Life has wedged itself in the way of posting again but I’m not the littlest bit sorry. I hope the past week has been equally as exciting for you!

I write from my own bedroom in Penang tonight, as the bustling noises from the kitchen outside float through the house in the anticipation of the huge coming dinner later. T-minus one hour till it’s dinner time! Pots are clanging and utensils clinking as the table is being set. It’s so good to be home, back amidst familiar sights, smells and sounds. Even the smell of the bedsheets make me happy. Yup, home is a very good place to be right now. And here we are at the peak of the celebrations, the very night before the first day of the Lunar New Year. Watch out, the reunion dinner posts are coming! ;]

Every year I try to convince myself that I’m missing home a little less as I grow up a little more. But who am I kidding? Nothing can ever compare to home. A small catch up over waffles with some faces I’ve literally grown up with cemented just that very fact.

I’m home! For at least another week! Given all that, nothing else matter =)

Yuh Ting got a new toy! We helped her break it in that night hehehe. Gotta make sure the thing is working fine, you know?

Kuan Ming says he likes the idea of Polaroid photos! XD

Colourful things make us happy. Like these colourful pillows to go with our new colourful Polaroid photos ^_^

And this couple whose personalities are so colourful having them around is always a reason to smile.

My little home of an island has changed so tremendously much since I’ve left, most vividly with the sudden mushrooming of new quaint cafes like this one buried in the heart of Nagore Road. They have all sorts of doodles and graffiti on the wall, which themselves were painted a different hue with every segment of the cafe. Looks like the whole trend in taste for artsy-fartsy places have finally caught on the island people!

Hello, Mr. Silly Ninja =)

At the start of this post, I Googled up the actual meaning of the very widely used word ‘Serendipity’. (Too widely and commonly used in my opinion. It’s been simply thrown around, much like the word ‘love’, that a lot of its magic has unfortunately been lost). I wanted to be sure of the precise meaning before using it as a title. I always knew it had something to do with good things coming together, but wasn’t exactly sure.

Ser -en -dip -i-ty /ˌserənˈdipitē/ Noun / The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: “a fortunate stroke of serendipity”.

Few words have ever resounded so beautifully in my ears =)

The best things in life are indeed those that happened unprecedentedly, no? That little element if surprise makes it all the more treasured.

Hello, best friend! I’ve missed you! We’re seeing each other only on an average of once a year now. This cannot do! =(

I sure am super glad I found you guys under such delightful circumstances. Each and every one of you in these Polaroids, you guys are my very fortunate stroke of serendipity =)

“I moustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later” XD

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s so super good to be home!

Back on roads I can confidently say I know my way around. Back among people whom I never have to second guess what they’re thinking. Back with family whose arms are always wide open to have us.

OK, dinner is ready! Time for me to go and clean off as much of the lovely food my Mummy has prepared with a lot of love and sweat!

Enjoy your respective reunion dinners and just in case I don’t make it to wish you guys in person, Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! =D

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