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I started this series some time back so that I could put to use the thousand and one photos I take with my iPhone aside from my dSLR. I kinda came to forget about it for a bit, but after going through my phone gallery, I was reminded that I have some pretty important memories stored in there too. And it would be a shame if they never get shared.

So if you’re wondering where I’ve been as of late, wonder no more! While I do not deny that it has been a crazy week – with the moving and cleaning and tidying all happening right smack in the middle of the start of the semester – I do still owe this space a proper post. What have I been up to lately, you ask?

I think it’s no secret by now that I dyed my hair the craziest colour I’ve ever done yet.

I’ve always been more keen towards the colour red when it comes to my hair, but never this bright a red. I’ve never tried bleaching my strands before, but now that I’ve seen the results it yields, I’m warming up to it real fast. It’s turned quite some heads since I began sporting it about a week and a half ago, and the attention still hasn’t quite died down. In fact, I’ve had three people in total thus far who’s come to me and asked where I got it done and what colour code is it exactly. I guess that goes to mean they really like it?

I sure do!

A big chunk of of the reason behind my sudden absence from this space can be creditted to our most recent move to our new place.

We had so much stuff between the two of us, I swear, I have no idea where all that trash came from. We had so much that simply trying to pack them into boxes took a good three days – each of which we worked from morning to evening! We threw so much away yet the mess we accumulated didn’t seem to be dissipating. I was really beginning to think we’d never make it in time to get out of the house on the stated date!

We did finally manage however, but not without a lot of sacrifice on our backs. At one point, my back was hurting so bad from all the heavy lifting that I couldn’t stand straight!

Our new place is a dream come true. It’s everything we could have ever dreamt of while staying in the previous shithole.

It’s got the sexiest infinity pool overlooking the best part of Kota Damansara, a very well-equipped gym, restaurants and bars within walking distance, a laundry-mart, a supermarket right next door, even a freaking hair salon! But my favourite part are the people I’m living with now. Two really cool girls I’ve known since our college days and the Ninja Rabbit; no more filthy boys who can’t even wash a mug after using it for a simple drink of water!

Check out my super sexy new office/workspace. Blogging and editting photos are going to be so much more enjoyable in this little cozy corner of mine. Can’t wait to get started!

Marathon season is also back for a brand new year, and I signed up for my first race of 2012.

I really have to go back to training for it, but with a week of holidays ahead of me in conjunction with Chinese New Year, I’m feeling a tad bit lazy. Promise I will, soon enough! Time to kick back into gear!

During the busiest time of our January, Simple Plan also chose to stop by KL for a concert as part of their Get Your Heart On Asia Tour, and because they so happened to be my two younger sisters’ favourite band ever, I found myself standing in a sea of 15-16-year-olds one particular Saturday evening with the most spectacular view of the boys performing live.

Hey, why not, right? Since I got us four free tickets and it would be a complete shame to just let it go like that.

They weren’t half bad really. I had gone expecting to be bored, not knowing any of thier newer stuff, but they played it old school with their biggest hits from the early 2000’s. That was when they were best in my opinion.

I ended up really enjoying myself, singing along to tracks like Perfect and Alien and Shut Up with Nelson, who took up the last ticket since the Ninja Rabbit had a gig to perform at and couldn’t make it. For two hours, I was fifteen years old again, and it didn’t matter that we were much older than 90% of the crowd, Nelson and I sang out loud to the songs, completely unashamed and unabashed. We got weird stares from some of the kids near us, but what do they know. We’ve been headbanging to these guys since you were still in diapers complete with a pacifier in your mouth, kid! =P

It was really nostalgic, reliving these songs that I myself had sang along to when they came on my playlist. It was high school, and juggling hormones and teenaged melodrama all over again. I still remembered most of the words, if not the exact titles, and I couldn’t help but wonder if these kids around me also watched their videos on MTV like I did. Or did they simply stream it off YouTube, completely missing the fun of hearing that little trivia the VJ’s would slip in right before the videos come on? Technology ruin everything.

The biggest joy of the night was seeing the look in my baby sisters’ eyes. I’ve been to so many concerts myself that I sometimes take these gigs for granted. Free tickets come my way even more easily. I remember how it was like back then, fifteen years old and having to see so many of your favourite musical acts come and go, but you cannot make it to any of these shows because well, “you were too young”. I’m glad I managed to at least make this happen for them. To know that so little can completely make ther day – heck, their entire year even – I feel like I should’ve done so much more. Maybe try harder to get a media pass so I can sneak them backstage?

Nonetheless, I can at least be assured that they had a great time standing right upfront in the first row of the VIP tier, singing their hearts out to words they’ve memorised from the countless times they’ve looped the band’s CD. Nelson and I stood a few rows back, so I saw with my own eyes how song after song, they screamed the lyrics out and and jumped along with the rest of the crowd to the beat.

To be young and make your favourite band the source of all your inspirations. I miss that. And for one night, I at least got to feel that again. All that teenaged angst and energy. It’s not wrong to sometimes just relive your past and go back to the best of those days.

Right now, I’m back home in Penang for a whole week. CNY is in a few short days and I can’t wait! Only downside is that the Ninja Rabbit isn’t with me for the weekend (he’ll be taking a bus up here in a few days) and I’m missing him terribly.

But hey, in the meantime, there’s so much to look forward to! Between cookies, and shopping sprees with my favourite girls, and homemade meals prepared by Mummy, I’m sure a mere couple of days will pass by in no time. Surely I can manage to find something to entertain myself with?

I mean, look!! Isn’t this the cutest thing ever?? =D

Hehe, yes, distraction is key in regard of the current situation.

Hope your preparations for the new auspicious year of the Water Dragon is coming along swell! Bring out every red thing you have!

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!


  1. Haha yea, only the crown though so i have this really funky two-tone thing going on. Not a lot, about the same amount actually. Only I try to wash my hair less now and steer clear away from the sun =)

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