Malacca Day 3: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

My boyfriend is handsdown without a doubt the biggest baby at heart I know. He begged that we go visit the zoo in Malacca despite being born and bred in KL where the National Zoo, one that’s easily 5 times the size of the one in Malacca, is located. He wanted to so bad, and since we’ve very much run out of interesting things to do in Malacca as well, to the zoo it was on our third and last day there.


Again, after much strenous map-consultation, we drove ourselves all the way across the city of Malacca to the outskirts of town where along with a hospital, extreme sports park and crocodile farm, the zoo was at. The sun was, yet again, as relentless as it had been the past couple of days we’ve been there, but by this third day and countless hours spent baking under it, we’ve grown rather accustomed to its unyielding rays. As the Ninja Rabbit tells me each time I lament about the heat and my steadily darkening skin tone, at least it wasn’t all rain and gloom.



Mr. Optimistic who insists I see the silver lining to every dark cloud <3


I quote the Ninja Rabbit:
Look! It’s like Rukawa’s saying “Oh no, not another one; the first one won’t shut up.”

Right now, a week after the trip, I’m still smiling from all the silly things we did that afternoon. We were like two little kids strung way up high from too much chocolate doughnuts and grape soda. Fuelled by a rush of unidentified energy despite the heat and humidity, we literally skipped and ran from one animal enclosure to another, squealing at how funny some animals look, and at how magnificent others on the other hand are. We poked fun at baboons with bright red bottoms, gaped at how insignificant a giraffe can make you feel especially when you’re standing right next to it, and tried to lure raccoons and lemurs which were to shy to come out of hiding by singing stupid jingles. Even an elephant letting out a world-class fart in terms of noise and stench didn’t deter us from laughing till our sides hurt!


Did you know that parrots, upon finding a mate, stick to he or she for the rest of their lives? They’re like completely monogamous! The Ninja Rabbit told me this, which completely explains why most pictures of parrots see them in pairs. For some reason, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside at that bit of new knowledge =D


PONY!!! As much I like horses, I didn’t want to go near this one for it was nuzzling in something that looks suspiciously like its own faeces =S


But he wasn’t too aware and allowed it to sniff the entire length of his arm up and down only to be left with gross-looking brown messy streaks of gunk everywhere LOL


Melman! From Madagascar! ;]


The gaur we named Bilson HAHAHA. It’s a private joke xD
I wanted a picture of him with it because he’s a Taurean and I thought it’d rather match to have him pose next an ox-like creature. I’d have taken a better shot had the thing not turned around and farted in our faces. Everyone scrambled for their lives to get away =/













By five, we were more than ready to leave, not only because we were starving, but also because the mosquitoes were, too. We’ve heard great reviews of the food served along the Portuguese Settlement by the straits, so there was where we headed for some sea grub! Unfortunately, it was all the way on the other side of town and would take us at least an hour to get there, discounting the jam =S I was so hungry my hands were shaking. To worsen matters, the Ninja Rabbit refused to allow me a chocolate bar I wanted to stop for to stave off the hunger a little for fear of me ruining my appetite =(


Although no where near the standards of Penang, the food was still worth the hour and a half wait. It was nothing to shout about, but given how hungry I was, everything tasted decent enough. We ate by the sea off a pier with a breath-taking sunset that painted the sky a muriel of melting blue and orange as backdrop.  The one thing we had really looked forward to having, the horse shoe crab above, unfortunately never turned up. After cleaning everything off the plates on our table yet still seeing no sign of it, we decided to just forget about it. The Ninja Rabbit was sorely disappointed, I could tell, but the sunset sorta made up for it in my books!







Not too shabby a way to end our first vacation together , I think! =) Next stop, Singapore! ;]


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