Security Guards

OMG OMG OMG I swear the security guards at HELP are the funniest bunch of people ever. I used to think they were kinda scary, always looking so intimidating in their white pressed shirts and red hats.

Today they actually told me I’m 5 minutes slower than usual when I passed by them after my run LOL. They actually timed me hahahaha. How absolutely rib-tickling is that?? XD XD

Okay, so it might not be all that funny but I’ve been pulling my hair out in tufts for the past three days over this stupid report that’s worth 30% of my course assessment, so allow me some randomosity =D

I need icecream T_T

You who is taking forever to send me your part of the report, I am this close to throwing a hand grenade at you!!! Grr….

  1. not in a good mood ler lol. so i took my own sweet time and went at my own pace tehehehe. MASS COMM IS KILLING ME!!!!! STRESSS!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. this is so not fair… im pretty sure there was a 7 pound post… where is it la woman?… and are you coming for class 2moro?

  3. what 7 pound post??? if i know which it is maybe i can try looking for it for you in my archive. whatever do you need it for anyway? ahahah.

    yea, am planning on showing up. Josh and Kim are presenting so i thought i should go as support. sides, im curious as to what their dream jobs are hehehe

  4. must have been someone elses blog i guess… cant remember though… are you sure you didnt post anything like that?… hmm… josh and kim are gonna become business partners… wonder how that will effect their marital life!=P… hope for the best anyday!… and are you ready for ur presentation?

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