Partying It Up at Marquee Lounge Launch Party


Party people, I come bearing some good news!

If you’re sick of the all the usual conventional hotspots in town that are packed to the brim tighter than a can of sardines come every weekend, then there’s a new club you should totally check out! I don’t know about you but I’m on the constant lookout for new places to spend my weekends. Nothing kills the mood faster for me than repetition!

So if you’re done with Zouk, bored of Butter Factory, tired of Rootz, been to Neverland; if you’ve tried and tested almost all the clubs in town and are now looking for something fresh, then there’s one more I’ll bet you haven’t taken a peek into.

Marquee Lounge Kuala Lumpur, located in the very heart of BB Plaza in downtown Bukit Bintang, has recently been unveiled in a night of mystery and masquerade.


The name itself really piqued my interest because on their Facebook page here they actually quoted Oscar Wilde (who is only my favourite writer and poet ever!) in their header, so when the invitation came to check this new place out I was totally for it. Whoever who reads Oscar Wilde must have some serious taste and I’m all for partying and having fun in style and elegance!


The Ninja Rabbit and I arrived a tad bit later than the rest because yours truly got held up at work a bit but I thought it worked out for the best. Things were just starting to heat up when we found our designated table and we walked in right on time about the time of the night when the music was just starting to get really good! Sides, all the important people always arrive fashionably late, right? Tehehehehe ;)


Julie was one of the first few people I spotted thanks to her bright turqoise dress haha. Julie is our very own Malaysian GT Queen representative, yo, who has proudly brought our country’s name all the way to Japan. We were joking half the night how we make up the brightest colours but from opposite spectrums of the colour wheel that night. Pink and blue do complement one another pretty well, don’t they?


I was too lazy to lug my flashgun along (partly cause I forgot to charge the batteries too lol, my bad) so I thought I’d try out a new style of photography that night. I usually play it safe with high shutter speeds for clear and crisp images but those are getting kinda boring. I decided to lower the shutter speed to as low as it can go without producing nothing more than rainbow shitsmears, and was quite pleasantly surprised at what I got! Behold, pretty streaky lights that make everything feel exceptionally psychedelic! Fun, fun, fun!

marquee lounge

Many familiar faces as well as a few new ones were there that night, a sure sign of a good night ahead nyeheheheh. It was good catching up with Ashley, Julie and Calista whom I’ve not seen in quite a while, and making new friends with everyone else. Who said alcohol is all bad right? They help accelerate and form friendships that totally wouldn’t have happened otherwise!


I loved the mix that night. I had quite a few drinks but I vividly remember how awesome the music was. They played old school R’n’B the whole way, which is only my favourite kind of club music! It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of EDM, so though their playlist was a bit old school, it fell spot on right in my backyard. We had Usher, Ne-Yo and Rihanna warming us up the first half the night, and the likes of music legends Nirvana pumping it up at the peak. Nirvana yo! No further explanation necessary in that department xD



EEEEK more pretty lights!! Hahahaha. Pardon me but I just really love a lot of colours and different textures in my shots. This set turned out to be everything I was aiming for.

The night was smoothly facilitated by the yummiest vodka I’ve had the chance to taste yet. Some people prefer whiskey, others tequila. If you don’t already know, I’m a vodka kind of girl all the way.


And this little baby here is the single sweetest, smoothest vodka I’ve ever tried. Zana said it goes best with orange juice and she was right. The mix tasted like sparkling orange — you’ll never guess in a hundred years that there’s vodka that could possibly taste so light and springy on the tongue!


I swear vodka is the cure to everything. I’ve had it cure sore throats, coughs, food poisoning, even one time when I accidentally sprained my neck and had to walk around with a stiff neck for close to 4 days. At my first shot of vodka, things straightened themselves out with my neck immediately and I was a-okay again. I’m not making this up! Just ask the Ninja Rabbit HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Balloons anyone? Hahahaha! I’ve noticed it becomes a trend to steal balloons after a drink or two. Then again, what else could they possibly be put up for? It’d be such a shame to just leave them as decorations, especially when they make for such pretty photo props!



Seriously, that night was a different kind of night altogether. Nothing incredibly wild or insane happened per se, but it was the most fun I’ve had at party events like these in a while. Maybe because it has been quite some time since we just let loose and and knocked back the drinks like we did, but there was not a single moment when things were quiet or dull.


I was trying to pinpoint the one thing about that night that made it so special, and after quite a bit of head-wracking, I think I might have identified it.

It’s so special because we’ve all started working hahahahahaha. I’m not kidding. The drinks tasted sweeter, the music more upbeat, the faces more familiar and the entire party just a whole lot more fun because we appreciate it a lot more now. Heck, we’re starting to appreciate a lot more things we started working.

marquee lounge 2

Due to time constraints, we hardly find the time to do a lot of the things we used to do all the time back then. That night at Marquee was like a small blast to the past, and it really felt like old times again, when we could stay up and stay out as late as we want without worrying about having to be anywhere the next day. Ahhh, the woes of growing up, I tell you.


I really just forgot about everything but the the then and there. Having crazy peeps like these few helped tremendously too of course hahahaha. A party is never dull with Calista around. Sister knows how to have a good time and she really goes all out! And I’m totally digging Cindy’s neon pink nails!


The Ninja Rabbit ran into a few of his really old friends from college as well. Is this place happening or what? xD


The elixir of life, made to look more the part with those wispy ethereal-looking lights seeping out of them hehehehe. I don’t know really know what was who having but there sure were a lot of different bottles and colours going on. But does it matter, really? Pick your poison and bottom’s up!


Here’s a few balloons to help you get started if you’re still unsure LOLOLOLOLOL.



Wheeeeeeee~ I feel all happy inside just looking at these pics hahaha.

It’s been so long since I felt as worry and care-free as that night. I honestly went that night  not expecting very much because I thought it was just gonna be another club launch. Boy, was I wrong. I laughed till my sides ached, danced till my feet hurt, drank till I was sure I was gonna puke anytime now — and then drank some more xD



I think I can safely vouch for everyone that they too had a blast of a night! Almost everyone was on their feet a good duration of the night, and the bottles just kept coming and going without any pauses in between.


Music was exemplary, service was efficient and the company, out of this world. Yep, definitely one of the best nights I’ve had in months!! Marquee Lounge, you’ve got my double thumbs up! =D


Hehe silly bunny ♥♥♥


Can’t let the night end without a photo of the two people to whom we owe such an amazing time! Thank you Angelo and Don for the invites to a night that was as colourful and pretty as the photos of it! I usually hate taking club photos because of the horrible lighting, but this was definitely an exception.


One last one with Ashley because we had both unanimously agreed we like this photo very much haha.


So don’t forget to drop by and check out this newest club in town. Remember Marquee Lounge with all its Oscar Wilde awesomeness and Nirvana level legendari-ness. I’ll definitely be keeping it in mind next time I’m in the mood for another amazing night out =D

Signing off with our Colgate-ad smiles lol. Happy Sunday everyone! Have a great new week tomorrow!


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