Love, Or Something Like That

I apologize for my unfortunate absence and long hiatus here, but while I haven’t been updating, I have been living. While I haven’t been writing down every single special memory and fishing for words from the one thousand and one things swimming in my head to string together into coherent sentences, I have been collecting pools of these precious moments by laughing, loving and enjoying all the little things life has to offer. I hope you have been doing the same =)

I’m well aware that it’s been close to a solid week since my last post, and what a week it’s been. Remember how I left the last time with a hint at good things and even more wonderful feelings about the coming week? Every day that has since passed has yet to shortlive my expectation. It started with DJ Hero, and ended with a quiet afternoon watching replays of One Tree Hill tucked away in a small corner of one coffeehouse, accompanied by a slice of cheesecake as good as what Heaven should taste like. I thought that was a good nice ending to a wonderful week, but the Ninja Rabbit had one last trick up his street-magician sleeve. I reckon there were tears of joy in his eyes judging from the excitement that was spilling out of him as he held up to me two tickets for Toy Story 3 in 3D. Move over children, we’ve waited 12 long years for this third installment of our favourite Pixar cartoon! =P

First off, the Ninja Rabbit won himself an HP netbook quite by blind luck and fateful chance.Being bored while waiting for my last class to end, he decided to try his hand at a round of DJ Hero, some competition Celcom had going on in college. No one would have guessed it was his first time ever playing that game when he unwittingly walked away with the grand prize of a netbook that’s so small, it fits perfectly into my handbag. Even my Marketing textbook weighs more – no kidding! – so I don’t think he’ll be seeing much of it soon eversince my discovery of its lightweight convenience and versatility! Tehehehehe.


IMG_0929 IMG_0930

IMG_0944 IMG_0950


He was such a happy little boy for the rest of the day that the Tuesday itself seemed to share his high spirits. It didn’t rain for the first time in weeks, which provided us the perfect opportunity to steal one evening to ourselves to have dinner under the blue-st evening sky I’ve seen in a long time.

IMG_1483 IMG_1489

IMG_1487 IMG_1490

The above is the single yummiest Milo I ever had. I asked for one that was less sweet, so to compensate for the absence of sugar, whoever prepared it doubled the Milo instead. Think Milo so thick it tasted more like chilled slightly runny Milo paste. I felt like I had a whole bar of chocolate instead of just a drink xD

I like it that I can be silly without reserve around my Ninja Rabbit. Even I cannot quite comprehend the extent of silly things we do sometimes, but that’s the wonder of it – I don’t have to think. I don’t have to make sense of anything when I’m with him, and the best part is, I don’t even have to try. It goes without saying that it works both ways, too. Nothing has to make sense to us either, and we’re happy just being trippy all the time simply because we can.




IMG_1465 IMG_1464


The fun was multiplied 5 times more when the gang dropped by from Penang later in the week. For three consecutive days, the world came to revolve around nothing but shisha, poker, Left4Dead2 and sinfully heartstopping beef burgers. For once, finishing my assignments early paid off for it afforded me a day to scream my lungs and laugh my heart out in Sunway Lagoon. The spaces in between walking barefooted on warm grounds before splashing into pools of crisp water to cool off was filled with authentic Italian food and piping hot fluffy scones fresh out of the oven to go with tantalizing clotted cream and blueberry jam.


_MG_5248 _MG_5249


IMG_5283 IMG_5333


_MG_5302 _MG_5303




IMG_5342 IMG_5343



IMG_5369 IMG_5370



IMG_5380 IMG_5385

Going through all these pictures, it only hit me that I’ve known these people for more than half my entire lifetime. I went to kindergarten with Yuh Ting and Adrian. Adrian was my best friend in class when I was no more than six years old. He sat next to me and was the one whom I copied off during Math ’cause I was that bad with numbers. I knew from a very young age that I was never meant to dabble with Math and whatever higher meaning it’s supposed to represent.


IMG_5396 IMG_5399

IMG_5403 IMG_5405


IMG_5414 IMG_5429





IMG_5422 IMG_5420


The looming shadow of the knowledge that in another month’s time, none of us would be in the same timezone as one another hovered quite ominiously over us, but I think we made good use of the three days. Three days wasn’t long enough, nor did we do very much, but how do you squeeze a decade and more worth of friendship into 72 hours?

What last week was, was simply a filler, a small dose to keep us all satiated until we meet again in December when everyone comes home for the holidays  =)

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