More December-y Things


December seems to have heard me when I said to bring on the Christmassy things and pump up the festive cheer in this place.

Under some bizarre chain of events, I got roped into Christmas caroling by Shayne. I know right? ME. Caroling. LOLOLOLOLOL. The fact that I can’t sing to save my life is only the beginning of it.

But dude had some serious persuasion skills, I could not say no to him without sounding like a completely heartless asshole. We were going to sing at this charity fund-raising dinner for children with AIDS. No matter how you try and tell them you can’t sing and that including you in the choir would only ruin the whole ensemble, you can’t do it without sounding completely evil because you can’t even spend a little time to raise fund for children with AIDS. You can’t say no to children with AIDS, period. And that was how last Saturday happened.


When you see it, you’re gonna shit brix hehehe. Andy is the most discreet photo-bomber I know.

You know what I learned from last Saturday. Always be open to new experiences. I’ve always told myself to do things that lies outside of my comfort zone. I thought I had it down pat, but little did I know I had all of a toe outside of my comfort zone all this while. Sure I was up for the occasional adventure, but they’re usually things I’ve already done before so it’s not anything too sudden and shocking. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of breaking out of my comfort zone.

Last Saturday, I might not have broken completely out and shattered my comfort zone shell yet, but at least I gave it a nice hammer and there’s now a gaping hole welcoming even more new experiences.

I got up onstage and sang with a whole group of much more experienced and trained singers and sang Christmas songs to a roomful of people, yo. I certainly had never done something like that before.


The boys are all ready for Christmas can you tell?

I know I was a little apprehensive at first, but thanks for making me do this nonetheless, Shayne hahaha. I ended up having a lot more fun than I thought I would. Of course, that amazing dinner that followed constituted quite a big part of it, but I would have done it even without the dinner :)

The Ninja Rabbit accompanied us on the guitar, which I’m sure was his ploy to get out of having to sing hahahahaha. I kid, I kid. I always thought he looks happiest when he’s playing music, wouldn’t you agree?


He just gets completely into the zone with it and even though he’ll completely ignore me for the next hour or so everytime he picks up the guitar, the way he looks with it never fails to put a smile on my face.


Is she the cutest little angel you’ve ever seen or what? :D

A big highlight of the whole evening for me were all the little children dressed up to reenact the whole nativity scene. Some of them come up to no higher than my waist, I was half afraid I’d accidentally knock one of them over if I walked without watching where I stepped lol. And they have beards and mustaches drawn onto their faces with eyeliner, I can’t take this!


LOOK AT THAT LITTLE BOY IN BLUE! HAHAHAHAHAHA. He was the cutest thing. He was soooooo shy but his mum made him stand up there for the group photo so he looked like he was about to cry but at the same time, was afraid to. So there he was half-smiling-half-crying all at once HAHAHAHAHAHA. I felt so bad for wanting to laugh at him but I can’t help it! OK I’m a horrible person but boy, why must you be so funny LOL.


EEEEPS is this super adorable or what! Little kids in a play! They were all dressed up and actually remembered all their lines (actually I wouldn’t know even if they did forget a line or two, but it was still pretty impressive that they went through the whole thing as smooth as I’ve seen these things go). Little Mary there certainly looked like she was enjoying herself XD


Can you spot me? :D :D :D

OK OK, I’m gonna come clean. I didn’t really sing. I just stood there and pretended to lip-sync because seriously, I’m not kidding when I say I cant sing hahaha. I’m not even going to try and make any excuses for myself when it comes to singing lmao. I tried singing a song to the Ninja Rabbit once and apparently it sounded nothing like the original.

Children with AIDS, people. Think about the poor children with AIDS! We raised the amount they needed and that’s all that counts.


Besides, we had a good group going so I’m sure they wouldn’t have missed one less voice :P


My tragedy of a voice aside, the rest of the evening was tonnes of fun. There was yummy food, amazing company and helium balloons floating all over the place. That’s all the main ingredients you need to make for a memorable night. Most importantly, I’m finally living up to my personal mantra of trying to do something new whenever I can, so that’s more than I ask for.

I mean come on, I became a part of a choir, something Madeline swore back in Form 5 was something that’s never going to happen (HAH take that Mad!).

Christmas dinner

I put on the most ridiculous costume and sucked Chinese tea through a straw in record time.


And actually won something to bring home for all my efforts! :D

Pretty fun night if you ask me. Here’s to doing more things that lie outside of my comfort zone. Because only then do you really grow and expand your horizons, right? :)

Before I forget! Behold my favourite photo from the entire night….

… *drumrolls*…






The year is fast drawing to a close and to be honest, this year doesn’t quite feel as eventful as the last. Off the top of my head I can only count two majorly significant events — my graduation and my finishing of my first full marathon. Last year had felt like a constant high. But what this year lacked, it made up for in terms of smaller, but equally meaningful blessings. And those are just as good, too.

I think I grew up a lot this year. Things stabilized, that’s why 2013 didn’t feel like such a rollercoaster. Compared to last year, I became an adult and got a better hold of my life reins. The carriage is finally going according to plan and I finally have a reliable GPS to know exactly where I am.

Needless to say, things are at a very good place right now, and I can’t ask for anything else. I have a job I look forward to going every morning, someone I love to share every magical moment that’s taking place, and a whole string of things to look forward to come next year. Life is certainly a beautiful thing to have and cherish, and  the right here, right now, an even sweeter place to be.


Our favourite Mr. Ryan Grumpy Christopher is in town!! Chantel flies in next week and together we’re gonna have the most epic Christmas, I know it! We always have the best times with them, just like how we did two years ago in Singapore, and last year here in KL. Time to add even more memories to the Ryan+Chantel Vault! They’ll soon need a category tag of their own on this blog hahaha.


We even won a hamper at the end of the night full of the yummiest goodies! It only cemented the fact that good things happen when you dare take that small step and do things that you won’t normally do haha.

To quote Rachel Platten, “nothing ever happens if you just stay in your room”, right? Here’s to “making a little space, and getting out of your old ways.” :)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go listen to Rachel Platten’s Nothing Ever Happens on YouTube now — that’s exactly how I’m feeling. It’s all my positive vibes condensed into a song and released to the world in Rachel Platten’s angelic voice.

Happy MidWeek, everyone! We’re halfway through the week already! Hang in there and the weekend will soon be upon us!


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