Malacca (Still) Day 2: Fireflies

Malacca at night is a completely different world from what it is during the day. After catching Iron Man 2 (which was so good I’m still reeling from how mind-blowing it was) at Dataran Pahlawan, we drove immediately to the part of town no one should miss especially on a Friday night. It’s been known to match, if not completely pawn, Heritage Row of KL; go figure!



Everywhere you look you find hats by the truckloads in Malacca. The Ninja Rabbit and I decided not to linger at stalls selling them, for they were going for a mere RM6 when we bought mine for RM10! =/


Very much like the Feringghi Walk in Penang, cool message T’s were easily found at every corner you turn. What differs it from that which we have back here though, are the availability of dresses and scarves as opposed to only T-shirts. I was ecstatic beyond words that they for once, catered for females of smaller frames like moi! You have no idea how difficult it is sometimes to get an article of clothing you really like in a size that fits you, especially if you’re a petite US size 2!


Furry slippers which I was very tempted to get on account of how cute they were LOL


Is this simply the coolest stool you’ve ever seen or what?




More stupid hats which were going for only RM5 here T_T


I spy a hottie among this puzzle maze of bright lights and sweaty throng of people! ;]



Dresses going for only RM10!!! =0




The first person which popped into mind the moment I laid eyes on these Portuguese EggTarts was Benny, followed by Yuh Ting xD They’re the two biggest eggtart fans I know to date, hahaha.


Lookie who we came across! I’ve been looking around forever to get a matching companion for Boo, my little plushie who looks exactly like the white doggie in the middle, only in black. Without a moment’s further hesitation, I paid the RM25 which made this white counterpart mine xD


Look how happy they are that they’ve finally found one another xD


Geographer’s Cafe, located opposite of Ringo’s Pub where we made a quick pitstop for a much needed drink



Can you spot my red button ring? xD


Odd bulbous light things which I thought would’ve made a great pressie for my new roomie, Li Teen who’s afraid of the dark. Don’t you think they’d have made some kick ass nightlight?


Fruit on stick!



I asked for strawberries coated with chocolate but this was what I got, pfft. The guy must’ve misheard me; oh well =(




I’ve always found masks like these to be a little creepy. I have no idea what prompted me to try one on!

I leave you now with the view of the Malacca river at night at the best of which my camera could capture. I have the shakiest hands imaginable (I blame it from all those years of basketball) so appreciate it that I managed to get a picture of the spectacular view at a decent standard! ;]


And to think this used to be one of the busiest ports in the world, upon which merchants from different corners of the globe used to meet to trade spices, silk and tobacco. If you listen closely enough, you can just catch a glimpse of how grand a time it must have been, where honest trade was the way one made a living.

This presented me the first time ever that I came remotely close to appreciating all that I’ve read from my History textbook from all those years in the classroom.

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