Lucky the Highway Kitty


[Update as of 10.27pm on 6 December 2015: Thank you all you kind souls who helped share and spread the news and those who opened your hearts and homes to her! We have found a new home for Lucky. Really appreciate the love :)]

Everybody, meet Lucky!

She’s the softest, fluffiest, cutest little ball of fluff I’ve ever laid my eyes on and although I’m a dog person through and through, I fell in love with her the moment I looked into her helpless little grey eyes that just called out to be loved.


It was completely serendipitous how I encountered her too — crouched in fear in the middle of the Jalan Duta highway during peak hour traffic. I happened to be in the slow lane when spotted her in all her matted grey fur sticking out in all directions from the fear that must be coursing through all the veins in her little body. Cars were driving over her and my heart stopped thinking she must’ve been run over for sure. My body acted all on its own to stop my car, get down, raise the all-powerful hand to stop further oncoming traffic and save the little fluff ball.


After trip to the vet and a shower, she turned out to be snowy white with a single grey patch on her ear and a grey tail and fur that is as soft as soft can be. I’ve never been fond of cats but she just melted my heart completely and now I find myself missing her at work and impatient to get home every evening just to sneak in a few hours of cuddling with her.


Unfortunately, my housemate is severely allergic to cats so we’re looking for an adopter for the precious angel. If you or anyone you know is looking to add some unrivalled cuteness and love into your home, please let me know and we’ll be more than happy to bring Lucky to you. You can have her cage, her litter box, kitty litter and all toys and shampoo we’ve got for her FOC.


All we ask is that you give her a good home and lots and lots of love and cuddling to make a happy kitty :)

She’s a curious little girl who loves exploring nooks and crannies (we’ve lost her a few times under couches hence the need for the cage) and is absolutely content with playing with a bit of string. She’s rightfully active for a kitten her age (the vet estimates that she’s about a month old) but when she’s all knackered out and you hold her, she purrs in the most heart-warming way.


It kills me to have to give her away as I have gotten quite attached to the little thing. Alas, allergies are no playing matter and I understand how miserable our housemate is feeling right now, having not been able to breathe for the past week since we brought Lucky home hahaha.

So let me know if there is a potential home for Lucky. Drop me a comment below  with your contact number and I will be in touch.

No better way to save a life and let some luck into your home :)


  1. Hello :)

    My name is PK and my girlfriend who lives with me is a bit of a kitty-nut.

    If you don’t mind, we would love to take over the care of this lovely little kitten.

    You can also contact me directly at [admin viewable only] (WhatsApp available).

    Thank you so very much, and hope to hear from you soon!

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