Life at this very moment is pretty damn good =)))

Sure, I’ve got Brandon saying to study all 12 Chapters of our Social Comm textbook for our Finals this Monday, Kim saying to read only 7, and Nanda saying something else altogether, but other than that, life two days before exams at this point is pretty relaxing.

I recorded 42 minutes for 8km earlier (not my best attempt, but at least it isn’t 46 minutes, heh) before scoring 14 points later during a game of 3-on-3 basketball. I swear, the Chinese nationals with whom I played with speak a version of Mandarin that’s completely foreign to me. They sound nothing like the way Jenny does when she’s on the phone. They converse in a manner that’s almost sing-song, even when they’re jokingly cursing at one another if ever a team member screws up an easy shot.

I actually don’t mind their version of the language all that badly. They sound…. pretty lol.

Jenny’s gone somewhat mad tonight hahaha. She recently got a new phone, the new Sony Ericsson C705, and has taken to taking pictures of everything and everyone. She’s so silly sometimes, she’s adorable. Even our laundry bag in all its fuschia glory and the numbers 18-07 scrawled across the front wasn’t spared. None of the pictures of the state of our room had better get online lol. It’s reached a point that even I am embarrassed of haha.

I really wonder sometimes how Jenny tolerates me – my mess, my punk rock, my insane sleeping hours that are better suited for an owl, my phone ringing at 4am for God knows what reasons. I’m definitely gonna miss her heaps when she moves out in September. I don’t want her to go!! =( Please let my new roommate, God bless whoever that may be, be at least half as nice as Jenny.

I’ve just returned from dinner and am currently kind of caught in the zone where I’m feeling absolutely contented and am unable to experience any sense of urgency. It’s bad cause Finals are on Monday and I’m yet to actually seriously start studying for my first paper. I feel a little like a sugar doughnut that’s just come out of the oven actually – warm and golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside lol. I feel like eating one now, too. Pfft.

I told myself I’d start studying after dinner, so yea. Going on about nonsense online can only prolong the task so much =S

Pray I don’t fall asleep!

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