Of Lost Time and Keys Left Behind

The sole purpose of this post is as apology of the deepest sort extended from me to Miss Madeline Khaw for getting her into trouble with her mum. But in my defense, it’s not like I left my car keys in her bag on purpose, especially not when I know how far she lives from the rest of us normal people =D If it makes you feel any better, I got into trouble with my Dad too for coming back so late. Maybe it wasn’t the wisest decision on my part to have called the house phone at close to 3am but seeing as how I forgot my keys to the front door as well, I didn’t see any other options available to me.

Maybe it’s really time I go do something about my tendency to leave things behind. Hell knows it’s gotten me into enough sticky situations already =S

Lunch on me tomorrow! If I can wake up for lunch, that is =D You know how I stay up half the night doing things that aren’t exactly of any immediate help to mankind… Heh.

Can’t wait for dinner at Shenanigans! =)

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