Magnum Exclusive Preview Party @ Renoma Cafe Gallery

Already I can foresee how many misled Google searches are gonna bring readers who are in actual fact Googling up Magnum condoms to this post LOL.

In this case however, we’re referring to every Malaysian’s favourite ice-cream that just happens to share the same name with the US contraceptive device. Yes, this post is about ice-cream — yummy, smooth, chocolatey ice-cream! Sorry to disappoint! HAHAHA.

In conjunction wit the launch Magnum’s two new flavours of the nationwide-loved ice-cream, the dessert company threw the most lavish party to introduce the two new babies. It was a hectic working Wednesday, but all invited guests flocked to the launch nonetheless despite the infamous KL afterwork jam. No one was going to give up the chance to spend the evening having ice-cream for dinner! I think I can safely say this was every person’s childhood dream!

It was raining on the way there so we were almost an hour late in arriving. But not to fear! There was plenty of ice-cream to go around for everyone!

At the reception itself we had a bowl of Magnum buried in a bed of creme brulee and chocolate fingers shoved into our hands. And I had worried they would run out of ice-cream before we could get there hahaha, what a silly little girl I was. There was ice-cream everywhere, on the counters, on the serving trays carried by waiters, in the freezers that lined up a whole wall at the back of the restaurant…

There was going to be a lot of diets — not to mention New Year’s resolutions! — spoiled that night xD

Took the opportunity to take a photo with Chef Nigel simply because he was such a nice man. I’m beginning to believe people who work closely with food, desserts in particular, are the happiest people. He was the most jovial and heart-warming person, and made me feel bad for turning down another of his cupcake creation after the 5th one hahaha. He’s the genius behind all the desserts that night, and boy did they have a variety! There was Magnum cupcakes, Magnum macarons, Magnum chocolate mousse and a whole lot of other little knick-knacks I never found out the names of. But they all had one thing in common — yup, Magnum.

It’s not called a Magnum Exclusive Preview Party for nothing! LOL.

Chef Nigel’s workstation of happiness!! Think of it as the dessert version of Santa’s workshop! Hehehe.

After Round One of ice-cream at the reception (because there were to be many more rounds to go that night!) we ladies were pampered to a manicure service at the corner of the room.

The theme of the night was anything to do with chocolate and ice-cream so they gave all the ladies a nice chocolatey manicure. Some had strawberry swirls on their vanilla lacquer, others oozing, melty, chocolate French-tipped.

Mine was supposed to be a yummy Strawberry Souffle but after the base colour I got bored of just sitting there waiting for my nails to dry so I told them it will do haha. I mean, there was ice-cream bring served as we spoke and new people and familiar faces were pouring in through the doors every minute. Who has the time to just sit there and miss out on all the fun interaction and mingling, right? What I got was just a nice sweet pink, which actually isn’t half bad!

Ran into Vivian and Samantha as can be expected at any party. Again we are colour-coordinated! We do that a lot even without trying.

The Ninja Rabbit took extra effort to look the part of a chocolate connoisseur, can you tell?? He put on the brown-est, most chocolate-looking shirt he owned. My boyfriend is such a sport.

At my second Magnum, the beautiful Xandria Ooi interrupted us all to introduce the two brand new flavours we had been waiting all night for. We were some very lucky ice-cream lovers that night because we get to try the new flavours ahead of the rest of the nation! Magnum Chocolate Brownie and Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry have not hit the retail market yet as I type this and will only be available at the end of this month. What that simply means is that I got to eat it first before you guys! Nyahahahahaha! =P

Behold the much anticipated Magnums… So how are they different from the Magnum we’ve known all this while?

Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry has yummy strawberry-swirled vanilla ice-cream inside the signature Belgian chocolate shell. If you’re a big Raspberry Ripple or Strawberry flavoured ice-cream fan like I am, then you’ll absolutely love it!

Magnum Chocolate Brownie comes with a new chocolate recipe for the ice-cream inside the shell. But its unique selling point is the shell itself! It has walnut bits embedded all over, making it the first ice-cream to taste exactly like the age-old favourite walnut brownie.

Can you guess who is on Team Strawberry and who on Team Brownie? Both were equally good but of course, we have our respective preferences.

Everyone tucked right in that night to the many sticks of Magnum being served by the truckloads by smiling waiters. I took the opportunity to try both new flavours on top of the regular ones we’ve always had in stores — you don’t go to a party like this and think about your waistline, do you? There is a time for watching what you eat, and there is a time for enjoying, yes?

Ice-cream has always been my biggest weak spot anyway T_T

If still in doubt, let Wilson Tan, Malaysia’s Top Male Model set the path of example. If a model says to indulge in dessert, you indulge in dessert =P

In the midst of all the sweet enjoyments, they also had a small Twitter competition going on. The first five people to tweet correctly the full names of the two new Magnum flavours walk away with something cool to remember the night by.

Guess who won himself a spot up on that stage to collect his mystery prize that night??

HAHAHAHAHA of course he makes it up there. He’s always loved these little competitions and would try his hand at it if only for fun’s sake. Extra bonus if he actually wins something. Looks like luck was on his side that night!

The Ninja Rabbit won himself a new pair of Sennheiser earphones, but the extra souvenir inside totally excited me more.

4Gb pendrives in the shape of miniature Magnum ice-creams!!! HOW CUTE ARE THEY???? Argh, I wanted to die at the sight of them!! They come in all the Magnum flavours too as can be differentiated by the different shell textures and insides! XD

Magnum, you’ve made me a really happy girl that night, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the sugar high that was talking hahaha. Ice-cream just makes the world a better place, you know?

Everyone couldn’t stop reaching int o the freezer for another Magnum! I’m not kidding!

Zana caught red-handed in the act! Hahaha. She’s probably not the stealthiest ice-cream stealer around, not when she’s dressed in that neon yellow dress! Already even without the dress she turns all the heads in the room the moment she walks in. We can spot you from a whole mile away, darling! ;]

Someone else however, didn’t even bother trying to be discreet! LOL.

When Magnum ice-cream is at stake, I suppose things like pride don’t have a place… A true pleasure seeker would stop at nothing to get himself what he wants!

Guess how much more we got to bring home with us that night?? TROLOLOLOLOLOL

Yup, I think it’s safe to say we’ve got ourselves about a month’s (or two!) worth of Magnum! I am the happiest girl residing in this part of town!

Thank you Magnum for an unforgettable night. My tastebuds are definitely gonna remember this party for eons to come!

Can’t wait to dig in to my personal stash of Magnum in the comforts of my home. If you want my tip, it’s best enjoyed stretched out on the couch with your feet propped up on pillows and your favourite TV show on. Go on and give it a try! =D

Care to guess who else is super happy with his own Magnum ice-cream?

BAHAHAHAHAHA Alfred says thank you for the Magnum ice-cream too!

Have a great weekend everybody! =)

  1. Your teddy bear is too cute!! Genius idea, making the miniature Magnum thumb drive his “ice-cream”! ;)

  2. The chocolate brownie one sounds interesting but I really doubt anything new can be better than their magnum chocolate truffle! That is and always will be my favourite! :D

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