Rubber Soles

I have issues.

There, I said it – I have issues.

For those of you who do not already know of my fetish for sneakers, well now you do. And that is the only excuse I can give for buying my ninth pair of sneakers within two years. And all while the last pair I bought still smell of the cardboard box they still reside in when I’m not wearing them, which sums up to only about 3 times, approximately. Heh.

I know that’s a lousy excuse for busting money so unnecessarily like that, but hey I’m a girl! I like to think that – even if it might not necessarily be true – that translates to mean I’m allowed to buy as many pairs of shoes as I like, even if I don’t have an urgent need for them =P

In my defence, at least I don’t spend hundreds of dollars a year buying heels, or whatever ridiculously-high/preppy/lacey girly shoes, which, in my opinion, only serve to increase your chances of spraining your ankles or worse yet, tearing a ligament, that would in turn – worst case scenario – consequently see the end of one’s sports career if one happens to be a sportsperson. Believe me, that happens more often than you might think possible.

Oh, to see your dreams shatter and break into a million pieces and to have those bits and parts evaporate into nothing as you watch with tears in your eyes, leaving naught but a wisp of smoke of what used to be…

OK, hyperbole overload. Pardon me XD

Whee~!! Me love me new red low-riders ^.^

Now to come up with an excuse to give to my mum – yet again -of why I’m out of cash the next time she calls…

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