L.A. Told Me You’ll be a Pop Star, All You Have to Change is Everything You Are

Do kindly pardon the completely unnecessary debilitating negativity in the previous post. My emotions have just been all over the place. Last night saw it at its worst and I’m still trying to figure out what happened, but at least I have a clear head on now to look at things from a different perspective. I’m alright now and I hope to stay that way. I think it’s just the back-to-college blues that’s speaking, really. I’ve been feeling greyest whenever I look at my really messed up timetable, completely mocking me as if it knew how miserable it was making me without having to do anything. Pfft.

But this year, I had vowed to not let things get me down easily so I’m holding true to that and fighting my way through till the end. I’m taking personal measures to keep my spirits up, no matter how small, no matter how little a change that would result. But hey, if it makes me feel even the slightest bit better, why the hell not, right? =)

Beginning with my hair.

Behold, there’s a person under all that hair! Haha. I’ve always loved volume but have been too lazy to do anything to my hang-dog dead-straight tresses. I’m liking the new change and I’m wearing it pulled back a lot now. You cannot imagine the wonders you discover at not having your hair in your face 70% of the time. How I lived with that for so long, I have no idea.

Also, just a little trivia, we turned fifteen months last Tuesday, on 11.1.11. =)
Eleven has always been my lucky number (the main reason why it’s also my basketball jersey number all through high school) so it was a nice little coincidence of a surprise to know it still managed to incorporate itself into my life after all those years.
To celebrate turning fifteen months, we went grocery shopping. Yes, you read right, grocery shopping hahaha!

Nah, I’m just messing, it was also just a coincidence that we needed to stock up lest we die of hunger at night.

I love grocery shopping, have I told you guys that? I love picking out all the stuff that I’m gonna get to eat and putting it in the cart knowing that when I get home, they’re mine to savagely rip open and ravish. There is little that is more joyful than shopping for food =P

All the photos from this post are from my iPhone. I’ve become such a bum lately that I can’t quite be bothered with lugging my DSLR around anymore lol. Maybe I’ll be re-inspired again one day, but right now, the iPhone is too convenient for me to put aside just yet. It’s only a tenth of the size and weight of my DSLR! Can you blame me? =P

As you probably can already tell, I haven’t been up to much lately and this here is just a poor disguise of a filler, even I have to admit. The start of uni is a lot more boring that I expected but I quite like the subjects I’m taking this semester so things aren’t all bad =) I get Tuesdays and Fridays off! What more can I ask for than a three day week? Four classes back to back on Monday totalling up to eight straight hours of class is totally worth it for two off days, me thinks  =) I’m saving my mornings for running!

We’ve also been rather decadent lately. We’ve been eating out most every meal and so far it’s been good. One can never go wrong with Japanese ;] Why is Kimchi so bloody good??

Our obsession with spicy food is verging on unhealthy. Like the other day when we had dinner at Nando’s we finished half a bottle of the Extra Spicy Peri-peri Sauce, only to be left panting like puppies complete with our tongues hanging out of our mouths halfway through the meal. But because everything was so good we persevered on to finish everything anyway. We paid for it that night when our stomachs fought a turmoil as we tried to not think about it and sleep x)

The things we endure for a bit of spice in our diet ;]

Oh oh, I also came across this little guy while grocery shopping!

I totally remember having one of these as a kid. Mine was a smiling girl as opposed to this creepy bespectacled… thing. Benny had one too – a mouse if I remember correctly, complete with a long black tail which creeped my Mum out to no end hahaha. We watered them diligently everyday and took the utmost care in trimming the shoots. They were our pride and joy – our first attempt at “gardening” – until my Mum chucked them away because they began to rot and stank up the entire place. Can you believe one cost like RM22.90 now? =.= I was sooooo tempted to buy one and see it sprout all over the place again haha.

The week had started out confusing and disorienting. It left me questioning everything, my state of being, my sense of existence, and basically my entire truth and reality. But I am glad that I have arrived here where I am now – not in a world of answers, but at least in the comforting state of assurance. Because no one knows the definite answer to anything. We grope around in the dark and just hope we’re heading in the right direction. At least I now have rough idea of what, and where, my darkness is, and little by little, inch by inch, progressively make my way out of the shadows. Also somewhere, amid the action, I’ve come to realize that answers aren’t even important anymore. Because where I am feels good. I am learning. I am striving to be more. I am loving. That alone makes me happy. And that is all that matters.


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