. So should you, really, if not for vanity’s sake then for the sake of your precious skin. You cannot have enough protection from the harmful UV rays especially in our climate when the sun can be so unforgiving!

My number make-up essential has got to be eyeliner. I was introduced to it when I was merely 15 and have never gone anywhere without it since. It’s a miracle in a pen, carrying with it endless possibilities on how you can completely revamp your look. Want bigger, brighter eyes? Eyeliners can give you that in all but a few quick swipes. Want more sultry, electrifying peepers? Wing it with an eyeliner. I’m not kidding when I say with only eyeliner, you’re all set to transform your make up as you progress from day to night. It’s so versatile, and best part, it’s small enough to stuff into even the smallest purses!

I don’t think I look too bad without make up to be honest. Even so, who would mind brighter, larger eyes if the opportunity presents itself, right? As the House Bunny says, the eyes are the nipples of the face, so we owe it to them to at least make them worthy of the attention they get!

Prepare yourself for you are now going to get a very rare chance to see me without make up! Jeng jeng jeng…

See how big a difference a little eyeliner can do?

Without it, I must admit I look like I didn’t get enough sleep. Just a little along the corners of my eyes and upper lashline was all it took to brighten up my peepers. Now I’m all ready to take on the world!

I’ve been experimenting with eyeliner since I was fifteen so it takes me all of 5 minutes to do my eyes and head out the door on most days. Not everyone is as comfortable with eyeliner, however. Even I ran into the same sticky situation in my early years. These concerns are completely valid, since eyeliner can also be really tricky. Done wrong, it might leave you looking like something out of a Japanese horror movie, or worse, accentuate every line and dark circle under your eyes.

Last week, K-Palette, Japan’s number one eyeliner brand flew down renowned make up artist Noriko Imura specially to disperse and get rid of whatever fears we ladies out there might have of the eyeliner. Naturally I jumped at the chance to meet the lady in person. An opportunity to learn more on how eyeliner can further make my life easier? Yes, please!

Japan has always been a pioneer in leading make up trends. Their beauty industry is also a booming one with so many different brands in the market that one can easily get confused just looking at their many different lines. K-Palette is one of their best selling brands in the land of the rising sun, a must-have staple in most Japanese women’s beauty kit. That day, Ms. Imura was there to show us exactly how and why.

Using K-Palette’s top three best selling products — their concealer, 2-in-1 eyebrow pen, and of course, their number one tops selling 24-hour long-lasting eyeliner — she was going to help a few lucky girls achieve a natural glowy day look that is easy to do and completely fuss-free. With it, we can look forward to longer hours in bed and less in front of the mirror pimping up our faces!

She started with concealing all imperfections the model had around the eye area with K-Palette’s Kuma Rescue Concealer. The product doesn’t only conceal, it hydrates and whitens as well! Hat trick!

Kuma means bear in Japanese so they have the cutest little bear cartoon on the packaging which I found hilarious, hehehe.What, it’s a little bear in a red cape carrying a medical kit — how many make up packages do you know looks this cute?? Hand it to the Japanese to come up with all things kawaii.

Then using their 2-in-1 eyebrow pen, she drew in the model’s eyebrows and — get this — shaded her eyelids with it too! Yes, their eyebrow pencil is double-tipped, so that one end is powder and the other a liquid pen. That way you can use it as both eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow as you please. No more having to carry your entire make up bag with you when you’re out should you need a touch-up. All in one make up is the bomb.

Drawing eyebrows is a lot more complicated than I thought. I’ve never had to draw my eyebrows because I’m blessed with thick enough brows that don’t require too much tending to look presentable. Imagine my surprise when she started telling us about how to determine the peaks and where to end the tail of eyebrows. Did you know the process is so complicated?? I didn’t!

There are also different ways to fill your eyebrows in depending on if you’re going for the kawaii look or a more sophisticated grown-up look. Otona is the word she used I believe heh!

What I learned is that to look more cutesy and girly, draw them shorter. For a more grown-up sophisticated look, lengthen the tail a little. Basically you’ll want something that measures along these lines:

Not as simple as it looks, is it now? Lol.

After that she whipped out the star of the show, K-Palette’s number one product, the One Day Tattoo Long Lasting Eyeliner. It supposedly stays on, rain or shine, cloudy or windy, for up to 24 hours. In Ms. Imura’s own words, you may go to the gym, so swimming, even go snorkelling (I asked) and it will stay on. It’ll only come off when wiped at with proper eye make up remover; anything else would see no effects whatsoever on it. The nib of the pen is also designed to draw the thinnest, finest line you may ask for – great for accentuating only the lashline. Amazing, or what?

If it really does all that, give me one of those!

To finish off the model’s look, Ms. Imura swiped on K-palette’s new line of mascara that promises to not run, bleed or smudge up to 24 hours. On top of it all, it doesn’t clump during application and has the ability to coat even the shortest finest lash in the corners of our eyes which are so hard to get to. How many times have we ended up applying mascara on our noses or cheeks just trying to get to those corner lashes? It’s happened to me way too many times.

The secret to their mascara is the specially engineered wand.

It is curved to follow the convex sculpt of our eyes, allowing us to reach even the most deeply buried lashes in the corners of our lids! No more getting mascara everywhere but on our lashes!

Unfortunately for us, this mascara doesn’t reach Malaysian shores until October so we’ve gotta wait =(

Here’s a pic of what the crime scene that day looked like hahaha.

It’s so easy to identify bloggers. They’d be the first to whip out their cameras no matter what the occasion!

And then we found a big ass mirror. That was it.

I now no longer have any more qualms about where the stereotype that all bloggers are vain come from x)

Smile girls, you’re on camera! Tehehehehehe.

With Ms. Imura herself. Can you believe she’s 42 years old?? She admitted to her age herself, and credits her young beyond her years appearance to proper removal of make up before hitting the sheets. No more sleeping with make up on for me!

Right, before I get distracted even further…

Retailing at only RM59, I really think this eyeliner makes a good buy. I was considering getting one if only to try it out – I mean, smudge-proof eyeliner that stays where it’s supposed to stay for up to 24 hours? Sounds like a dream come true! Too many times have I ended up looking like a panda after a full day of classes. Could this be the answer that’ll end all my woes?

Turned out I didn’t have to. We were each given one of their concealer, eyebrow pen and One Day Tattoo eyeliner to try out at the end of the session! Yes, I quite love my job.

Now, to put the eyeliner to the test!

I was most excited to see just how fine a line the eyeliner can deliver. We all know liquid eyeliners are tricky as hell to draw with. It’s not enough that you have a super steady hand, a lot also depends on the tip of the pen to draw a bold enough stroke!

It was indeed the pointiest tip of an eyeliner I’ve ever seen. No more blunt tips that leave a messy smear!

It draws bold and sharp on the skin, drying quickly too. 5 seconds was all it took for that line to dry and stay on my hand, after which it stayed persistently even after I tried rubbing it off. It really does not smudge nor smear! One day tattoo, geddit?

Feeling adventurous, I decided to put the eyeliner to the ultimate test. I’ve always been fascinated by the gorgeous eyeliner designs people draw on the corner of the eye and which often extends out to their temples. I’ve tried many times before with my previous eyeliners, but they just don’t make the cut to draw such intricate designs. They’re either too blunt, or draw lines that are too inconsistent to achieve the kind of designs I like.

K-Palette’s did the trick on my first attempt.

Cool, or what!! Tehehehehehe!

It allowed me to go as crazy as I like with the designs, producing bold and solid strokes with every curve and turn I make. You’ll notice that every line is consistent, with zero break-ups in between. I could go as complicated with the designs as I like, and draw into the smallest corners as I please!

It’s like a really sharp pointed marker, but one that’s safe for your face!

Perfect to draw the sharpest, finest line on your eyes with!

Now it’s Giveaway Time!! =D

If you’ve read till here, I’ve got a nice pressie for you! Actually I’ve got two!

To reward you for having read all of the above and making it all the way to the (near) end of this post, I am giving away the K-Palette Kuma Rescue concealer, and K-Palette Lasting Two-Way Eyebrow Pen!

Yes that means two readers will win either one of the above each!

So what do you have to do? Easy peasy!

Step one, follow me on this blog by clicking “Follow” in the Networked Blogs widget located on my sidebar towards your right and share this post on Facebook by clicking Like on the Facebook Like Button below. Then Step two, leave a comment  at the end of this post stating which product you’d like (the concealer or eyebrow pencil) and why. Let me know what’s your make up routine like and what are some of the most difficult steps in getting ready for classes or work for you in the morning. I’d really like to know!

Not too complicated I believe? Help me believe I’m not the only girl who needs make up to look decent!

Best answer wins!

All the best and good luck!

If words aren’t your forte, worry not! There’s another competition you may be interested in that require less word play.

Participate in K-Palette’s very own Amazing Eye Contest on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/KPaletteMy/app_460070657344358

All you need for this one is some simple camwhoring skills and a big sense of adventure with eye make up. Don’t worry it’s really easy!

Just upload a photo of yourself on the site with your most creative eye make up using products of any brands. Yes, that means it hasn’t got to be created with K-Palette products. Then go crazy with making up your eye and hopefully you’ll win some amazing prizes! Be as creative as possible!

Even better news, there will be two winners for this contest as well:

1)the one who garners the most votes for their eye make up

2) the one who submits the most photos into their system.

Sounds like a lot of fun! So go now! Here: https://www.facebook.com/KPaletteMy/app_460070657344358

Both contest and giveaway close on the 26th of August, so hurry up! =D

  1. I’ve been told I have good, bushman eyebrows, so I’d like the concealer please! Can you imagine what it’s like living with potholes on your face? ;A; Not fun. Not fun at all.

    The eyeliner pics look really awesome, by the way. ^_^

  2. Wow Kar Mun you did a really good job describing the eyeliner!! I am thinking of getting one when mine finishes… :)

  3. I’d love to try drawing my eyebrows with K-Palette Lasting Two-Way Eyebrow Pen since I have always been using dark brown eyeshadow to draw my eyebrows so I think it’s time for me to switch to eyebrow pencil instead!

  4. OOO I would love the concealer please! I have terrible dark circles, hopefully it would end all my dark circles nightmare!

  5. Whoots! I’d love to try out the one day eye liner tattoo to make my small squinty eyes visible to the world for once! As you all know, eyes are indeed windows to one’s soul, perhaps after trying out the k-pallette eyeliner someone could take a peek into my soul ;) *do a wink with k-pallette eyelined eyes*

  6. Love the EyeBrown Pencil!Because my current eye brown pencil not doing any good.
    Hope to find a better one. hence, i would like to have the EyeBrown Pencil!

  7. I hope to win the K-Palette Lasting Two-Way Eyebrow Pen because the concealer is just too difficult for me to handle :) And with a good eyebrow, you are more or less done with a basic nude make up look!

  8. I would really love to have the concealer because what a girl needs most is to cover her flaws just to get the perfect, flawless complexion!

    My classes are pretty early in the morning, so I normally use moisturiser and BB cream which has sunblock on my face. For the eyes, I’d prefer to line them with eyeliner because godknowswhy I look pale without eyeliner on :(( I’ll dust some powder on and I’m good to go :) I’m usually inclined towards fuss-free makeup because after all, natural is the best HAHA, don’t wanna go to college and look so cakey :P One thing I hate, is when my BB cream makes my skin looks patchy, a big no-no, so frustrating!

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