My Better Half


better (adj.)

  • more desirable, satisfactory, or effective
  • synonyms: superior, finer, of higher quality, greater, in a different class, one step ahead


There are many things people call the other person they find themselves in love with. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Other half. Special One. It is such an amusing human habit to need to put a name to something, as if if we didn’t, that something would become less real, less important.

But if I had to choose, I like the notion of a ‘better half’ best. I like it because of all the other labels and namesakes, it is the only that suggests your unity made for something bigger, stronger, more beautiful. It made for something improved on all fronts. It made you, better.

If you had loved, even just once, you’ll also come to understand that ‘better half’ is the only appropriate name for your partner because having them in your life has made everything exactly that — better. In loving  them and being loved in return, you do in fact, become a fuller, more wholesome person. Your days become more colourful, your hours sweeter, and every ticking second, more meaningful. Your laugh rings louder because it is echoed by theirs, your happiness double — in weight and expanse — because their proximity simply adds to your happiness meter with every breath you take in their company.

What about the times when it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine? That is when you need them the most. That is when they become the positive to all your negatives so you’ll at least still have a guiding light of a faraway lighthouse to guide you home. They are your strength to your weaknesses, the calm of your chaos. What’s better than having a good cry when all seems out of control? A shoulder to lie your head on and a neck to snuggle your swollen face into. They are all those things that make even the most seemingly hopeless situations feel better.

To you, my better half — you are the wind in my sail, the light in my dawn, that taut string on my kite that calls me to reach higher. But like the trivialities of true love, you are apparent even in the less extraordinary moments of every day life.  You are the glaze on my plain doughtnut, the shimmer in my favourite nailpolish. You are the nice warmth of a freshly laundered jacket and the smooth caress of new sheets.

And tonight, like every other night, is better than the previous, because I have you.


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