My earphones died on me while I was running earlier so I was left with plugs in my ears that weren’t actually playing any music. I felt rather ridiculous leaving them on when they weren’t serving any apparent purpose, but when I thought about how even more ridiculous I’d look if I were to take them off and grasp them in my hand while I ran, I decided having soundless earplugs really was the lesser of two evils. Sides, with them on, everything else around me gets cancelled out so that all I hear is my own breathing and the rate of my heartbeat, and that was rather cool.

About 20 minutes into it, my Nike’s chaffed raw the skin of yet another part of my left foot. I thought I have them well broken into by now, but guess I was wrong. It started pouring approximately an hour after I finished my 15 rounds so I can’t help but feel a little smug. Feels kinda like I managed to beat the clouds at their own game this time tehehehe. Take that, you cumulonimbus-stratus, you! HAH!

Nat’s just left. She came by the hostel after her shift at the Starbucks in Times Square to hang out for a bit. I was supposed to head over to meet her today as she was only working half day but I got lazy, heh. So after she sent Cammy her DSLR to Low Yat for repair she trooped over to relieve me of some of my boredom instead.

I ripped the rest of One Tree Hill’s Season 6 from her external hard drive while she was here, as well as a few other movies. I have no idea when I’m going to find time to watch them considering the tower of books sitting on my desk waiting for me to read, but knowing me and my renowned sense of priority, I’m not too worried. It wouldn’t surprise me if I end up staying up the rest of the night spoiling my eyesight =D

Even so, I doubt I’ll be doing that. At least not tonight. I promised Nat I’ll stop by her workplace tomorrow so she can make me a beverage (she’s disturbingly insistent on having me try one of her concoctions) and since I stood her up today, going tomorrow is the least I can do. Plus, it’s not like I’ve got anything to do anyway; I haven’t heard from Kim and Josh about our plans to hit MidValley tomorrow, so I guess that’s cancelled. I’m too broke to have some icky little fishies exfoliate my feet anyway LOL.

I have to say, between Jess’s invite to go rock-climbing at 1U and Nanda’s effort in trying to get me to attend yet another one of his never-ending booze-parties, Kim and Josh’s idea to try out the fish spa is the most bizarre one yet. I have peculiar friends XD

I slept with the lights on last night because the book I’m currently in the middle of scared the shit out of me. It got to me so badly that I jerked awake sometime around 4am, convinced that my room was on fire and that I was trapped to be burnt to death with no means of escape whatsoever. Almost immediately I realised with cruel irony that what I had thought were the raging flames, was actually the glaring lights I had left on to keep whatever demons spawned by my own overactive imagination at bay. I was too chicken shit to walk the three steps from the light switch to my bed in the dark, and the consequence of that came right back to bite me in the ass about 2 hours after I lulled off to sleep hiding under my comforter.

Lucky thing Jenny’s gone off to stay over at her boyfriend’s place for the weekend, otherwise I would have just died of embarrassment. In my defense, the book was really scary. Even simply recalling it while typing this gives me goosebumps =S

Anyway, Jeffery Archer beckons. After the insane amount of money I’ve spent on him, I cannot afford to not answer XD Of course, the plot being absolutely intriguing plays a part too.

Looks like I need not worry about what to do in Starbucks tomorrow after all.


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