Night Creatures Call And The Dead Start To Walk In Their Masquerade

October has come to a near end, which can only mean one thing! Halloween parties are in full swing all over town! Can I hear a Whoot-whoot??

If  there’s one thing I can safely say about Halloween, it’d be that it’s one of the Ninja Rabbit favourite-st holiday, coming in second only right after Christmas. He really gets 100% into it, sourcing for his costume two whole weeks before the real day and spending the remaining hours fine-tuning the other little details. You’re not gonna find another person more enthusiastic than he in the last few days of October!

When you spend almost all your waking hour with someone, it’s hard to not have at least some of his spirit and excitement rub off on you. This year, we moved to Rootz Club KL for our annual creep fix. We soon found out that adults are more into this whole dressing up for Halloween thing than we can ever expect!

I mean, year after year, we see quite a colourful myriad of characters at our small scale college/uni parties. They were nothing compared to what awaited in store for us at the club this year!

Try and guess what each of us all went as!! Hehehe. I don’t think it’s too hard to figure out!

It was so cool seeing everyone being so sporting about it. They really went all out and put some serious effort into their costumes. They came with complete accessories and knick knacks, and believe it or not, the majority of them even stayed in character throughout the night! Or at least until the alcohol kicked in after which they can’t anymore even if they wanted to HAHAHA.

Living up to his reputation, the Ninja Rabbit made sure to not disappoint anyone this year. He went all out and borrowed the Joker’s full suit and even employed scar wax to create his own scars. Told you no one is more excited about Halloween than my boyfriend is! =P

I think he did a tremendously good job, don’t you think? I’ve yet to see someone look more like the real deal than he!

So what other ghastly ghouls did we have this year?

A werewolf tagged along with our partying.

As well as a sexy policewoman who threatened to arrest us if we didn’t drink enough that night…

A little cat snuck out of her house to join in on the fun too…

As did an Arabian Princess who for the night temporarily abandoned her nightly duties of reading 1001 Nights…

Woe is me, I swear. My biggest nightmare as a little girl happened to be at the party too T_T

I used to burst into tears if someone so much as showed me the CD cover of Child’s Play. After accidentally stumbling across the movie on HBO late one night while my parents were asleep, I chucked all my baby dolls into one corner of my cupboard and had them locked up.  I was convinced it was only a matter of time before they all came to life and started killing everyone in the house. I even made sure to throw away the key so they won’t ever get out. It was so bad my Mum made the name “Chucky” taboo in the house because it scared me to just hear it.

Does anyone else here share the same fear? =(

Oh, life is a cruel, cruel irony. After all those years of running away from it, I now had to face my biggest fear… T_T

What did I go as?? Hehehe guess guess GUESS!!

I had a few people come up to me and ask if I was supposed to be Ariel the Little Mermaid. I’m not wearing a purple bra shell!! Don’t the green eye make up and red lashes give it away that I’m so obviously Poison Ivy?? =(

Sad Poison Ivy is sad…

But only until the whiskey came out! ;]

I don’t think I’ve had a funner Halloween bash than this year’s! Sure, we’re missing a Haunted House that’s now signature of all HELP Halloween parties, but HELP also did not allow alcohol on school premises. What fun is a party without someone getting at least tipsy, right? Hehehe.

And I had the grandest time just monster-watching in the club! Some were really scary, like if you saw it standing in the corner of your bedroom at night you’d totally shit your pants scary, whereas others were downright hilarious.

We had a whole circus troupe at one end of the club complete with their 20 clowns LOL.

Ninjas scaling the walls unseen by people all busy getting drunk and taking photos.

Even the Incredible Hulk!

It would seem like the whole of Monster world had come out to play that night!

It was the perfect excuse to take 1001 photos unabashedly! HEHEHE!

When Yuki finally showed up with Nathaniel, I was totally blown away by her costume! She had single-handedly handstitched her entire dress together!

She’s Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, geddit geddit?? DIY Queen award goes to her handsdown! =D Nathaniel is a samurai protege in training, if you still can’t guess by now hahaha.

Have I mentioned how I loved, loved, LOVED that everyone came fully decked out in their character attire? A costume party is only fun when people actually dress up! Nothing blows more than people showing up in half-hearted costumes they try to simply pass off as something when you can clearly see nearly no effort was put into it! Boo! =P

Maybe this is why I’m with the Ninja Rabbit. He didn’t only come in full costume, he stayed in character all night long too. A for effort for sure! He didn’t miss a single beat everytime someone asks for a photo with him. He’ll always have something witty and cheeky to say, true to his Joker persona.

Likewise, our werewolf went around nibbling at everything that looks remotely edible hahaha!

Our very own Joker and Chucky got called onstage when the announcement for Best Dressed nominees was issued. We got two in the running, yo! There can be no more solid proof that they’re really ugly hahaha!

But it being a popularity system, Captain America won because he had a larger group of friends cheering for him =(

Oh well, the party continues! We all know our Joker deserved to win anyway — Captain America had nearly zero effort going for him except him strutting around in his baby blue tights! =P

Have you ever seen a more unlikely bunch of pop culture characters coming together and partying the night away?? =P

Have you been good? You better be or Inspector Mandy will be there knocking on your door with a warrant for your arrest! ;]

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur ~

It was an insane night, costumes not withstanding!

We tamed the wolf,

arrested the Joker,

and slaughtered Chucky (YES!!!)

Yup, definitely a good night! Check out my PhotoShop skills hahaha! Its level is over 9000!!

I’ve honestly not had such pure, unadulterated fun in a really long while. It was like everyone just reverted back to their most childish state of mind and partied without a single restraint in the world. That’s only like the best ingredient to a good party.

What can I say? A little imagination goes a long way!

Just ask these guys, hehehe. They’ve learnt to put their differences aside and become friends if only for the night ;]

Can you say best Halloween ever??

I think I can safely say everyone who was there that night would agree! =P

As we speak, Halloween isn’t quite over yet. It’s not too late to be part of the fun! So go now and get dressed up, look your scariest and make it a night to remember!

Just remember to always watch over your shoulders what might be lurking in the dark… Tehehehehehehe.

And try not to run into any stray werewolves on your night out!

  1. Sad, I thought you just dressed up for a usual party =_=” Chucky really should’ve won if it was about being the scariest character XD Nice werewolf pic at the end – omnomnom.

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